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Flash to html5 conversion 5 reasons that echo why it is inevitable

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Staying flexible to adapt with changing trends is important. Let us see 5 among the most vital reasons that demand Flash to HTML5 conversion.

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Flash to html5 conversion 5 reasons that echo why it is inevitable

  1. 1. Flash to HTML5 conversion- 5 reasons that echo why it is inevitable Interactivity of Flash along with animated content support and high-quality graphics are the main factors that have made it favourite among a king part of eLearning developers. However, with the swift development of HTML5, it has almost replaced the former. Enumerated below of 5 top reasons for unavoidability of Flash to HTML5 conversion. Upsurge of handheld device users People these days are increasingly shifting from desktops to handheld devices like tablets and smartphones etc. Now the issue with this trend is that most of the Android devices and IOS doesn’t support Flash. Also touch screen devices fail to comfortably accommodate it. Instead if HTML5 is used, reachability is significantly increased as courses can be created for varied devices and screen sizes.
  2. 2. Multiple browser compatibility If the course is Flash-based, users must download a specific Plugin to facilitate accessibility. On the other hand, learners can access Hyper Text Markup Language5 based courses through almost all popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. The codes can be comprehended with ease and there is no need for additional plugins. Ease of multimedia integration This conversion helps you to develop multimedia courses without any concern regarding its accessibility. Videos and other interactive elements can be easily incorporated and they are
  3. 3. reachable on all platforms and browsers. It also helps in creation of interactive and mobile friendly games for catalysing the learning process. In case of Flash, if there is no plugin installed, learners may see just a black box. Provision of offline data storage Even in this internet era, people may not always have accessibility to internet. As HTML5 supports the offline storage of data, such an issue is eliminated. This is not the case with Flash and to access, internet connectivity is needed. Power saving and increased speed Flash consumes more power for processing when compared to HTML5. This paves way for reduced speed for content delivery in the former. On certain platforms such as MAC OS X and Linux, content streams 58% slower. As this can frustrate the users, they may leave without waiting. Since processing power needed is more, more battery is consumed by courses based on this. In future also, several innovative devices will reach market and hence it is mandatory that the course enjoys compatibility on all such devices. So, it is advisable to catch up with this trend at the earliest. Also read 3 Main reasons catalysing the drift of eLearning to HTML5 from flash. Stay in touch with us to know more about flash to html5 conversion services.