gear kinematics cam and follower gyroscope gear train theory of machines manufacturing processes steering follower motion icr helical gear worm and worm wheel theory of mechanism synthesis o the mechanism cam jump phenomenon aeroplane bearings 4 wheeler vehicle ship graphical method uniform velocity classiication o cam and follower 3-4-5 polynomial cam advanced came oscillating roller follower flat face follower roller ollower knife edge ollower cam profile cycloidal motion uniform acceleration retardation simple harmonic motion torque analysis numerical based on gear trains interference in gears terminology spur gear: definition classification introduction of gear force analysis in spur gear contact ratio conjugate action arc of contact path of contact law of gearing terminology of spur gear kinematics of gear bevel gear spiral gear velocity analysis varrying speed uniform speed slider crank mechanism kleins construction mcq spur gear clutches pivot bearings brakes dynamometers sheet metal sheet metal working processes drawing process wire drawing metal drawing foundry forging matal forging metal rolling processes metal rolling producion engineering casting process
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