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Strategic plan presentation public library team 2_weiser_leader

  1. San Francisco Public Library Strategic Plan - Main Library Spring 2015 Leader: Jennifer Weiser Researcher: Sabrina Tusing Action Plan Leaders: Sandra Gonzaga Stephanie Ortiz Mary Elaine Zambales Lorena Zavala
  2. MissionStatement The San Francisco public library strives to provide users with quality resources, programs and services that enhance the quality of life in our diverse communities. We are dedicated to fostering lifelong learning, exploration and literacy by providing current technology and building engaging spaces that nurture community ties. Vision Statement The San Francisco Public Library links with its communities - keeping them literate, informed, and engaged.
  3. External Environment • Established-1879 • Central location • Diverse population • 2014: Main Library logged 1,716,071 visits • Reference desk addressed 409, 917 total questions • Main Library provides distinct collections San Francisco Public Library – Main Library
  4. Internal Environment San Francisco Public Library – Main Library • Organizational structure • Number of employees at the Main Library • Largest budget item is staffing • Main Library 2014-2015 budget: $19,159,525 • Public service commitment • Communication systems for the public and staff
  5. Strategic Outcomes Technology – Outreach - Health & Wellness – Staff Training The Main Library - SWOT Analysis SWOT • Internal Strengths: accessible, programs, staff, diversity, collections • Internal Weaknesses: underserved population, training, managing homeless population, budget, technology. • External Opportunities: health & well-being, partnerships, outreach, grants • External Threats: economy, image, competition, visibility, relevancy
  6. Lending Program for Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices Rationale: • 77 % of people rate computer and Internet access: “Very important” • Unaccounted poverty in San Francisco. Action Plan 1: Develop a lending program for portable Wi-Fi Hotspot devices.
  7. Steps Implementing a lending program: • Establishing a Task Force • Compile statistics and information • Trial run Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots: What are they? • Small portable devices that act as routers • Use 4G technology & service plan
  8. Budget and Evaluation: • Partner with businesses and seeking grants. • Evaluation process • Future expansion when successful
  9. Rationale: • Access to resources • Programs • Technology • Enrich quality of life Action Plan 2: A mobile library to engage & support underserved neighborhoods. Mobile Library Outreach Program
  10. Steps Planning & Setup • Identify community needs and how to assist. • Research funding & community contribution. • Establish policies/ safety planning/ staff training • Acquire needed materials
  11. Budget and Evaluation: • Overall cost • Evaluation methods • Adjustments to programs
  12. Rationale: • Lack of awareness: health issues and services • High volume of inquiries for heath issues • Partnership with health care agencies Action Plan 3: Develop a health and wellness collection and programs Health & Wellness Center @ The Library
  13. Steps Planning the Health & Wellness Center @ The Library • Research funding • Partner with local health agencies • Dedicated staff for collection and resources • Launch program
  14. Budget and Evaluation: • Funding for setup: grants • Materials and staff: annual budget • Future programming: utilize surveys
  15. Rationale: • Team Building • Enhance Library Services • Further Organization’s Vision • Meet Users’ Needs Action Plan 4: Staff Training and Professional Development Feasibility of hosting annual in-service training days
  16. Steps Staff In-service Training Day • Establish needs and training team • Research grants and create budget • Draft agenda and select materials
  17. Budget & Evaluation In-service Staff Training Proposal • Analysis of costs • Evaluation of Process • Implementation & Improvement
  18. 2015 Core Value Survey – San Francisco Public Library Staff Thank you

Notas do Editor

  1. Sabrina – Welcome statement & introduction.
  2. Sabrina – Mission and vision statements
  3. Sabrina –External Environment
  4. Jen – Internal Environment
  5. Jen – SWOT & Strategic Outcomes. A study undertaken by an organization to identify its internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.
  6. Mary: Action Plan #1
  7. Mary
  8. Mary
  9. Stephanie: Action Plan #2
  10. Stephanie
  11. Stephanie
  12. Lorena: Action Plan #3
  13. Lorena
  14. Lorena
  15. Sandra: Action Plan #4
  16. Sandra
  17. Sandra
  18. Sabrina – closing statement