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Lr minimising dreaded no-shows this mothers day

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As Mother’s Day bookings begin to pour into your venue, it’s easy to start counting your profits. But no-shows can take a sizeable chunk out of your income. We look at ways to prevent this expensive threat.

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Lr minimising dreaded no-shows this mothers day

  1. 1. Minimising dreaded no-shows this Mother’s Day liveres.co.uk HAPPY DAY MOTHERS
  2. 2. Mother’s Day isn’t just an important day for all those mothers out there. It’s a crucial event in the calendar for hospitality venues too, as families look to spoil their mums rotten over a long lunch. We already know that liveRES can help you to fill your tables all day long with minimal fuss. Carolyn Jordan is General Manager at Jolly Farmers, a popular pub in the McMullen group. Making the move to liveRES gave her a massive boost in ensuring her pub was full all Mother’s Day.
  3. 3. “Last Mother’s Day we did 602 covers in total and our capacity is 160. With the old pen and paper system, we had to increase everyone’s turn time to two hours or more. But now we just let the table management system do what it’s supposed to do.” 620160
  4. 4. With liveRES taking a quarter of a million booking on Mother’s Day 2018 alone, attracting customers and managing them in-session is made easy. 250,000
  5. 5. But there’s another way that liveRES can help. One that falls between them making a booking and giving them a great experience at your venue. And that’s ensuring they actually turn up to honour their booking.
  6. 6. 16bna year No-shows cost the UK hospitality industry a whopping £16 billion a year. And it’s at times like Mother’s Day when it really hits venues’ profits
  7. 7. That’s over a third of all guests. 1/3 Out of 120 customers booked at Brunswick House for Mother’s Day 2018, 46 failed to show.
  8. 8. Mark Birchall, chef-patron of Moor Hall Restaurant, reported eight no-shows in his venue. Which is even more frustrating when you learn that he had 66 people on the waitlist who could have filled the tables if he’d have known in advance that his customers weren’t planning on honouring their bookings.66
  9. 9. This is where liveRES helps Our intelligent system can send SMS and email notifications to your customers to remind them of their booking. It’s not just a gentle reminder – it helps form a relationship with your customers between the point of booking and their visit to your venue.
  10. 10. Crucially, it invites your customers to edit or cancel their booking as required. And while inviting your guests to cancel may not sound like a smart idea, it’s far better to get advance knowledge than find out on the night when they fail to turn up.
  11. 11. “With liveRES It’s very easy for customers to cancel, and that’s great. Previously people would try and call and the line would be busy, or they’d show up and tell you that it’s now four for dinner and not six, and you’ve lost a table. But with liveRES diners go online, change the numbers in a click, and it’s done automatically. That’s been really powerful.” As a Managing Director of a five-strong restaurant group told us:
  12. 12. “We noticed that one restaurant in particular had much worse no-show rates than the others. This was simply because we hadn’t activated the reminder emails, which just goes to show that it really was the liveRES functionality that had made all the difference.” The simple fact is, reminders work. As the Managing Director added:
  13. 13. Another option to negate the financial impact of no-shows is to ask for a deposit at the time of booking.
  14. 14. The average deposit per booking was £23.53, which equated to £5.46 per cover. 15% Our bookings data showed that 15% of all Mother’s Day bookings last year were asked to pay a deposit.
  15. 15. It’s not a huge amount, and certainly won’t cover your costs if they no-show. But even by paying a relatively small amount it makes a psychological difference. It’s a commitment. Plus no one wants to waste money, even if it is just a fiver per person.
  16. 16. So before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done when all your tables are booked this Mother’s Day, think about going a step further to protecting those bookings. Act now to minimise no-shows and maximise your profits.
  17. 17. Want to see how liveRES can help you boost your income this Mother’s Day? Get in touch to arrange a personal demo. Book your demo