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11 Steps for Online Lead Nurturing [Episode 7] - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics: Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less

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This week's episode looks at email lead nurturing, a major tactic in marketing automation. Email lead nurturing is the deployment of a custom designed email drip campaign based on the action a website visitor takes. The presentation introduces 11 critical steps for marketing automation success utilizing email lead nurturing. Specifically, we look at opt-in content organization based on your sales funnel, logical sales funnel paths, best practices, email timing, analytics and testing.

Video and additional commentary are available here: http://www.kunocreative.com/blog/bid/74587/11-Steps-for-Online-Lead-Nurturing-Tuesday-s-Tips-Tactics-Video

Tuesday’s Tips & Tactics - Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less is a weekly series presented by Kuno Creative’s Director on Inbound Marketing, Chad Pollitt (@CPollittIU). The series is designed to instruct viewers on how to deploy inbound marketing tactics in order to maximize campaign ROI.

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11 Steps for Online Lead Nurturing [Episode 7] - Tuesday's Tips & Tactics: Inbound Marketing in 10 Minutes or Less

  1. 1. Planning & Deploying Lead Nurturing Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  2. 2. 11 Steps to Nurture Leads Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  3. 3. Step #1Inventory all Content Residing Behind a Form Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  4. 4. Step #2Organize Content by Category,Persona or Problem it Solves Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  5. 5. Step #3 Divide EachCategory/Persona/Problem Content Group into: Top of the Funnel (TOFU) Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  6. 6. Step #3• TOFU Whitepaper, Guide, How-to, Cheat Sheet• MOFU Video, Webinar, eBook• BOFU Demo, Trial Offer, Brochure, Assessment, Executive Summary Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  7. 7. Step #3Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  8. 8. Step #4Identify Content GapsCreate New Content Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  9. 9. Step #5Write Emails for TOFU Content Suggesting MOFU Content Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  10. 10. Step #6Write Emails for MOFU Content Suggesting BOFU Content Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  11. 11. Step #7Write Emails for BOFU Content Suggesting more BOFU Content and/or the Call Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  12. 12. Step #8Write Short/Enticing Subject Lines Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  13. 13. Step #9Develop a Schedule/Timing Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  14. 14. Step #10Track the Campaign Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  15. 15. Step #11Let the Analytics Guide Your Campaign Testing & Adjustments Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  16. 16. How to Manage & Close Internet Leads Facebook.com/kunocreative Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU
  17. 17. Thanks for Watching! Slides are available at Twitter: #Kuno - @CPollittIU