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Network Intelligence

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Presentation given at the 4G Wireless Evolution Conference in Miami, January 21, 2010

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Network Intelligence

  1. 1. Network Intelligence Mauricio Arango Sun Microsystems January 21, 2010
  2. 2. Introduction • Telco industry needs to steer away from "dumb pipe provider" concerns and focus on smart networks • Business reality presents large challenges and opportunities • Smart telco networks are about extracting higher business value from network infrastructure – via Network Intelligence layer
  3. 3. 4G Business Challenges and Opportunities • Faster pace of business with more dynamic & complex network – Smartphones – Device-based applications – Femtocells • Enhaced service quality and customer experience
  4. 4. 4G Business Challenges and Opportunities • Increased regulation – Higher operations visibility – Restrictions while driving • Interaction with other complex systems – Transportation – Power grid – Social networks
  5. 5. Need for Network Intelligence layer • Extract higher business value from network events in realtime via: – Continous monitoring – Simplified integration of network and business application layers – event-driven – Connecting dots in realtime – correlation
  6. 6. Network Intelligence builds on: • Business Intelligence • Performance monitoring • Traffic monitoring • Fault management • Policy-based management • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  7. 7. Network Inteligence adds: • Sharing of events across management silos • Connecting dots in realtime – event correlation • Integration of business processes with network operations processes • Event-driven architecture
  8. 8. SLA management use case - consumer mobile broadband • access throughput, Service level guarantees: packet loss, latency, jitter • Monitoring via: DPI, device agent • SLA tracker – detects SLA violation events • Integrates: CRM, billing, device management, service portal, data warehouse
  9. 9. SLA management use case - consumer mobile broadband Event stream processing app (CEP) Data SLA Service CRM Billing warehouse Tracker Portal SLA violation event Event routing – Messaging system Packet loss & delay Throughput measurement measurement Device DPI Mgmt
  10. 10. Service restriction while driving use case • Block usage while user is in a moving motor vehicle • Monitor: device location, vehicle device presence
  11. 11. Service restriction while driving use case Event stream processing app (CEP) In-vehicle Data Service usage tracking & CRM warehouse Portal restriction Disable Enable device event device event Event routing – Messaging system Location change In-vehicle presence event event In-vehicle Location Device presence collector Mgmt collector
  12. 12. Service problem monitoring via social networks • Identify potential service problems by from patterns of communication in social networks such as Twitter • Search for keywords related to service problems, track over time and location • Generate trouble investigation events
  13. 13. Service problem monitoring via social networks Event stream processing app (CEP) Problem Data Text streams investigation warehouse tracking workflows Investigation event Event routing – Messaging system Twitter event collector
  14. 14. Technologies and Products for Network Intelligence • Event stream processing – Complex event processing (CEP) • Application servers • Messaging middleware • Data caching – fast access to state info • Databases
  15. 15. Event-driven Architecture Event Event consumer consumer • Simplified integration via decoupling between producers & consumers Event routing • Producers don't know about consumers and Event Event viceversa consumer/ consumer/ producer producer • Events are common info • Horizontal scaling Event routing Event Event producer producer
  16. 16. Conclusions • Smart not dumb networks – higher complexity of network infrastructure • Extraction of higher business value from network requires new functional layer – Network Intelligence (NI) • NI offers simplified integration via Event- driven Architecture • NI enables realtime analysis via Complex Event Processing