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Tuffati nelle novità di LinkedIn!

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Webcast presentato l'8 marzo 2016 da Valentina Napoli e Francesco Costanzo di LinkedIn Italia.
Presentazione di:
- Next Generation Recruiter
- Sponsored Jobs
- new jobs experience
- nuova flagship App
- LinkedIn Referrals

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Tuffati nelle novità di LinkedIn!

  1. 1. Tuffati nelle novità di LinkedIn Scopri le novità sui prodotti LinkedIn finalizzati alla Talent Acquisition ed Employer Branding
  2. 2. Customer Success Manager Francesco Costanzo Customer Success Manager Valentina Napoli Presenting today for you
  3. 3. Today’s agenda • A brief introduction about LinkedIn • Next Generation Recruiter • Sponsored Jobs • Candidates experience • LinkedIn mobile app • LinkedIn Referral
  5. 5. STAY INFORMED through professional news and knowledge CONNECT with the professional world GET HIRED and build your career LinkedIn empowers members to connect to opportunity © 2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |
  6. 6. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Our vision © 2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |
  7. 7. Realize your dream job Find work Be great at what you do © 2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |
  8. 8. Connect talent with opportunity at massive scale Our Core Value Proposition © 2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |
  10. 10. Next Generation Recruiter
  11. 11. The next generation of Recruiter
  12. 12. Why did we re-imagine Recruiter? Because today, finding and engaging talent can be hard and time consuming. Recruiters got into recruiting to hire amazing people for their company, and in the process, change lives. But somewhere along the line, finding talent became so time consuming that recruiters stopped spending as much time doing what they love. 1 2 4 Identifying the right requirements for the role is tough; you can easily forget what skills or traits are important. Translating those requirements into an effective search can be challenging; building and modifying the search is hard, and boolean is unforgiving. Once you’ve executed the search, there are sometimes thousands of results and the list can feel endless. Prioritizing the right candidates to reach out to can feel impossible. 3 Sometimes you know who you want to find, but you just can’t put it into words. Or the hiring manager tells you to find someone like x. Key Challenges:
  13. 13. How does the next generation solve for this? The next generation of Recruiter offers a simplified, intuitive Recruiter experience that empowers anyone to go from searching to hiring in less time. It does this through 3 key benefits: Search faster: Find top talent in less time, with an intuitive search experience Uncover hidden talent. Use dynamic search suggestions to expand and refine your search in new ways Prioritize warm leads: Identify candidates who are more likely to engage with your company Key benefits:
  14. 14. Hero Banner To learn the new tool
  15. 15. Launch the next generation of Recruiter Key words
  16. 16. There are 4 main feature enhancements: Search faster Guided search A streamlined search bar gives you a quick, simple, and flexible way to start your search. Type in a keyword or job title to trigger a smart drop down that will help you structure your search. Recruiter then learns from your search behavior to instantly suggest locations and skills that are most relevant to your search criteria. “Find more people like…” Create a search based on an ideal candidate, without having to describe them in detail. Simply enter a name, and Recruiter will build the complex search to find more candidates like them. *Not available for RLite Uncover hidden talent Smart suggestions The new search results page populates with the search criteria you’ve already entered, and provides suggestions for additional related terms to help you expand or condense the scope of your search. You can easily edit your search and see live search results. Prioritize warm leads Spotlights New search spotlights allow you to zero in on those particular candidates that have engaged with your company or may be more likely to engage. *Not available for RLite
  17. 17. Search Faster
  18. 18. Uncover hidden talent
  19. 19. Prioritize warm leads
  20. 20. Find great talent, faster
  21. 21. Guided search gives you flexible options to structure your search Search by a job title, based on your keywords Search by a suggested ‘ideal candidate’ who is relevant to your keywords Search by job title, ideal candidate, or Boolean
  22. 22. Search by job title to leverage relevant location and skills suggestions Enter as many skills as you need to tailor your search Choose from the top skills that are trending for the job title – or select them all! See how many results you’ll get as you enter and refine your search
  23. 23. 38 Filters
  24. 24. Easily “Find more people like” your top talent Simply enter the name of your ideal candidate Recruiter suggests relevant profiles from your network
  25. 25. Recruiter builds a complex search based on the profiles of your ideal candidates Search fields are automatically filled based on your ideal candidates’ key attributes See what criteria went into the search, and edit directly as you see fit
  26. 26. Uncover new talent
  27. 27. Intelligently refine your search with smart suggestions Dynamically refine your search within the search results page Access all advanced search filters Expand or narrow your search using smart suggestions Cross-field suggestions offer additional search criteria you may not have considered
  28. 28. Prioritize the right talent
  29. 29. Spotlights quickly identify warm leads from within your search results Spotlights allow you to easily filter results for candidates who are likely to engage Additional candidate information appears on their results card Spotlights vary based on different types of relationships and interactions on LinkedIn
  30. 30. Sponsored Jobs
  31. 31. Sponsored Jobs allows you to target more relevant candidates faster Strategic Sourcing and Pipelining Personalized Job Targeting Talent Brand Development SOURCE TALENT © 2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. |
  32. 32. Not all jobs are created equal; Sponsored Jobs help fill your most important roles faster Financial Analyst Software Engineer Sales Operations Senior Engineer IT Administrator Sales Director SPONSORED JOBS
  33. 33. Job targeting begins right on the homepage Industrial Engineer 3V SIGMA S.p.a. Industrial Engineer 3V SIGMA S.p.a. Industrial Engineer 3V SIGMA S.p.a. JOB TARGETING James Davis 500+ Connections 2nd Industrial Engineer As seen by: Your ideal passive candidate
  34. 34. Showcase your most important jobs to the best talent  You control how often your job appears in sponsored placements across LinkedIn – including mobile  Sponsored Jobs can get 30- 50% more applicants! LinkedIn LinkedIn Industrial Engineer LinkedIn Industrial Engineer Dimenson Industrial Engineer JOB TARGETING James Davis 500+ Connections 2nd Industrial Engineer As seen by: Your ideal passive candidate
  35. 35. Bring the power of LinkedIn’s targeting to pay per click Decide how often jobs appear in the top slot by setting your bid and budget Track success right in Recruiter or in your ATS Cost per click: Amount you pay when candidate clicks to view your job Budget: the maximum amount you will spend on this job JOB TARGETING
  36. 36. Candidates experience
  37. 37. How to find an opportunity on LinkedIn Active Candidates
  38. 38. How to find an opportunity on LinkedIn Passive Candidates
  39. 39. Like a new job appears to candidates Title Job Description Recruiter Application Sharing
  40. 40. Inmail to candidates
  41. 41. Application Comparison with your peers Picture of the company Where employees coming from Avarage Salary
  42. 42. Post details People you could know Who is in the potential team you could join Apply
  43. 43. Send your profile
  44. 44. Send your profile
  45. 45. LinkedIn mobile app
  46. 46. Find people and jobs quickly with more intuitive search. Connect with other LinkedIn apps to increase your chances to succeed!
  47. 47. LinkedIn Referral
  48. 48. It starts with LinkedIn Talent is influenced by multiple touch-points across the candidate journey Applied Prospect Hire Unaware Interested Aware Considering LinkedIn engages the entire spectrum of talent
  49. 49. Applied Prospect Hire Unaware Interested ConsideringAware You can increase your recruiting efficiency by engaging talent every step of the way Branding Sourcing Build awareness and interest among qualified talent pools Leverage relationships that talent has with your company Referrals
  50. 50. LinkedIn Referrals offers a comprehensive approach to unlocking the value of employee networks Recruiter Employee HR Leader 56
  51. 51. …Equip Recruiter Users… …Equip Recruiter Users… Automatically engage employees… Automatically engage employees… …Empower Admins LinkedIn Referrals unlocks your employees’ networks to help you build a world class team …Empower Admins 57
  52. 52. Employee Journey Teresa Walsh
  53. 53. Employee Journey
  54. 54. Employee Journey
  55. 55. Employee Journey
  56. 56. Employee Journey
  57. 57. Employee Journey
  58. 58. Employee Journey
  59. 59. Employee Journey
  60. 60. Candidate Journey Kevin Arnold
  61. 61. Candidate Journey
  62. 62. Candidate Journey
  63. 63. A couple days later, we go back to our employee Journey Teresa Walsh
  64. 64. Employee Journey
  65. 65. Employee Journey
  66. 66. Recruiter Journey Tim Kraft
  67. 67. Tim’s view of the requisition in Acme Co.’s ATS Employee Journey
  68. 68. Employee JourneyTim’s view working in LinkedIn Recruiter
  69. 69. Employee Journey
  70. 70. Admin Journey Leigh
  71. 71. Admin Journey
  72. 72. To sum up
  73. 73. What we have seen today • Next Generation Recruiter • Sponsored Jobs • Candidates experience • LinkedIn mobile app • LinkedIn Referral
  74. 74. Appendix
  75. 75. Resources LinkedIn Referral  https://business.linkedin.com/talent- solutions/employee-referrals-me LinkedIn Talent Blog  https://business.linkedin.com/me/talent-solutions LinkedIn Recruiter  https://business.linkedin.com/me/talent- solutions/recruiter Next Generation Recruiter Video  https://youtu.be/GbGffFCR7jU?list=PLoBbPuCYnPF9fFwCowSO- gQdqSHrb4C_0 New LinkedIn App  http://www.slideshare.net/linkedin/our-new-linkedin- app-is-here-making-it-easier-than-ever-to-stay-in-touch-with-the-people- and-information-you-need-to-be-successful