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Urban Mill presentation 2017-08-7 amk

Esitys AMK:jen TKI-osaajien tilaisuudessa 7.6.2017 Katajanokan vankilassa. Urban Mill case: Think local, act global!

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Urban Mill presentation 2017-08-7 amk

  1. 1. Kari Mikkelä: URBAN MILL Case Think local, act global! Orchestration of Co-creation and Co-deployment supported by Connected Digitally Enabled Physical Platforms Kari.Mikkela@urbanmill.fi, AMK TKI-OSAAJAVALMENNUS 7.6.2017 Co-working and Co-creation Platform Prototype for Urban Innovations Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150 Espoo, Finland www.urbanmill.org
  2. 2. • We have stepped to a Postnormal VUCA Era • Old operational models don’t fit to the new reality • Individuals innovate, not institutions! • Meaningful purposes motivate and engage people • Multi-talented and disciplinary teams thrive • Connected platforms enable people to contribute • Entrepreneurial thinking and new business models emerge! • Ecosystems and networks are new working contexts • Systemic gaps need to be filled and wicked problems solved! • Ambidexterity rules: think local and build global impact! Think Local, Act Global! A great opportunity for AMK’s: Kari Mikkelä, Urban Mill, AMK TKI-OSAAJAVALMENNUS 7.6.2017
  3. 3. VUCA & Postnormal Era VUCA Era (US Army) • Volatile (vision), Uncertain (understanding), Complex (clarity), Ambigous (agility) • Oikukas, Epävarma, Monitahoinen ja Epäselvä Postnormal Era (Stowe Boyd) “Organizations are becoming fast-and-loose, reconfiguring around social networks instead of business processes, becoming more decentralized and as autonomy increases, more egalitarian. We will belong to our networks – which are our own – and not to institutions that require us to subordinate our interests and selves.” Main characteristics: • low or no predictability • non-linear development • emergence of new, unexpected combinations of competences and business models • legacy organizations face huge transformation challenges Kari Mikkelä, Urban Mill, AMK TKI-OSAAJAVALMENNUS 7.6.2017
  4. 4. Urban Mill – Urban Transformation and Innovation Hub www.urbanmill.org Kari Mikkelä & Lars Miikki, Urban Mill, 14.3.2017 version 0.9 EN Scientific Research (3) Regional and Interregional Collaboration (1) People and Communities of the World (8) Urban Mill Facilitation Processes: Engagement, Curation, Uplifting, Orchestration Innovation & Experimentation (5) Biz Devel. and Startups (6) Learning and Education (4) Enabling Environment (2) URBAN MILL 2013-16 Ecosystem Community Platform 85.000 Visits 2.300 Events 1.000 Pioneers 500 Organizations 200 Protos/demos 50+ SMEs / Startups IT Middlephoto:JoniViitanen,CityofEspoo KIGALI Private and Public Services (7) MIDE 400+ Private & Public & Industry Organisations
  5. 5. Response to the challenges: create and leverage Local Sticky Knowledge! “Creep into the Mind” • Movements/ quality in Japan, environment in Germany • Cultural assumptions (Fashion, Music, Arts) • R&D approach “See through the Eyes” • Vision statements • Management processes • Customer Service Manuals • Consumer Behavior Reports “Jump into the Shoes” • Practices and skills • Simple procedural routines “Take a Picture” • Technical blueprints • Patents Explicit Knowledge Endemic Knowledge Simple “See & Study” Experiential Knowledge “Experience & Practice” “Study and Live” Existential Knowledge “Feel and Live” Complex Source: Yves Doz, INSEAD
  6. 6. Smart Networked Co-creation Hubs configure Distributed Creative Knowledge Work Espoo Innovation Garden Sustainable solutions Challenges CapabilitiesKnowledge Business models People Networked Smart Working Methods & Space Co-learning Co-design Co-effectuation Physical & Digital Environment Social & Cultural Ecosystems Energizing Urban Ecosystems Research Program 2012-2016 Lars Miikki & Kari Mikkelä, Järvelin Design Oy 21.8.2012 / 7.3.2017 A Smart Networked Co-Working Space supporting Creative Knowledge Work WORLD Impact Driven!
  7. 7. What Creates ‘Rootedness’? 1. The Presence of Complex ‘Sticky’ Knowledge Locally - Collective, tacit, interactive, complex ‘knowing’ 2. Strong Linkages with Co-Located Players/Partners interacting to create and exploit complex knowledge - Customers - Suppliers - Alliance Partners - Knowledge Creation Centers - Competitors Source: Yves Doz, INSEAD
  8. 8. Framework for Open Innovation at Urban Mill Adopted from CatLabs Catalunya
  9. 9. Open & Smart Ecosystem Platform Service
  10. 10. From pipeline thinking to platform thinking Source Kakko & Mikkelä: Platform thinking within the third generation science park concept emerging cases from Finland and the Netherlands
  11. 11. Serendipity & Innovation orchestration elements
  12. 12. From project management to Serendipity management Source: Ilkka Kakko, Jari Kaivo-oja, Kari Mikkelä: “How to Support and Develop the Innovation-oriented Entrepreneurship in Turbulent VUCA conditions?”
  13. 13. Meaning processing: From production to organisation of value creation! Source: Richard Normann: Reframing Business: When the Map Changes the Landscape
  14. 14. A vision: Co-create locally meaningful and globally connected innovation hubs supporting local entrepreneurship? 1.Ask how could local knowledge sources complement/support entrepreneurial efforts? 2.Ask how locally available knowledge can be complemented with global knowledge sources? 3.Ask how do local entrepreneurs globally exploit and leverage the capabilities they co-create enabled by the hubs? Can local innovation and co-creation hubs open an opportunity for co-evolution between local entrepreneurial ventures and global knowledge networks?
  15. 15. Esitykseen liittyviä julkaisuja Urban Millin sivustolla: https://urbanmill.org/stories/ Mikä on Urban Mill? • Urban Mill -esite • Urban Mill brochure in English • Tilat yhteiskäyttöön – Urban Mill / Maankäyttö –lehti, 3/2013 • Urban Millin kumppanuus ammattiyhteisön kanssa (TEK ry) • Innovation Alley: Startup Sauna, Design Factory ja Urban Mill • Korjausrakentaminen-lehti 2/2017: Luova tila ei yksin riitä – myös työtapoja pitää muuttaa Urban Mill -yhteistyöverkostossa tuotettuja julkaisuja • Innovaatioekosysteemit elinkeinoelämän ja tutkimuksen yhteistyön vahvistajina / VNK TEAS • Yrittäjäekosysteemit kasvun ajurina / VNK Policy Brief • Platform thinking within the third generation science park concept emerging cases from Finland and the Netherlands • Learning spaces as accelerators of innovation ecosystem development • Place-Based Innovation Ecosystems: Espoo Innovation Garden and Aalto University (Finland), EUR – Scientific and Technical Research Report, 2017 Kari Mikkelän esityksiä aihepiiristä • https://www.slideshare.net/kmikkela/