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How to Optimize for Google Featured Search Snippets

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Google Featured Search Snippets is a fast and convenient way to answer user query within search results pages and it also maximizes conversion rate and traffic

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How to Optimize for Google Featured Search Snippets

  1. 1. How to optimize Google Featured Search Snippets to increase Organic Traffic? http://mabdullahkhan.com
  2. 2. What are Featured Snippets? You’d have already seen Featured Snippets multiple times but wouldn’t know. Featured Snippets have different classifications relevant to your search query. It’s a way to find answer to your query faster, in an easy to read format within search result pages.
  3. 3. Why use Google Featured Snippets? According to HubSpot, content with Featured Snippets gets 2 times more traffic. You boost your traffic and conversion rate. You develop and position your brand as the best option for the search query. You develop trust by providing search result in an unconventional user interface.
  4. 4. How does Featured Snippet look like
  5. 5. How does Featured Snippet look like
  6. 6. How does Featured Snippet look like
  7. 7. How does Featured Snippet look like Featured Snippets can contain simple paragraph, numbered list etc to answer your query. There are mainly Three types of Featured Snippets: ● Paragraph ● List ● Table It has potential to bring you a lot more visitors and customers than possible from regular Google search results. The scope of showing meaningful text inside snippets on search result pages from specific website validates opportunities or product you offer.
  8. 8. How to optimize for featured snippets? Regardless of size, any business or individual can optimize for Featured Snippets but there’s no sure way to do as there are multiple factors that decide whether your result can be shown for Featured Snippet or not. The best way to achieve featured snippet is to: ● Create Quality Content ● Get High Rank (Better Rank helps getting in Featured Snippet. ● According to Ahrefs.com, 99% Featured Snippet pages already rank in Top 10 - This means Featured Snippets can also help improve your Rank.
  9. 9. How to optimize for featured snippets? ● Pages that contain content about simple definition, or DIY, or how-to articles have good potential to get Featured Snippets unlike Product or Service pages that contain information about what you sell, and why it is better than your competitors.
  10. 10. Search Competitors Featured Snippets ● Whether it’s your competitors or alternatives to your business, look into the source code why they are appearing in Featured Snippets. ● To do this, you can use tools like semrush.com or ahrefs.com Think like your customer is thinking ● There would be lot of opportunities that are already available if you can think like your customer. ● What does your customer search for when they have a question regarding some product or service you offer? ● Many opportunities are there for you to fill up. Find those keywords, and write Snippet ready content for Google to make use of.
  11. 11. Get content ideas from Q&A Sites You can get ideas from quora.com, different forums and other sites where people often ask questions and create a page for that on your website.
  12. 12. Be short and concise ● When you want your search results to appear in Featured Snippets you can’t use lot of content. ● Try to use least words possible. ● If you think you’ve written a lot then search for different queries with Featured Snippet results in Google and try to get to minimum word count so Google will get your result in Featured Snippet. ● Usually Featured Snippets contain 50 words on average.
  13. 13. Use Formatting Correctly ● Use h2, h3 for Headings and put text in Paragraph tags. ● Format your content in Chronological order. ● If it is step by step guide. Use pointers like step 1, step 2 etc ● You can also use numbers list and unnumbered list HTML tags.
  14. 14. Any Questions? Feel Free to Ask abdullah@mabdullahkhan.com http://mabdullahkhan.com