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The Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast Stats

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When we started The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast back in May 2015, we had an ambitious target in mind. I had this idea that podcasts were a natural platform for sharing thought leadership – and that marketing podcasts therefore had a valuable role to play. The question we asked ourselves was whether a B2B marketing podcast could reach 75,000 downloads. Just over 18 months later, we’re well on the way to answering it with a big ‘Yes’.

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast has exceeded our expectations – not just because of how fast it’s grown, but because of its genuinely global appeal. I never anticipated that there would be people tuning in from Botswana – or that we’d have such an exciting number of downloads from countries like China, India and Brazil. We’ve been able to engage loyal listeners in big numbers across every continent on earth, and across a range of different listening platforms. Along the way we’ve picked up some really exciting buzz, some very kind reviews, and our line-up of guests keeps getting more and more exciting: rock god Jay Jay French, acclaimed author Bernadette Jiwa, rocket scientist and VR pioneer Mary Spio (who talked to me about everything from the future of storytelling to the likelihood of alien life). Plus Ann Handley, Mitch Joel, Jon Watkins and a host of other fresh and funny marketing thinkers.

We’ve put together our Journey to 75,000 Downloads Infographic as a way of sharing our podcast stats, celebrating where we’ve got to – and saying thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in and taking part. It’s also really useful for us to look back over the guests and subjects that have been the most popular on the podcast so far. It’s a great source of inspiration for the type of discussions that keep people coming back for more. And if you spot one of our Top Ten podcasts that you didn’t manage to listen to first time around, you can catch up on all of our previous episodes here. lnkd.in/podcasts

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The Sophisticated Marketer's Podcast Stats

  1. 1. SophisticatedTHE MARKETER’S HOSTED BY JASON MILLER STATS United States 32,580 United Kingdom 5,677 Australia 2,510 Canada 2,276 DOWNLOADSDOWNLOADS DOWNLOADS DOWNLOADS 750 500 250 0 THE JOURNEY TO 75,000 DOWNLOADS and counting... 5 225 61% Apple Core Media* 19% iTunes 7% Chrome 5% Overcast 5% iTunes Store 3% Mozilla HOWPEOPLE LISTEN FEATURED GUEST CHRIS BUEHLER Scorch Agency TOP TEN PODCASTS RELEASED 06/05/2015 ANDITISTHEMOSTDOWNLOADEDEPISODE IT ALLSTARTED WITH THEINAUGURALEPISODE DEBUT SHOW! CONTENT MARKETING BEFORE IT WAS COOL EPISODE 1 0 1000 2000 3000 3,179 DOWNLOADS DOWNLOADS 2,100 DOWNLOADS 1,900 DOWNLOADS 1,802 DOWNLOADS 1,777 DOWNLOADS 1,711 DOWNLOADS 1,698 DOWNLOADS 1,679 DOWNLOADS 1,678 DOWNLOADS 1,536 WHAT PEOPLE THINK Tune in for inspiring, educational, entertaining conversations with the world's greatest marketing minds. New episodes available on: *Apple Core Media is when your podcast is played on iOS devices, the podcast app and HTML5 media players in Mobile Safari Smartphone apps. Most number of downloads Least number of downloads LISTENED TO IN OVER 200 COUNTRIES EVEN IN BOTSWANA “...like gin martini for your ear holes.” by Whiskey and Wrasslin' on Feb 01, 2016 RATING: “The guests are high-caliber and the host is witty...” by Krichdog on Jul 01, 2015 RATING: “Fun, entertaining and informative.” by Noah Nothing on May 21, 2015 RATING: “Rich on value with enough humor to keep me chuckling” by FastEddy760 on May 11, 2015 RATING: “Great tips and funny behind the scenes stories.” by Bluebird Marketing on May 21, 2015 RATING: Personal Branding and Killing Mediocre Content Ann Handley, Marketing Profs Storytelling for B2B Marketers Bernadette Jiwa Story of telling The Incredible Potential of VR Mary Spio, CEEK VR The Power of Personal Branding Mitch Joel, Mirum Reaching the C-Suites Jon Watkins, Seven Relevance, resilance & creativity Jay Jay French, Twisted Sister Spearfishing and big rocks Jon Miller, Engagio David Nihill, Funny Biz Kathy Klotz-Guest, Keeping it Human Better Marketing Dennis Yu & Logan Young BlitzMetrics Content Marketing before it was cool Chris Buehler, Scorch Agency Using Humor in B2B Mktg CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED that will make you a better B2B marketer PODCASTS 5 You Must Add To Your Playlist PODCASTS 5 to learn about the latest marketing trends, tech and strategies PODCASTS 50 You Need to Listen To MARKETING PODCASTS 21 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Hear BRILLIANT CONTENT 30 INCLUDED IN THE FOLLOWING BLOGS for Marketers, Social Media Pros, & Growth Hackers in 2016 OF THE BEST PODCASTS 16 for the Well Rounded Content Marketer MARKETING PODCASTS 11