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Bni 6-13 yamini presentation

  1. Welcome...
  2. Attention: Founders and Owners of Rapidly Growing Companies…. Does This Sound Familiar?  “Our salespeople should be booking more sales appointments instead of spending so much time trying to find qualified prospects.”  “Our sales people need to be more consistent at getting accounts but closing ratios are all over the map.”  “It’s taking a very long time to close sales. We should be able to do that faster somehow.”
  3. Does This Sound Familiar?  We shouldn’t have to play price negotiation games to win a big account or give away our margin.”  “We have some accounts that don’t make money and need to be replaced with more profitable accounts.”  “We get referrals but may be we need to be getting more.”  “We can’t afford to drop the ball with prospects or clients.”
  4. Often Companies will Treat the Symptoms Instead of the Real Problems by: 1. Launching a new marketing initiative (start a DM campaign, join a new NW group, sponsor an event etc.) 2. Hiring more sales people 3. Getting more sales training
  5. But What’s The Real Problem?  You know you need to take time to do “strategy work” and focus on growth and new ideas because no one else can do that……but it’s hard to find time when you’re running a business.  You’ve invested in marketing… but it’s been more of a scattershot approach and there is still no systematic way to generate leads.
  6. But What’s The Real Problem?  You’ve hired good salespeople, given them a goal and they should be able to figure out how to get sales…..but they aren’t very strategic in their approach and so it’s a hit or miss scenario.  Perhaps you’ve even invested in sales training but not much has changed…. because real change happens from the top when there is 100% clarity on business strategy.  You assume you’re getting all the referrals you can...but you might be underestimating the huge potential of your network.
  7. What’s The Solution? An unlimited marketing budget? More salespeople? Access to more capital? Most of the times the answer is NO
  8. What’s The Solution? Sustainable, profitable sales comes from having a sales strategy, structure and system in place so you can expect consistent results from your team and prevent the swings in sales.
  9. Here are critical elements that need to be built into your sales structure to consistently generate sales & bring in profitable accounts. 1. 100% clarity on your strategic direction that drives your daily activities to get the results you want quickly. 2. A cost effective marketing system that puts you in front of your top prospects consistently without depending on you. 3. A sales process that is consistent, builds trust, wows your prospect and converts more prospects into clients.
  10. Here are critical elements that need to be built into your sales structure to consistently generate sales & bring in profitable accounts. 4. Sales management system to ensure that your sales team is in sync with the company’s goals. 5. Key strategic partnerships & alliances that send you prospects regularly and become an additional sales team. 6. A wow service delivery process that exceeds client expectations and gets them selling you to potential clients.
  11. Here are critical elements that need to be built into your sales structure to consistently generate sales & bring in profitable accounts. 7. A client loyalty and retention system to transform your clients into a powerful sales force that feed your sales pipeline with referrals. 8. A pricing and profitability system that keeps you profitable and eliminates the “great revenue but no profit syndrome.”
  12. Client Case Study Animation Company- Scenario Before Key Issues: Lack of Consistency in Sales  “We have 4 sales people but if Greg’s sales drop then we have a bad month.  We aren’t spending time on booking sales presentations.  We’ve dropped the ball with prospects and they don’t turn into clients.  James discounts jobs and we don’t make much money on them  They are competing with one another and fighting over prospects Effect: Missed Sales Target, Lack of New Business Opportunities & Lost Margin
  13. Implementing the Critical Elements in the Sales Structure A marketing system in place 1. Laser focus on our top 3 industries and Top 20 accounts for each rep 2. Identified 5 strategies (email marketing, expos, linkedin, calling, strategic partnerships) that work in sync with each other 3. All Marketing activities are part of the overall plan & on a calendar 4. Lead nurturing process in place
  14. Implementing the Critical Elements in the Sales Structure 1. Sales goal setting done quarterly 2. Measurement system & performance incentives for sales performance in place 3. Sales Process built in our CRM system 4. Client reactivation campaigns to revive past & inactive clients 5. A tight production process in place with gantt charts/production schedules
  15. Implementing the Critical Elements in the Sales Structure 1. Overhauled pricing and estimating system 2. Client recognition plan in place for top 10 accounts 3. Hired 3 new people on the sales and production team using the 3 step hiring process
  16. Results in 15 Months  33% Increase in sales year over year  Closed $300k in new business from reactivation campaigns  Landed 2 new accounts ($300k- annual) from expo strategy  Email campaigns- brings in 5-7 estimate requests every month consistently  2 new sales people added on team  Client retention- haven’t lost a single account for the past 1 year since we started our client recognition process  Increased prices 8%
  17. Work in Progress  Establishing 3 strategic partnerships that feed our pipeline  Introducing a new product line in 6 months  Internet marketing initiatives- Webinars/blogs –in 6 months  Client loyalty and referral system in progress  Hiring production staff- now
  18. Celebrus Strategies works with CEOs & Owners of rapidly growing companies ($2M-$10M) who:  Are way too dependent on their key salespeople to meet aggressive sales targets  Stress out at the thought of a bad month  Don’t have the luxury of very large sales teams but they need to bring in new accounts if they want to grow
  19. I work with them to acquire and develop new accounts and expand their existing client base without spending a lot of money on marketing. As a result, their sales team spend less time prospecting and more time closing projects and sales grow anywhere from 33% to 167 percent.
  20. Who are Great Clients For Celebrus? 1. Companies $2-$10M in revenue 2. Established businesses 3. Vendors to the Marketing function
  21. Who are Great Clients for Celebrus? Vendors to the Mkt Function  Animation Production Fulfillment  Video/Motion Packaging Production  Commercial Displays & Photography Exhibits/Signs  Survey companies  Promotional Products Incentive Programs &  Data Services- Direct Awards Mail Data Management  Event Management Data Warehousing
  22. Top 20 Companies • Audio Video • Profitmaster Displays Inc Representatives • Studio III • Projections Inc • Summdesign Inc • Sunbelt Plastics • Century Displays Inc • Think 360 • Compass Collective • Tradeshow Resources Inc • Compass Display Svc • Leprechaun Promotion • Dimensional Design Inc • Ranew's Apd • Elite Exhibits Llc • Advantage Packaging Inc • Contract Packaging Inc • Exhibitus • Georgia Labeling & • Express Color Inc Filling Inc • H S Photo Processing Inc • Sportography • Tss Photography • Spitfire Studios