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Deep wealth design playshop

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Deep wealth design is about understanding the paradigm shift from a scientific to a systems worldview and explore the emergence of a new expressive capacity for humanity in the realm of wealth. This presentation offers a wider view of currencies as a flow language. Shows a map of levels of wealth and examples of currencies per level.

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Deep wealth design playshop

  1. 1. Regenerative Economy Playshop
  2. 2. I I WE
  3. 3. Wealth building pattern in nature How do we design biomimicry-inspired economic systems?
  4. 4. 'Unmanaged by humans beings a highly developed economy grows through the emergence of new symbioses that strengthen nature's ability to support life and harmonize diversity' Jim Corbett
  5. 5. Expressive Capacity and Currencies
  6. 6. 'Money is an instance of an expressive capacity that is in the process of evolving' Eric Harris-Braun
  7. 7. 'Current' CURRENT-SEE Currencies
  8. 8. Currencies A new expressive capacity Symbol systems to make visible, shape and enable flows of wealth
  9. 9. But??? That is nothing like money?
  10. 10. Integral Wealth A living system model
  11. 11. What is your definition?
  12. 12. Tradeable
  13. 13. redit: niko petersen
  14. 14. measurable movable
  15. 15. rankable measurable movable
  16. 16. acknowledgeable rankable measurable movable trust
  17. 17. ‘In a gift economy the more you give the richer you are’ -Charles Einsenstein
  18. 18. Potential acknowledgeable rankable measurable movable trust
  19. 19. Collective Intelligence
  20. 20. The economies we design intimately relate with our capacity to achieve a stronger collective intelligence. Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI)
  21. 21. What is collective intelligence? Try to define it...
  22. 22. holopticism
  23. 23. 0