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Register for the NEW TOPIK (2014)

These are translated instructions from TOPIK's own website about the new registration interface on their newly designed website.

You will still need ActiveX and some Korean installs in order to do this, so you will still need to do everything in Internet Explorer (I got stuck in Google Chrome when I tried it).

For more detailed instructions and translations of EVERYTHING on the forms, as well as more info about payment options, see the OLD Registration PPT at: http://wp.me/p2GVol-v7

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Register for the NEW TOPIK (2014)

  1. 1. Register for the NEW TOPIK Translated Guidelines from the TOPIK Website
  2. 2. Step 01. Login Application Procedure Information Login 1. After joining the TOPIK homepage 2. Go to the Login screen and enter you ID & password
  3. 3. Step 02. Reception 1. Click “Internet applicants in Korea” Overseas applicants Fee payment 2. Check the schedule. If it’s not the application period, you can’t apply. Reception
  4. 4. Step 03. Select Location Select Test Site 1. Select your test site, or search the list below. 2. If the applicant limit has been reached, you won’t be able to apply. 3. Click “Apply” (신청) for your desire location. Apply Closed
  5. 5. Step 04. Add Profile Picture Enroll picture 1. If you want to change your test location, click the previous step. 2. Choose a passport type picture, click Enroll Picture->Edit->OK. Please be sure the picture is acceptable. If the admission ticket photo looks different from your face, you may be disadvantaged (denied entry). Use a passport style photo. If the admission ticket and your face look different, you may be denied entry.
  6. 6. Step 05. Enter Personal Info Enter Personal Info 1. After choosing the test level, and checking your location and uploaded picture, 2. After entering personal info, click “Register.” Register
  7. 7. Step 06. Check/Edit Info Check/Edit Info 1. Re-check your test level, location, and personal information, then click the “Pay” (응시료 결제) button. If you misentered some information, click the “Edit” (수정하기) button. Edit Pay
  8. 8. Step 07. Pay Fee Pay fee 1. Click “Pay Fee” at the Internet Reception menu. 2. Select your payment, then click “Pay” (결제하기) button.
  9. 9. Step 08. Check Status Reception History Check 1. My Test Information > Click “Reception History” 2. Search for your test and level and verify your info 3. Verify your payment and test reception history
  10. 10. More Details This is a translated PPT based on the new info on TOPIK.go.kr. Find more detailed info about: ● Payment options & method ● Email receipt ● Translated forms ● How to register as a website member @ http://wp.me/p2GVol-v7