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Choosing Foyer or Entry Paint Colors?

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Want to know the best paint color for your entryway and foyers? Here I will give you some examples of beautiful entryways and the paint color used for each.

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Choosing Foyer or Entry Paint Colors?

  1. 1. Choosing�Foyer or Entryway Paint Colors� by: Marina Klima MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM
  2. 2. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM When it comes to choosing a foyer or entry wall colors it all depends of the size of your space and how open or closed it is. I am quite conservative when it comes to a large and open two-story foyer. Your entry is a transitional space with many cuts, such as doors, doorways, and stairs. So, if you make it too dramatic all these broken lines will show making your eyes tired. So I stick with neutrals or light colors. But for a small, cozy entry you can be braver. If your entry is large you do not want to overpower it with color. Highlight architectural details of the house, display your art, personal pictures, and collections. �Do not overwhelm your foyer with color but rather keep it quite simple.
  3. 3. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Here are some samples for two storied entries and Benjamin Moore color choices for each of them.
  4. 4. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Fresh, airy and clean, this wall color is so universal that any eclectic details will work here. Now you can introduce contemporary classics with traditional and historical elements. Even ethnic and nomad accessories and found objects will look good because of the all inclusive quality of this pretty wall paint color. Smoke 2122-40
  5. 5. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Earthy, simple, warm and universal, this wall color works with green, blue, burgundy, red, chocolate and cream. It is mostly used within interiors where tradition is strong and you want to mix different wood finishes and collectibles. Sparrow AF-720
  6. 6. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM When white color is what you need for simplicity and clarity, this color is a perfect neutral without being too gray or too stark. It looks the best in Regal Select and provides for smooth and pretty coverage. If you still want a more crispy effect, use it with atrium white wall paint color. Bone White
  7. 7. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Warm. down to earth and casual, this wall color works great with both, earth tones and bright yellows and oranges. Texas Leather AC-3
  8. 8. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM The name of this color speaks for itself. It is pure classic and works beautifully with delicate antique gold of the collected items and art. If you wish to display a collection, this is a perfect choice of wall paint color. More emphasis will be achieved if you keep all the elements in your foyer within the same monochromatic tones. Then your collection will show its authentic quality. Classic Gray 1548
  9. 9. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Pretty and simple, this color is used with any decor. It can be very pretty with blues and teals. For more impact and whimsical look combine milk chocolate shades with hot pink furniture or accessories. Carrington Beige HC-93
  10. 10. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM For a sunny, warm look use pretty cream paint color that does not look yellow. It will look different under different light but still keep its cheerful quality. Montgomery White HC-33 Design: Klima Design Group.net�
  11. 11. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM For regal, high contrast, renaissance look that is quite formal, this wall paint color will do a splendid job when used with power colors, such as white and black. Confident geometric lines, solid fabrics add to graphic qualities as they multiply strong visual effect. Shaker Beige HC-45
  12. 12. MYDECORATINGTIPS.COM Black and white stripes are juxtaposed with quirky floral of the chairs and wall sconces! Bravo! This one does not need any explanation. Just super creative and awesome. �If your foyer is small you can be a little bolder and use unexpected finishes. Below are some examples of striped walls for the foyer.