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LinkedIn NonproFIT Bootcamp [Webcast]

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Finding the perfect candidate isn't easy. Strengthen your search skills with the next NonproFIT Bootcamp and learn how to search like a pro.

After this quick 30 minute bootcamp, you'll be running more productive LinkedIn searches in no time. Finding your ideal candidate with just one search? Now that sounds like you're NonproFIT.

Join us and learn how to:

- Search smarter with our top three search combinations
- Cut down on your time to find
- Create a simple, repeatable process to pipeline and manage candidates

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LinkedIn NonproFIT Bootcamp [Webcast]

  1. 1. LinkedIn NonproFIT Bootcamp Please take note: • Everyone is muted by default. Please type any questions into the chat box. • The presentation & recording will be sent via email within 48 hours.
  3. 3. Bootcamp Schedule • Warm up: Who is Boole anyway? • Exercise set 1: Search smarter – top three search combinations • Exercise set 2: Cut down on time to find • Exercise set 3: Pipeline & manage candidates • Cool down: Takeaways
  4. 4. 4 George Boole (1815-1864) English mathematician, philosopher and logician
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Boolean Modifiers Modifier Examples AND “holistic lifestyle coach” AND “certified trx instructor” OR “weight training” OR “endurance training” OR “personal training” NOT NOT (pilates OR yoga OR “bar method”) (Parenthesis) (“fitness instructor” OR “director of fitness”) (“group fitness”) (“personal training”) “Quotes” “corporate health and wellness” “personal trainer”
  7. 7. protein shake OR “protein shake”? “protein powder” AND milk (“whey protein” OR “soy protein” OR “rice protein” OR “pea protein”) AND (“cows milk” OR “goats milk” OR “almond milk” OR “rice milk” OR “soy milk”) (“whey protein” OR “soy protein” OR “rice protein” OR “pea protein”) AND (“cows milk” OR “goats milk” OR “almond milk” OR “rice milk” OR “soy milk”) AND (spinach AND avocado AND banana) NOT (raspberry OR blueberry OR mango)
  8. 8. https://lnkd.in/GetBooleanFit
  9. 9. Search smarter Exercise Set 1
  10. 10. Leveraging Boolean 10 Keyword Search OR Job Title Search (“fundraising coordinator” OR “fundraising events coordinator” OR “fundraising & events coordinator” OR “development coordinator” OR “fundraising & volunteer coordinator” OR “fundraising and volunteer coordinator” OR “fundraising/volunteer coordinator” OR “fundraising/development coordinator” OR “coordinator, development” OR “fundraising development associate” OR “fundraising program coordinator” OR “assistant director of development” OR “associate director of development” OR “asst director of development” OR “fund development specialist” OR “fundraising campaign coordinator” OR “development officer” OR “coordinator, field development” OR “fundraising program and event coordinator”) Basic job title keyword Search “fundraising coordinator” Search
  11. 11. 3 types of Search 11 1. Conceptual Search/Natural Language Search (“execution of multiple events” OR “Identifying new corporate sponsors” OR “identify corporate sponsors” OR “manage giving” OR “garnered donations” OR “calling previous donors” OR “networking with donors” OR “support our programs” 2. Smart Exclusion Search NOT (“vice president” OR VP OR “V.P.” OR director OR president OR executive OR “chief executive” OR “chief financial” OR “chief investment” OR “chief of staff”) Search 3. Implicit search LinkedIn Groups, Certifications, Licensure(s), Volunteer Activity, Past Company
  12. 12. Cut down on time to find 12 Exercise Set 2
  13. 13. Create custom filters Cut down on time to find
  14. 14. ‘Update me’ & ‘Similar profiles’ Cut down on time to find
  15. 15. Pipeline & Manage candidates 15 Exercise Set 3
  16. 16. Create project, save search, activate alert Pipeline & Manage candidates
  17. 17. Cool down
  18. 18. Cool down Boolean Search AND – includes all items listed, and thus limits your search OR - typically broadens search - at least one is required, more than one or all can be returned NOT - excludes a certain qualifier, won’t return any searches with the quality after NOT “ “ - use when searching for an exact set of words ( ) - use for OR statements Types of Search 1. Conceptual/Natural language 2. Smart exclusion 3. Explicit/Implied Cut down on time to find 1. Create custom filters 2. Leverage “update me” feature 3.Levarage “similar profiles” feature Pipeline & Manage Candidates Use Project folders for, Pipeline development Super charging your networking Enabling candidate reporting