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How to Know If Your Brand Is Ready to Sell on Amazon

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Some companies think that just uploading their product catalog to Amazon will mean that customers will start buying their products right away, and their revenues will explode overnight. In this short presentation, I explain why that's NOT the case and how to know if your brand is really ready to launch on Amazon.

For more detailed guides on how to sell on Amazon, visit www.bobsledmarketing.com/our-blog.

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How to Know If Your Brand Is Ready to Sell on Amazon

  1. 1. HOW TO KNOW if your brand is ready to sell on AMAZON
  2. 2. 400 MILLIONproduct listings
  3. 3. PRICING profitability
  4. 4. FBA(Fulfilled By Amazon) the value of
  5. 5. MATH do the
  6. 6. 30-50%Increase in sales after switching to FBA
  7. 7. New channel, more customers = investment
  8. 8. are you ready?
  9. 9. (646) 561-9936 | sales@bobsledmarketing.com