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Chapter 4 Consumer Motivation

  1. Chapter 4 Consumer Motivation
  2. Figure 4.1 Model of the Motivation Process
  3. Is a body spray an innate or acquired need?
  4. Figure 4-2a Goals Structure for Weight Control
  5. Figure 4-2b Goals Structure for Weight Control
  6. Figure 4-2c Goals Structure for Weight Control
  7. Weight Control Giants weblink weblink
  8. What type of defense mechanism is this spokesperson using in this ad?
  9. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Figure 4.10 weblink
  10. Table 4.3 Murray’s List of Psychogenic Needs Needs Associated with Inanimate Objects: Acquisition, Conservancy, Order, Retention, Construction Needs Reflecting Ambition, Power, Accomplishment, and Prestige: Superiority, Achievement, Recognition, Exhibition, Infavoidance Needs Connected with Human Power: Dominance, Deferrence, Similance, Autonomy, Contrariance
  11. Table 4.3 (con’t) Murray’s List of Psychogenic Needs Sado-Masochistic Needs : Aggression, Abasement Needs Concerned with Affection between People: Affiliation, Rejection, Nurturance, Succorance, Play Needs Concerned with Social Intercourse: Cognizance, Exposition
  12. This ad reflects a need for accomplishment with a toothpaste.
  13. Many Companies Specialize in Motivational Research weblink we blink