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System Analysis and Design Proposal presentation

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This is for our proposal defense. November 6, 2014.

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System Analysis and Design Proposal presentation

  2. 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE  Background of the Study  Statement of the Problem  Objectives of the Study  Significance of the Study  Scope and Delimitation  Conceptual Framework  Review of Related Literature and Studies  Research Design and Methodology  Proposed Implementation  Expected Output
  3. 3. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY DSWD – Department of Social Welfare and Development In 1987, the law creating DSWD was signed by President Corazon C. Aquino, through Executive Order No. 292 also known as the Revised Administrative Code of 1987 which established the organizational structures and functional areas of responsibility of DSWD and further defined as statutory authority. DSWD FIELD OFFFICE REGION IV-B MIMAROPA On May 17, 2002, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed Executive Order No. 103 dividing Region IV into Region IV-A CALABARZON (composed of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) & IV-B MIMAROPA (composed of Mindoro Oriental and Mindoro Occidental, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan).
  4. 4. Client Category  C N S P - Children in Need Of Special Protection  Y N S P - Youth in Need of Special Protection  P W D – Person with Disabilities  S C – Senior Citizen  W E D C - Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances  F H O N A – Family Head and Other Needy Adult
  5. 5. DSWD Field Office IV-B MIMAROPA is primarily responsible for the management and implementation of DSWD functions in the MIMAROPA region. It facilitates direction setting and provides higher support and technical assistance to social welfare and development intermediaries within a collaborative environment. This includes local government units particularly the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO), social welfare and development-related NGOs, private organizations and line agencies. It also promotes and ensures the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies, rules and regulations pertaining to social welfare and development within its geographical, spatial and cultural jurisdiction. SWADT PALAWAN or Social Welfare and Development Team Palawan is the name of DSWD team of Palawan. They are working under Operations and Programs Division that is divided into Poverty Reduction Program Unit and Protective Services Unit. It is composed of 338 employees spread throughout the different municipalities of the province but only 13 employees are assigned in Puerto Princesa City. SWADT PALAWAN Field Office is located at H. Mendoza St., Brgy. Model, Puerto Princesa City.
  6. 6. Semi-computerized System A kind of computer system which uses old method of filing data such as Microsoft Office.
  8. 8. Statement of the Problem 1. How to minimize the errors of encoding data? 2. How to produce an updated data report of individual client who receives financial and material assistance from “DSWD”? 3. How to make every transaction easier and faster? 4. How to secure confidentially information of the clients?
  9. 9. Objective of the Study 1. To give accurate and reliable information encoded in a fastest way. 2. To be able to produce an updated individual reports with regards to the financial and material assistance they have availed. 3. To automatically generate information of the client. 4. To be able to control and secure information from a possible hacker or intruder.
  10. 10. Significance of the Study The “Computerized Client System for the Department Of Social Welfare and Development SWADT Palawan Field Office Region IV-B MIMAROPA” will provide the agency the help to respond better by providing systemized data storage for a very convenient way of inputting data, faster tracking of client’s information, easier access and errorless making of reports that will result to an up to date granting of assistance.
  11. 11. Scope of the Study  DSWD SWADT Palawan Field Office located at H. Mendoza St., Brgy. Model, Puerto Princesa City  client forms and reports • General Intake Sheet • Eligibility Certificate • Cash Disbursement Record • Accomplishment Reports • Masterlist of Beneficiaries  security of client files  offline operations  it uses LAN to connect the users  The administrator has the major authority in the system.  The user has limited access to the security settings.
  12. 12. Delimitation of the Study  personal information of staff  daily attendance of staff  payroll of staff  online transactions  cannot be used for conversation  cannot be used for file transfer
  13. 13. Conceptual Framework Information, Transactions, Records Accurate and Integrated Computerized Client System Input, Verify, Confirm and Update Client's Record, Progress INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT
  14. 14. Review of Related Literature Luis Martines- Uribe; Meriel Patrick, March 2008, Information Management Strategies Jan Christopher L., September 2013, Library System Review of Related Studies Bautista et. al, 2008, Ironhills steel Fabrication Billing, Income Statement and Inventory System Santiago, et. al., 2002, Palawan State University Computerized Supplies Accounting System
  15. 15. Research Design and Methodology Qualitative Method It seeks to understand and answer a given problem from the perspectives of the local population it involves. Research Instrument  Survey Questionnaire  Interview
  16. 16. Proposed Implementation Budgetary Requirements Budget Item Researchers’ budget expenses for requirements used in doing the research. Budget Requirement Hardware:  Laptop  Toshiba NB500  Window 7 starter  Intel ® Atom ™ CPU N570 @ 1.66GHz 1.67GHz  1G RAM  32-bit  Mouse with mouse pad P25,000.00 Software:  Microsoft Office  Photoshop CS5  VB.Net 2010  MySQL Workbench 5.2.26 - Internet P1000.00 Printer P2000.00 Paper - 8.5 x 11” size P1000.00 TOTAL P29,000.00
  17. 17. Personal Services (Honoraria) Researchers’ expenses during research conduct. Account Description Amount Transportation P3,000.00 Internet P2,997.00 Printing P1,000.00 Folders and Envelopes P100.00 Electricity P900.00 PSUCCESS Seminar P3,500.00 Grammarian Fee P500.00 Food P2,500.00 Total P14,497.00
  18. 18. Operating Expenses Monthly budget of the entity during operation. Account Description Amount IT personnel P5,500.00 Ink refill color black, magenta, yellow, cyan P360.00 Papers and folders P500.00 Electricity P250.00 Maintenance P1500.00 Total P8,110.00
  19. 19. Capital Outlay and Equipment Description Amount Laptop Brand: Sony VIO Model: Sony SVE14122CV Intel Core i5- 2450Ghz 2GB DD3 Memory 320GB HDD P30,000.00 Licensed Operating System: Windows 7 P4,500.00 Printer 3in1: Print, copy, scan Brand: Epson P7795.00 Electricity P200.00 Ink cartridge with colors black, magenta, yellow, cyan P1500.00 Cable wire:3 meters and tapes P150.00 LAN (RJ45) P100.00 Papers and Folders P500.00 Total P44,745.00
  20. 20. Expected Output Log-In Form
  21. 21. Forgot Password Data Source Setting Exit Confirmation Window
  22. 22. Main Form
  23. 23. Main Form (when system buttons is clicked)
  24. 24. Main Form (when report button is clicked)
  25. 25. Main Form (when information button is clicked)
  26. 26. Log-Out Confirmation Window
  27. 27. General Intake Sheet Part 1
  28. 28. General Intake Sheet Part 2
  29. 29. Certificate of Eligibility
  30. 30. Cash Disbursement Record
  31. 31. Accomplishment Report Part 1
  32. 32. Accomplishment Report Part 2
  33. 33. Breakdown of Client Served
  34. 34. Masterlist of Beneficiaries
  35. 35. User Account Settings
  36. 36. Thank you 