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The Tech Marketer Difference in Europe

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Do tech marketers differ from their non-tech counterparts and reign supreme in particular domains of marketing expertise?

New LinkedIn research says yes. But more importantly, findings from our recent global marketer’s study point out significant lessons that non-tech marketers can learn from today’s tech trailblazers.

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The Tech Marketer Difference in Europe

  1. 1. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Customer Research The TECH MARKETER Difference in Europe
  2. 2. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Understand the differences, if any, between marketers that work in the technology sector versus those that do not. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Methodology Targeting Research Global 10 minute online survey using LinkedIn sample. Total EU* Sample: n=757 Fieldwork: Jan. 2016 English speaking professionals who classify as marketers with at least one year of experience. 12% 22% 24% 43% Tech Marketers 1-2 years 3-5 years 6-10 years 10+ years 13% 21% 18% 48% Non-Tech Marketers 1-2 years 3-5 years 6-10 years 10+ years Our sample: Length in Industry Over 50% are either a Marketing Manager or Director of Marketing Our sample: Company Size Inferred SMB 32% 41% 1-10 11-50 51-200 30% 23% 201-500 501-1000 1001-5000 38% 37%5001-10000 10001 and above Tech Non There is a nice spread of company sizes, although Non-Tech Marketers skew more to Small Biz compared to Tech Marketers. *UK, France, Netherlands, Germany
  3. 3. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE INITIAL FINDINGS The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE There are more differences than similarities between tech and non-tech marketers. Here are some of the highlights at-a-glance.  Tech marketers are dominated by B2B and the specific issues that come with it like lead-generation, lead quantity and quality, and reaching the right audience.  Tech marketers are less satisfied with their jobs and struggle to get headcount.  Tech marketers are focused on tools and specificity.  All marketers view LinkedIn as more of a resource for specific content about marketing. Overall, marketers are not spending their time on the tasks they think are important. All Marketers want relevant content, and industry-specific is the key to relevance. 80% 59% of tech marketers surveyed work in B2B of non-tech marketers surveyed work in B2B The Tech Marketer’s world is dominated by B2B
  4. 4. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE THEIR CHALLENGES The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Tech Marketers are less satisfied with their jobs… but not because of the hours. 34% of tech marketers surveyed are dissatisfied 31% of non-tech marketers surveyed are dissatisfied 66 34 69% 31% While nearly 60% of both groups reported working 40-50 hours week Lead Generation Lead Generation Tech Marketers Unique to list: Data/Systems Management Unique to list: Lead Nurturing Brand Awareness Non-Tech Social Media Social Media Top 3 types of marketing they’re engaged in: Content
  5. 5. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE THEIR CHALLENGES The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE There’s a disconnect when asked what they are engaged in versus what is viewed as most important. For both, Customer Loyalty is deemed “most important” but is not in the top 5 of marketing actually engaged in. While Email is being “engaged in” on both lists — but not deemed as important. Tech Marketers Most important types Top actually engaged in Non-Tech Marketers Most important types Top actually engaged in Lead Generation 1 3 Brand Awareness 1 1 Brand Awareness 2 4 Social Media 2 2 Content 3 5 Content 3 4 Social Media 4 1 Customer Loyalty 4 — Customer Loyalty 5 — Lead Generation 5 — Email — 2 Email — 3 Events — 5
  6. 6. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE THEIR CHALLENGES The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE What’s the sources of tech marketer’s and non-tech marketer’s dissatisfaction? Top Internal Challenge: Getting headcount and staffing Most difficult department: IT Least difficult: Customer Service & Support Top Industry Challenge: Acquiring high-quality leads & as many leads as possible* Top Internal Challenge: Implementing the latest marketing technology * Non-tech marketers only share one challenge with their tech counterparts: Acquiring high-quality leads. Most difficult department: ‘OTHER’ Least difficult: Biz Dev Top Industry Challenge: Acquiring high-quality leads Tech Marketers Non-Tech Marketers
  7. 7. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE THEIR CHALLENGES The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Non-tech marketer’s technology adoption aligns with their internal challenges. 38% 35% 27%29% 36% 36% Innovators/Early adopters Early majority Late majority/Laggards Tech Non-Tech Non-tech skews Late Majority/Laggards — confirming what we see in the Internal Challenges for Non-Tech.
  8. 8. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE CONTENT CONSUMPTION The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Where are marketers going for information and content to help them do their jobs? 28% 16% 10% 20% 39% 39% 34% 17% 39% 26% 72% 18% 22% 22% 25% 27% 28% 32% 34% 35% 41% 71% Consumers panels sites MarketingProfs Marketo Other, please specify National statistics sites Your Facebook network Marketing statistics sites HubSpot Platform/publisher Insight hubs Syndicated data sites LinkedIn Tech Marketers Non-Tech Marketers When it comes to content, we saw that both tech and non-tech marketers visit LinkedIn for marketing resources. Tech marketers are also more likely to visit syndicated data sites for marketing resources versus their non-tech colleagues, who are more likely to consult their Facebook networks.colleagues, who are more likely to consult their Facebook networks. 52% 63% Topics searched for most often Of Tech Marketers surveyed search for “Content Marketing” Of Non-Tech Marketers surveyed search for “Social Media”
  9. 9. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE CONTENT CONSUMPTION The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Other top five searched topics after “content” for tech marketers and “social media” for non-tech marketers. Content Marketing Brand marketing Lead Generation Marketing ROI Tech Marketers Average # of Info = 7 Non-Tech Marketers Average # of Info = 6 Job Opportunities My specific industry Marketing Tech Marketing Automation Email marketingThought leadership pieces Tech marketers search most often for information on content marketing, lead generation, marketing ROI, marketing technology, marketing automation and thought- leadership pieces. Non-tech marketers search for information on social media, content marketing, brand marketing, job opportunities, their specific industry and email marketing.
  10. 10. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE SPECIALISTS AND GENRALISTS The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Where responsibilities are concerned, tech marketers exhibit vastly different, highly specialised priorities vs. their counterparts in other industries. Our results saw that tech marketers are heavily preoccupied with generating leads. On the contrary, non- tech marketers listed more generalist business objectives as key priorities, such as brand Awareness and social media . Specialist Generalist Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Account Based Marketing Telemarketing Channel Enablement Brand Awareness Social Media Content Email Events Non-Tech MarketersTech Marketers Top five areas of responsibility
  11. 11. The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE SPECIALISTS AND GENRALISTS The TECH MARKETER DIFFERENCE Precise Broad Non-Tech MarketersTech Marketers Product Marketing CRM B2B Lead Generation Product Management Marketing Management Market Research Business Strategy Advertising Event Management Top five skill differences listed on their profiles Deep Wide Non-Tech MarketersTech Marketers cloud computing sap sales saas law firms European union self-esteem internal comms lean manufacturing temporary staffing Top five content topics consumed on LinkedIn It was clear from the skills tech marketers listed on their LinkedIn profile that tech marketers have an edge when it comes to tactics and precision Respondents listed skills like: Product marketing, CRM, B2B, Lead Generation and Product management.Non-tech marketers, again, are more general: Marketing management, market research, business strategy, advertising and event management.
  12. 12. The TECH MARKETER Difference in Europe BE PRECISE  Focus content on tech industry issues not broad marketing themes. Industry issue first, marketing issue second.  Demonstrate the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a source of high-quality leads for the technology industry.  Help them do more with less so they can spend time on the tasks that are neglecting: Brand, Customer Loyalty and ABM. GO DEEP  In-depth content covering key industry topics: IoT, security, SaaS, CRM, data management, and cloud.  Detailed guide to lead-generation on LinkedIn for tech companies and more target audience insights.  How to: Tech Customer Loyalty on LinkedIn; Building your Tech Brand on LinkedIn and Account Based Marketing for tech.