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September magazine

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September magazine

  1. 1. FROM READER TONY BANBURY Dear Friends, September brings in the season of autumn – described by the poet John Keats as the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. This line always suggests a ‘softness’ to me. A cooling after the remembered ‘long hot summers’ of childhood and, briefly, of this year as well! A mellowing of the light; the evenings really drawing in; the need to put on a jumper. The harvest festival season, the autumn fruits – ‘scrumping’ from local orchards – not that I ever did that of course!!!!! It’s also a month of poignant memories. Both my parents died in September. Michaelmas (The feast of St Michael and All Angels –29th Sept) brings reflections of my childhood in St Michael’s Church, Devonport – of my grandmother decorating the church with Michaelmas daisies ready for our Patronal Festival. Anyway - to move on! Even though I’ve been fully retired from teaching for 5 years, I taught for nearly 40 years and old habits die hard; so I still tend to think, and order my life, in the academic year cycle. So September for me is a time of new beginnings – of starting again, of progressing. Children move up a year group or change school. Parents send their little ones off to school for the first time. Teachers receive a new class – students go to university or college – others start new years. Some have left school or graduated from college/university and are starting a new career or wandering off on a ‘gap year’. For all of these it is a time of anticipation, excitement, anxieties, fears and hope for the future. Those who followed Jesus during his ministry on earth; those who were close to him and those who came when he was ‘in their area’; must have experienced all these emotions from time to time. Anticipation that he would raise an army and drive the Romans from Israel; or that he would cure an illness. Excitement in the crowds listening to his teaching or when 5000 were fed. Anxieties and fears when things went wrong; when Jesus hung on the cross. But out of resurrection came great hope for the future – the opportunity to start again – to progress. The reassurance that if we allow God to guide our lives then love will prevail and all can be well. Remember also the fantastic promise made to us all by Jesus in Matthew, chapter 28, verse 20: “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age!” With that promise in mind, move forward and enjoy the ‘mellowing’ of the year and bright hope for the future. Yours in Christ, Tony Banbury Licensed Lay Minister (Reader) To all members of the 8am Eucharist congregations at St Mary’s & St John’s 8am Services for September & October 2013 Sun 1st Sept NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 8th Sept Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s Sun 15th Sept NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 22nd Sept Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s Sun 29th Sept NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 6th Oct Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s Sun 13th Oct NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s Sun 20th Oct Service at St Mary’s NO Service at St John’s
  2. 2. Sun 27th Oct NO Service at St Mary’s Service at St John’s PARISH MISSION ACTION PLAN What is it? This a plan which outlines our priorities in mission and ministry for our Mission Community for the next five years. In it we set out our short and long term objectives and the steps we need to take to achieve them. The Diocese encourages every Mission Community to have a Mission Action Plan. Our last plan took us up until 2011 so we now are beginning the process of writing a new one. Putting the plan together The plan will have two parts; in it we will identify each local churches priorities’ alongside those which we can achieve together as a mission community. It is important that in this process everyone has the opportunity to make their contribution. Each Team Church In recent months, St John’s, Holy Family and Church of the Good Shepherd have already begun this process. St Mary’s will begin to discuss their local MAP on Sunday 22nd September when the congregation will be invited to respond to a questionnaire about the ministry and mission of the Church. Together as a Parish On the evening of November 20th we will welcome the Diocesan Missioner (The Revd. Canon Anna Norman- Walker) to a joint meeting of the churches when she will help us develop our Parish Mission Action Plan. This plan will help shape our life together as churches so please do make this a subject of your prayers as we seek God’s guidance. It is my prayer that the plan will enable us to grow in prayer and worship, in witness, in the service of our community and in faith. Steve E V E N S O N G ST JOHN’S CHURCH SUNDAY, 29th SEPTEMBER 2013
  3. 3. at 4.30pm. FROM ST JOHN’S PARISH REGISTER BAPTISMS: We welcome into God’s family by Baptism:- SOPHIA EVELYN MAHON, baptized Sunday 4th August, daughter of Steve & Emily Mahon. ALESSIA VIOLA VOSPER, baptized Sunday 4th August, daughter of Nicholas & Fleur Vosper HOLY MATRIMONY: We offer our congratulations and pray for God’s blessing upon:- JONATHAN HARRISON & KERRI PIPER who were married at St John’s Church on 16th August, 2013. ____________________ ‘Please remember me in your prayers…….’ How often have friends said this to each other but the request is forgotten as soon as the person is out of sight. At St John’s we are taking this request to God. There is a small box at the back of church with a slit in the top. There are slips of paper for people to write their requests to God and put it in the Box. This little Box, known as the Private Prayer Box, will be brought to the altar at each Service with its contents only known to the clergy. It will be given as part of our offerings to God. So next time someone asks you to pray for them or if you would like your problems taken to God without everyone at the Service knowing your request, this is for you. As well as before Services, why not drop into St John’s on a Thursday between 10am-2pm for a time of quiet or to make your request. “THANK YOU” Briony and family would like to thank everyone for their support, prayers, offers of help, cards and telephone calls during the last difficult five weeks. Special thanks to Steve who visited Roland several times and brought us both Communion the day before Roland’s operation. Thankfully this was a complete success and he is making good progress. Briony Corbey ‘YOUNG @ HEART’ We made our August ‘Young @ Heart’ our Summer Party. Sixteen of us gathered for what turned out to be a great time of fun. We took a trip down memory lane when most of us conjured up funny memories of our younger years. There was general agreement that we had much more fun making our own entertainment than today’s children have with all their modern computer related activities. We then had a competition to name as many flowers as possible with either an animal or bird in the name, i.e. foxglove, larkspur, pheasant eye, etc. It was amazing how many we came up with. The competition was jointly won by Shirley Foster and Eileen Cole who were both given a packet of flower seeds. Sylvia played some well-known tunes on the piano which we sang along to and this was followed by a sumptuous summer tea and a ‘special’ Draw. Thanks were expressed to everyone who had contributed to our party. We finished with our hymn and wished each other a safe journey home.
  4. 4. At our next meeting our speaker will be Robbie from ‘Eldertree’, a Support and Befriending Service. -Ruth Earl Next Meeting ~ Tuesday, 3rd September 2013 at 2.00pm in St John’s Hall New members are assured of a very warm welcome. We look forward to seeing you. A THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH ‘Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember the kite rises against the wind rather than with it.’ MEETING TOGETHER IN THE PARISH FOR FELLOWSHIP & STUDY Human beings, by nature, are a social people. We like to meet with others, especially in small groups to talk, share news. It can also be a way of developing a particular interest. In our parish there are people who enjoy developing their interest in the Christian Faith. They do this by joining in a weekly or fortnightly group. Such groups can be a real blessing in developing our faith with God. These study groups can be the answer; some are prayer based whilst other are times of discussion and debate. Within the parish, there are three study groups running at present with another two in the pipeline. We would like to have another two groups starting this autumn. For this to happen, we need the following:- * We need people who would be willing to host a group. This means providing a room in their house for a small group of people, say six or seven, and giving them a cup of tea and perhaps biscuits Being the hostess does not mean leading the group or providing loads of food like sandwiches, cakes, etc. * We need leaders. Someone with an interest in the bible and who would be willing to spend a little time doing some preparation. The clergy will suggest material to study and provide support and back-up so group leaders need not fear of trying to manage the group on their own. * We need participants! Being a participant does not mean knowing the Bible back to front and inside out. There’s no requirement to speak, some people keep quiet and simply listen. And there’s no pressure to agree with everything that’s said. People are free to disagree. Any group can run at any time of the day - morning, afternoon or evening, whichever suits most people. A new Bible Study Group will meet at 1, St John’s Drive, Hooe, the home of Mary Skilton, starting on Wednesday 18th September at 2pm to be led by Graham Dee. Meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of the month they will be studying ‘Encountering the Spirit’. If you are interested in joining a group, hosting a group, or just want to know a little more of what is involved please contact Steve. DID YOU KNOW . . ? 30 years ago, on 29th September 1983, Microsoft Word 1.0 was released – the first version of the popular word processor. 15 years ago, on 4th September 1998, Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students at Stanford University, California. It was based in a friend’s garage in Menlo Park. ST MARY’s WORSHIP @10
  5. 5. Please note that the Service planned for Sunday Sept 8th at 10am in the Parish Hall has been cancelled. There will be a 10.45am Parish Praise in St Mary’s Church on that day. Following that there will be the following Services planned with children and young people in mind which all take place in Church:- Sunday 13th October ~ 10.45am Harvest Festival Parade Service Sunday 10th November ~ 10.45am Remembrance Day Parade Service Sunday 8th December ~ 10.45am Nativity Parade Service Watch out for plans for Worship @10 restarting in the New year. FROM ST MARY’S PARISH REGISTER BAPTISM: We welcomed into God’s family through baptism on Saturday, 20th July 2013 THOMAS JEREMY SLADE ST MARY & ALL SAINTS TABLE TOP SALE SATURDAY, 14th SEPTEMBER 10am to 12 noon IN THE PARISH HALL. ST MARY & ALL SAINTS CHURCH BUILDING, PLYMSTOCK We have produced a set of photographs taken by an experienced and accomplished photographer from Southampton. He is not charging for his services. We have selected the best from about sixty shots. The set is made up of 12 inside shots and 12 outside shots. Copies are available to view and to order at the back of Plymstock church. You may order single or multiple copies. Fill in the order form at the back of the church. Or you may order one CD of the complete set at £3.50 each.
  6. 6. All takings will go towards the church roof fund. Sounds like a good Christmas gift to me! -Richard Harvey C H R I S T M A S ! ! I hear you say “What is she talking about? It’s only September”. I am asking if anyone has any unwanted artificial Christmas flowers, etc. as last year I made table decorations and raised £45 and would like to do this again – with your help, and I am running out of flowers! THANK YOU! -Sylvia Tall FILM AFTERNOONS Every second Wednesday of the month at 2pm come and see a film, join in with refreshments and have a go at a raffle. You are invited to give a donation towards the church roof fund. All proceeds go towards this worthy cause. 79, Stanborough Road is where it all happens. Everyone welcome. See you there? -Sylvia Tall HARVEST FESTIVALS Friday, 27th September – 5.30pm HARVEST SONGS OF PRAISE at The Boringdon Arms, Turnchapel. Sunday, 6th October – 9.15am HARVEST FAMILY EUCHARIST at Church of the Good Shepherd, Oreston. Sunday, 6th October – 10.45am HARVEST FAMILY EUCHARIST at St John the Evangelist, Hooe.
  7. 7. Friday, 11th October – 6.30pm HARVEST SONGS OF PRAISE at Church of the Good Shepherd, Oreston, followed by Harvest Supper in the Hall. Sunday, 13th October – 10.45am HARVEST PARADE SERVICE at St Mary & All Saints, Plymstock. FAREWELL TO BISHOP JOHN Bishop John and Bridget say their decision to move to Australia was an “agonising” one but God has called them to go. They fly out to The Murray in November. Their grown up family will stay behind, including their three grandchildren, whose scooters fill he hall of the Bishop’s home. They will be taking with them their chocolate Labrador, Storm. Throughout the time of decision making, it was Bridget, a former palliative care nurse, who “kept my feet on the ground”, says Bishop John. It was last year that he learnt “out of the blue” that he had been elected Bishop of Murray in southern Australia. He had no connections or contacts out there, apart from having taught a priest who is now working there, but they had not stayed in touch. “We first had to think can we even think of saying yes, and leaving family and friends to go to the other side of the world?” said Bishop John. “It was an agonising decision, leaving the children and grandchildren and this part of the world because we love it here, I always thought I would be here until I retired. We have struggled to leave family and our church family. But I do hear the call of God in this invitation.” Bishop John’s varied career, including working in south London and a small parish in Sussex will stand him in good stead as he travels around his vast new diocese. There are 22 pastoral districts and fewer clergy. The Murray takes 10 hours to drive from north to south and the bishop will be spending a lot of time flying around his new patch. The highlights of Bishop John’s nine years in the diocese include the celebrations of 1100 years of the Exeter Diocese and being the first Chairman of Governors at All Saints Academy and serving as Chairman of the Board of Education involving him in so many schools across the county. He has also enjoyed engaging with the life of the city of Plymouth in all its diversity. He clearly loves the city and says, “When sitting on Plymouth Hoe on a sunny day there are few places in the world I would rather be.” He has enjoyed his time teaching in the small parishes – particular highlights have been midnight Christmas Mass in some of Devon’s small villages. One of his favourite duties has been baptising adults by immersion. “It’s just the new life that immersion speaks of so powerfully” he said. “It’s also a great celebratory event for the individuals and the whole church community.” Bishop John was baptised at birth when he was not expected to live and developed a close relationship with God when as a teenager he was tempted by breakfast fry-ups at the Vicarage after the morning Eucharist! He has been continually surprised at the journey God has taken him on during his career and says to his Plymouth congregations, “God has wonderful plans so please be prepared to be surprised!” The Farewell Service for Bishop John and Bridget will be held at:- St Mary’s Church, Plympton, Sunday 29th September, 2013 – 6.00pm. All welcome. FUNERAL OFFICE DOROTHY ROGERS, nee CHARLICK, died at Furzehatt Care Home on 20th July aged 79 years, widow of Norman, mother of Sarah and much loved relative of Lorraine, Anne, Dorothy & extended family. Remembered by old friends and relatives Pauline, Marion & Sylvia. The funeral service was held at Weston Mill Crematorium on 1st August and later the interment of ashes at St John’s churchyard. The Rev’d Terry Freeman officiated. -Dorothy Marlow
  8. 8. LADIES FELLOWSHIP AT ORESTON Hazel & Robin Osborn very kindly invited members of the Ladies Fellowship to their lovely garden. We all managed to sit under the shade of a tree as the weather was still hot. Hazel provided a delicious cream tea and a choice of other cakes. A very happy afternoon was spent looking at photographs of past years, which brought back memories. Thank you Hazel & Robin. The next meeting is on Tuesday 10th September at Barbara Millman’s. -Cynthia Warren .
  9. 9. SEA SATURDAY AT ORESTON On 20th July the Church of the Good Shepherd Hall was a hive of activity celebrating ‘Sea Saturday’. There were about 50 people, ranging in age from 5 months to 95 years old. It was lovely seeing them all join in together with the more mature members helping the youngsters, even though they did not know each other. There were tables with quiz sheets, word searches and colouring. They really enjoyed making pictures using sand & shells, there were some lovely designs. Making jellyfish from card was another hit.
  10. 10. In between the crafts we showed a film of ‘Jonah & the whale’. We said prayers, sang songs & Steve told us some ‘fishy’ jokes. Then we went down to the Quay for the blessing of the sea & remembered all those people who work on it. A wooden cross was thrown on the sea. Then back to the hall for a fish & chip tea which was organised by Sue & Allan Jones. They were scrummy!!! Then children went crabbing on the Quay. They caught more than 30 crabs of varying sizes. It was quite comical watching the crabs run back down the slipway when they were released. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the afternoon so enjoyable. We all had a whale of a time!!!
  11. 11. You are invited to an All things bright and beautiful Sunday, 29th September, 2013 4 pm to 6 pm at The Function Room Staddiscombe Social Club Craft activities, Games, Bible stories and songs Followed by a hot meal All Ages Welcome 9 months to 90 years + ! (Children must be accompanied by an adult) Run by the Church of England in Plymstock and Hooe To reserve places – phone Bob Davidson on 481020/email: bobdavidson3@yahoo.co.uk by Wednesday 18th September (There's no charge for this event) TURNCHAPEL’S CARIBBEAN STREET PARTY DAY Turnchapel & Mount Batten Residents Association’s Street Party took place on Saturday, 17th August. Rain, rain and more rain . . ! but the people of Turnchapel are a determined lot, it still went ahead. It started with the blessing and prayers by the Revd Payne. Steve, the Vicar, as always, threw himself into the spirit of things.
  12. 12. The judging of the Fancy Dress was carried out by Jackie, Steve’s wife, who herself was ‘dressed up’ for the occasion. The theme was Caribbean but the only thing Caribbean was the clothes worn by the entrants! The Raffle for the spirits was won by Helen of Boringdon Road. The ‘Bori’ and ‘Clovelly Bay’ pubs took part in helping the event ‘go with a swing’. For the Church, £40 was raised in total from a Draw – this was very hard work this year due to the rain and wind and downcast spirit as partner, Mary Skilton, was indisposed! But in general ‘a good day was had by all’. Until next year, 2014! From your water soaked roving reporter – ‘Wet Feet’. PLYMSTOCK GARDEN SOCIETY The next meeting on Monday, 30th September, 2013, 7.30pm, at the Plymstock United Church Hall, Plymstock Road, Oreston, will be ‘Devon Ghosts’ with Robert Hesketh Non-members welcome £1. Contact No. Tel: 403652. PLYM VALLEY HERITAGE On Thursday, 18th July, we welcomed local boy, Graham Naylor, Librarian and Historian from Plymouth City Library. Graham gave an extremely interesting talk entitled “Crime & Punishment in 19th c Plymouth”. Cruelty, lust, pathos and tragedy all featured in this talk about the lives of those unfortunates who lived in the area and the impact their childhood and later years brought about their demise. A possible sad reflection of the 21st century. On Saturday, 10th August, Kevin Warley, local historian, took us on a conducted walk around Oreston showing us many places of local and historic interest. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and well recommended. Thursday, 19th September– Nina Wearne, Regional Community Fundraiser for St Luke’s Hospice, will be our guest speaker. She will be talking about St Luke’s Hospice. St Luke’s Hospice is PVH’s Charity for 2013. This will be followed by our A.G.M. Thursday, 17th October– Our guest speaker and President, is Robin Blythe-Lord. Robin will be giving a talk entitled “Boney St Helena & A Bit of Ascension, Part 2”, this is a sequel to his talk last year. Thursday, 21st November – Our guest speaker and PVH’s Archivist, Ursula Myers, will be talking on T.E. Lawrence, who famously lived in the area prior to his death. Thursday, 5th December – Xmas Buffet and President’s Quiz. Members only. Again, the Committee have decided there will be no charge, however, booking is essential and a list will be opened nearer the time. -Gill Whillock