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Aerobic simmons

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Aerobic simmons

  1. 1. Aerobic Sneaker Buyers - Who are they? combine the following with the right picture: a) how they spend their time b) how they think others see them c) how I (SimmonsReview User) see them d) how they see themselves
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  6. 6. Solution 1. + d) : People who bought Aerobic Sneakers in the last 12 month, are 190% more likely to say that they are usually the first among their friends to try new food. 2. + b) People, who bought Cross Training sneakers in the last 12 month, are 90% more likely to absolutely agree with the statement that their friends often ask their advice about health and nutrition. 3. + c) People, who bought Aerobic Sneakers in the last 12 month are 155% more likely to send electronic greeting cards during their online activity. 4. + c) Of people, who bought Cross training sneakers in the last 12 month, 57.5% purchased 10 or more Candy/Chocolate Bars in the last 30 days.