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Serendipity Paradigm in NFC-based Service by Kyoung Jun Lee of LoveisTouch

This is the presentation for WIMA NFC 2012 at Monaco.

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Serendipity Paradigm in NFC-based Service by Kyoung Jun Lee of LoveisTouch

  1. 1. WIMA NFC 2012 @ Monaco Serendipity Paradigm in NFC-Based Service Prof. Kyoung Jun Lee School of Management, Kyung Hee University klee@khu.ac.kr Director of BMER.net (bmer.net) Founder & CEO of
  2. 2. Serendipity: “Unexpected but desirable”• An unexpected discovery of something worthwhile during a search for an expected something worthwhile(Marcus Bach, The World of Serendipity, 1980).• Unexpected results, unexpected impacts, unexpected changes of directions (Seeking Serendipity: The Paradox of Control, McBirnie, 2008)• The property of making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated, or the occurrence of such a discovery during such a search.
  3. 3. Past Researches on Serendipity in IT• N. Eagle, “Can Serendipity Be Planned?” MIT Sloan Management Review. vol. 46, no. 1, Fall 2004, pp 10–14.• Nathan Eagle, and Alex Pentland, "Social Serendipity: Mobilizing Social Software," IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 4(2005), no. 2, 28-34• Victoria Bellotti, Bo Begole, Ed H. Chi, Nicolas Ducheneaut, Ji Fang, Ellen Isaacs, Tracy King, Mark W. Newman, Kurt Partridge, Bob Price, Paul Rasmussen, Michael Roberts, Diane J. Schiano, Alan Walendowski, “Activity-Based Serendipitous Recommendations with the Magitti Mobile Leisure Guide”, CHI 2008 Proceedings, Florence, Italy, 2008• Shigekazu Sawaizumi, Osamu Katai, Hiroshi Kawakami and Takayuki Shiose, “Use of Serendipity Power for Discoveries and Inventions,” Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2009, Vol 187, 2009, 163-169• Abigail McBirni., “Seeking serendipity: the paradox of control,” Aslib Proceedings: New Information Perspectives, Vol. 60(2008), 600~618.
  4. 4. Serendipity Services already on the Web• Content Match Advertising: AdSense of Google• SNS is also a serendipity service – When we use facebook.com, we often luckily find out an unexpected but useful information. – Search cannot arouse the human needs. It assumes the existing needs of human. – SNS can arouse new human needs.• Both are a kind of serendipity services already on the web
  5. 5. Content Match Advertising: Example 1 Content on obesity Ad on Running Machine
  6. 6. Content Match Advertising: Example 2 Content on Woman Cancer Ad on Women Clinic Ad on Anticancer 기사 우측과 하단에 Chemotherapy 컨텐트 매치 광고 게재
  7. 7. Tag Match Advertising(Lee et al. 2007) The AdSense in Ubiquitous Era !Tag-Match Advertising exposes properads to users through ‘Tag Match’, a newprocess based on the information onusers and the information and contentsabout tags Lap Top A1-4524 1. Basic Information 2. After Service Request 3. Price Comparison Related Products 1. Best Lap Top Briefcases 30 for Young Men” 2. Accessories 3. Similar Lap Tops
  8. 8. NFC Service Mindset or Paradigms• Mission critical processes – Payment by card emulation• Fulfillment of user-expected services• Lightweight serendipity service
  9. 9. Implementation of Serendipity Service• Serendipity service may be implemented by – Recommendation methodology using tags detailed location, tag touching time/frequency, and the salient/designated feature of the tag • Knowledge-based recommendation: our prototype • Collaborative filtering: by mining users’ touch log• Tags detail location – semantic location such as table, entrance, & board etc. – geographical location
  10. 10. Tag-App-Cloud Collaboration• A physical tag connected with a semi-open mobile app and semi- open tag management cloud can provide a series of virtual utility services like: – WiFi(SSID & passwd) Setting using the information in the cloud – SNS-based like and comments – Attendance checking – Couponing – Social dating (e.g. girls near you) – Tag match advertising – CRM Services• NFC services will be flourished by (semi-)open platform service provider• The NFC services will be complemented by Serendipity service
  11. 11. The Utility Tag Services & Serendipity• The utility services will be synthesized by service composition engine and accompanied by serendipity engine.• The satisfactory serendipity services will motivate users tag touching.• The serendipity services will be new window/media of online contents/commerce providers• NFC services will consist of offline utility services and offline/online serendipity services.
  12. 12. Serendipity Services: Outputs = f(inputs)• Input 1: Tags detail context – Semantic & geographic location• Input 2: Users understanding & intention – salient/designated feature of the tag• Input 3: Tag touching time/frequency,• Output 1: Services fulfilling users intention• Output 2: Serendipity services by the inference based on the context
  13. 13. Prototype Implementation• Building serendipity rule base – Currently we have 9 Rule Types • Location -> Next Location • Profile -> Person nearby • Location -> Information near by (e.g. happy hour, flash sales) • Location -> Information for the location • Tagged Product -> Matched Product considering other users • Tagged Product -> Additional information on the product itself • Location(Space Tag)-> Product Recommendations within the space • Location -> Transportation Information nearby • Service Location -> Shopping information outside the space – 40 Rules• Serendipity case base construction by mining users usage data
  14. 14. Serendipity Engine •사용자 행동 데이터DB • •사용자 행동 데이터DB Web Data 소셜그래프 •사용자간 • •사용자간 소셜그래프 데이터 Commerce Service •웹에 등록, 게재되는 Serendipity • •웹에 등록, 게재되는 데이터 Service & Content DB •사업자들의 상거래 Service User Engine • •사업자들의 상거래 Tag Touch Log DB •서비스 Serendipity Case Base • •서비스 •콘탠트DB • •콘탠트DB Rule Base Serendipity Response • User Profile & Social Graph Feedback
  15. 15. Revenue Generation through Serendipity Service • Search useful information on behalf User Expected of users and inform when it is relevant (Intended) Service + Additional content reflecting user’s interest, usefulness, Advertising & and freshness Commerce NFC Tag
  16. 16. Examples of Serendipity Rules Data Type for Input Data Type for Recommendation Current Location Time Next Location Cafe Morning Restaurant Restaurant Lunch Time Café for Dissert Restaurant Dinner Time Pub or Karaoke Pub Late Night Driving Service Singing Room Late Night Driving Service
  17. 17. QR for Serendipity?• NFC is largely different from QR codes with respect to serendipity service.• Serendipity service is impossible by QR-based initiation because of its inconvenience in using the tag• For the frequent tagging, simple touch should be guaranteed.• Therefore serendipity service will be the unique feature of NFC tags over that of QR codes
  18. 18. Serendipity Service Strategy• When a user touches a tag three times within an hour, how will you provide the services? 1. The same expected services only all the three times 2. Sequentially improved services reflecting the touching sequence 3. The same expected services with different serendipity services
  19. 19. Paradigm Change? Clearly defined vs. Secretly Serendipitous• Can a pure serendipity tag be successful? – The answer may be yes with NFC! – No with QR• These all come from the convenience of the simple touching• Serendipity as a design factor for NFC services – Tags without serendipity might not make users touch them anymore.• Love may also come from (precisely designed but not informed) serendipity!
  20. 20. What is the next after Web and App? Tag Touch Serendipity
  21. 21. For More Information: • Visit LoveisTouch.com • Visit BMER.net • Kyoung Jun Lee, Ph.D. • Facebook.com/leekj007 • leekj007@gmail.com • +82-10-3775-1952