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Agile World Inc. Ways of Working, Business Agility and Rapid Innovation service offerings proposal for Partner Role

  1. Business Agility and Rapid Innovation service offerings Proposal for Partner Role Business Plan 22.10.19 Karl Smith COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  2. Overview and introduction Business Lines Overview Business Lines in Detail SWOT Analysis Revenue Profile 3 4 5 6 7 Table of Contents 2
  3. Overview & Introduction The business plan involves specific business lines, being: Business Agility and Rapid Innovation Offerings Opportunities Business Agility is the ability of an organization to consistently deliver value to customers in a constantly changing market every 90 days. It is the ability to hear the customer voice, respond to that voice and rapidly deliver incremental value to that customer forever. The Business Agility proposition will involve cutting edge methodology that will provide extraordinary levels of Business control and value realisation, saving corporations significant costs, refocusing on work that adds value to the Business and establishing flexible working practices as the norm. Rapid Innovation proposition (Innova8, In8 Thinking) is a lightweight customer centric approach to delivering focused innovation for client enterprises examples are here Accenture In48 and Wipro Digital In24 Billable revenue will include: 1. Consulting hourly rates of Partner at £367, Executive Director at £270, Director at £230, Associate Director at £200 and Consultants at £134 2. Implementation of major projects, 50-90 Consultants charged out at £800-£1600 per day. 3. Innova8 workshops, £28k to £114k per month by month 3. 4. General Services. Referral Projects: The Global Business Agility offering can benefit Consultancy other service offerings in the following ways: Provides direct access to Business Strategy, Technology Strategy, Operations, Change and establishes ongoing supportive engagement pan client organisation. Dependent on the existent service lines, Business Agility gives a clear ability to provide significant flow of work to other service offerings. 3
  4. • Investment is required to grow new consultancy, whilst focusing on social media and client engagements. • Expected to take on two Executive Directors and one Director immediately to work on offering material creation and conduct Problem Statement Consultancy in first few months. • Team starts with 4 identified persons costing a salary including super of £89.1k a month, to be address by new billings and the growth of the two new capabilities in Business Agility and Rapid Innovation (Innova8) • Consultancy billings to achieve break even run rate by month 6. • Consultancy to be cash flow positive by month 12. • Seek to grow team by 2 Associates within 3 months subject to performance and pipeline to grow profit per FTE. Further FTE dependant on gaining Strategy Consulting work. Growth in staff to deliver new products rapidly grows contribution to firm. • By month 12-24 the full team of 104 should be generating £60m pa run rate pa with 1 Partner, 2 Executive Directors, 1 Director, 10 Associates and 90 Consultants servicing UK and Europe. • Between month 24-36, a team of 207 would generate over £160m pa run rate pa with 1 Partner, 4 Executive Directors, 2 Director, 20 Associates and 180 Consultants servicing UK and Europe. • Opportunity for further business unit expansion by developing talent to expand business unit globally in the firms network (eg one in USA, Australia, China and Pearl River Delta) • All revenue assumptions based on a maximum of 18 billable days a month, 6 hours a day charged hourly at Partner at £367, Executive Director at £270, Director at £230, Associate Director at £200 and Consultants at £134. • Does not include cross sale generation • Does not include travel, marketing, admin and other overheads. Proposition Business Lines 4
  5. Referrals to other service lines Financial Services Information Technology eChannels Human Resources Procurement Quality and Risk Management Mobility M&A Services • Innova8 Workshop 1 week, 1 Partner 1%, 2 Executive Directors 2.5%, 1 Director 10%, 1 Associate 50% and 6 Consultants 100% per workshop • Innova8 Service and Product evolution 1 month, 1 Director 10%, 1 Associate 50% and 8 Consultants 100% • 2 x Innova8 Workshop per month (£9.4k) produces 3-4 services or products to evolve • 6 x Service and Product evolution (£19.1k each) for 6 (£114.7k) Innova8 Business Agility Services • Business Development / Client Engagement, 1 Partner 90%, 2 Executive Directors 50%, 1 Director 90% • Business Agility - Problem Statement Consultancy 4-12 weeks, 1 Partner 20%, 2 Executive Directors 10%, 1 Director 40%, 2 Associates 100% • Business Agility - Strategy Consultancy 3-6 months, 1 Partner 5%, 2 Executive Directors 5%, 1 Director 20%, 4 Associates 50%, 14 Consultants 100% • Business Agility - Programme Consultancy 1-3 years, 1 Partner 1%, 2 Executive Directors 2.5%, 1 Director 20%, 10 Associates 20% and 90 Consultants 100% per client ‘Truly Agile’ firms are twice as likely as the average organization to achieve top-quartile financial performance (55% vs 25%), yet most of the FS firms remain in the ‘At Risk’ quadrant. The FS industry is slower and less stable on average than a cross-industry benchmark, which is based on 220 organizations across all sectors. 5
  6. Positive Negative 6 Internal External Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats • Successful strategy and transformation with UK top 5 bank • Successful launch of new capability based on innova8 in Accenture (relaunched FS vertical as innovators) • Successful launch of new global consultancy based on innova8 as Wipro Digital • Significant opportunities in FS markets seeking to drive down costs and build flexibility • Referral opportunities for the wider practice in non FS areas • M&A supporting integration of new business TOM at the outset • Uncertainties over Brexit may cause UK and European companies to hold up transformation work • Initial revenue and profit from FTE hold dependencies on high skilled people • Initial team weights on contribution in 1st year. • Notional success in Lloyds with failures in Barclays and HSBC leading to sense of inability to deliver • Key staff leave The Business Agility service offerings are swiftly scalable. I thought it would be of value to assess my proposition with SWOT analysis. SWOT Analysis for Proposed Business Plan
  7. 7 Revenue Expectations to be discussed in collaboration with Practice Leaders Notes 1. Plan incorporates leveraging existing relationships to generate revenue from the following clients: • Global Banks • Blue Chip Corporations • Government • Other services lines internally 2. Programme size varies between £15m and £80m (15-20m per year). 3. Does not include any consideration for incremental benefit/revenue to existing service lines. 4. Investments upfront to build marketing materials, travel and salary. 5. The forecast is based on winning two new transformations a year that last for at least 2 years (transformation length 3-8 years depending on complexity) 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 Chart Title Expense Profit Revenue Profile