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Interesting 2009 - Robots FTW

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A 5 min talk given at Interesting 2009 about why robots are ace.

It'll make more sense with the speaker notes. As otherwise it's just a collection of photos. Which whilst great, probably isn't as much of a presentation as a photo album.

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Interesting 2009 - Robots FTW

  1. 1. Robots FTW! Katy Lindemann www.katylindemann.com @katylindemann
  2. 9. Robots FTW because…they can fill up our cars for us (helping us to become even lazier than we already are)
  3. 10. Robots FTW because…they can make our cities cleaner, more pleasant places to live
  4. 11. Robots FTW because…they inspire us towards greater innovation and a more positive future
  5. 12. Robots FTW because…they save lives
  6. 13. Robots FTW because…they bring out the best in people & remind us that society is fundamentally good. They help us learn about ourselves.
  7. 14. kthxbai! Robots FTW!