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Online Shopping Full Project Presentation (20 slides)

This Presentation is on mini project "Online Shopping". In This Presentation there are 19 slides with full description of project.If you want project's html file you can contact me on "kmshakya92@gmail.com" or "admin@grabguides.com"
This project is totally on HTML(with CSS) language. you can understand every page simply because i have designed it with comments.Feel free to contact:
Krishna Mohan Shakya
Mail: kmshakya92@gmail.com
or http://grabguides.com

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Online Shopping Full Project Presentation (20 slides)

  1. 1. ONLINE SHOPPING Presented By Krishna Mohan Shakya(BCA vth Sem)
  2. 2. OVERVIEW:  Introduction  Requirement  Feasibility  Design  Screen Shots Of Site  Live Demo  Future Scope  Conclusion
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION:  Shopping is one of the essential part of our daily life. We're using different types of shops to buy different kind of things everyday  Today our life is divided into two parts -Physical Life: We met everyone physically -Virtual Life: We met people on a virtual world called ‘Internet’.
  4. 4. REQUIREMENT:  Software : Windows OS : xp / 7 / 8 / 8.1 or Mac OS or Linux Browser like (Chrome ,Mozila ,IE)  Hardware: Processor: Pentium or Higher RAM : 128MB or Higher.
  5. 5. FEASIBILITY:  Technical Feasible : Technically, this project is very feasible because of use of current and latest techniques.  Financial Feasible: Financially ,It is also very feasible it made up in very low cost and will be free for all customers.  Operational Feasible: Very easy to use.
  6. 6. DESIGN:
  10. 10. Offers Zone
  11. 11. Book Store
  12. 12. Women Fashion
  13. 13. Privacy Policy Page
  14. 14. Click On By Now
  15. 15. FUTURE SCOPE:  The project made here is just to ensure that this product could be valid in today real challenging world. Here all the facilities are made and tested.  Currently it is not visible on virtual world (Internet) because of some limitations of project. In future it may be there.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION:  Online shopping is the best way to purchase any item but be careful because there may be some fake products on different sites.  Only purchase those items which can be recognised easily that item is fake or not or choose according rating of buyers.  But not to worry, on my site you will get all items genuine and trusty, just check once here before buy anywhere.  ShopForYou.com The Online Shopping Megastore Spend For Quality
  17. 17. CONTACT ME  If you want mini project for your work you can contact me on Facebook or can mail me:  Topic : Online Shopping(30 web pages)  Languages: HTML (with CSS) only. Mail me at admin@grabguides.com Or kmshakya92@gmail.com Feel free to visit my site : http://grabguides.com http://monkshistory.com