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Top 10 Technology Trends for 2014 
S. No 
IEEE Computer Society 
Damon Banks, ...
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Top 10 technology trends for 2014

Comparison of Top 10 Technology Trends for 2014 by different sources

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Top 10 technology trends for 2014

  1. 1. Page 1 of 1 Top 10 Technology Trends for 2014 S. No Forrester Gartner IEEE Computer Society Accenture Damon Banks, Freelance Writer and Media Consultant (in Huffington Post) CBS News Chenda Ngak, Science and Technology Editor at CBSNews.com. 1 Digital Convergence Erodes Boundaries WEB-SCALE IT: Web-Scale Singularity Means Goodbye to Conventional IT Wisdom Emergence of the Mobile Cloud: Mobile distributed computing paradigm will lead to explosion of new services. Digital-physical Blur: Extending intelligence to the edge Data Privacy Space tourism 2 Digital Experience Delivery Makes (or Breaks) Firms SMART MACHINES: The Rise of Smart Machines From Internet of Things to Web of Things: Need connectivity, internetworking to link physical and digital. From Workforce to Crowdsource: Rise of the borderless enterprise The Web of Things Wearable tech 3 APIs Become Digital Glue 3D PRINTING: 3D Printing Transforms Organizations From Big Data to Extreme Data: Simpler analytics tools needed to leverage the data deluge. Data Supply Chain: Putting information into circulation Ultra HD 4K Will Spread to Television and Phones Internet of things 4 The Business Takes Ownership Of Process And Intelligence THE ERA OF PERSONAL CLOUD: How the Personal Cloud Impacts IT Organizations The Revolution Will Be 3D: New tools, techniques bring 3D printing power to masses. Harnessing Hyperscale: Hardware is back (and never really went away) No-Touch Interfaces Robots on the rise 5 Firms Shed Yesterday's Data Limitations SOFTWARE-DEFINED ANYTHING: Hype Cycle for Virtualization Supporting New Learning Styles: Online courses demand seamless, ubiquitous approach. Business of Applications: Software as a core competency in the digital world 3-D Printing Machines in the sky 6 Sensors And Devices Draw Ecosystems Together MOBILE DEVICE DIVERSITY AND MANAGEMENT: Managed Diversity Defines Best Practices for BYOD and Endpoint Management Policies Next-generation mobile networks: Mobile infrastructure must catch up with user needs. Architecting Resilience: “Built to survive failure” becomes the mantra of the nonstop business Wearable Technology Bigger, smarter TVs 7 'Trust' And 'Identity' Get A Rethink MOBILE APPS AND APPLICATIONS: Use Mobile Apps to Provide Customer Value, and Revenue Will Follow Balancing Identity and Privacy: Growing risks and concerns about social networks. Large Cloud Services 3D printed everything 8 Infrastructure Takes On Engagement THE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING: The Potential Size and Diversity of the Internet of Things Mask Immediate Opportunities for IT Leaders Smart and Connected Healthcare: Intelligent systems, assistive devices will improve health. Personal Cloud Services Multi-screen world 9 Firms Learn from the Cloud and Mobile HYBRID CLOUD & IT AS A SERVICE BROKER: 2014 Strategic Road Map for Business Process Innovation in Hybrid IT E-Government: Interoperability a big challenge to delivering information. Online Video Streaming The fight for privacy 10 IT Becomes and Agile Service Broker CLOUD/CLIENT ARCHITECTURE: Client-Cloud Applications: The Rebirth of Client/Server Architecture Scientific Cloud Computing: Key to solving grand challenges, pursuing breakthroughs. Social Networks That Are IT Policy Friendly Smartphone market continues to grow