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Preksha meditation

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Basic concept of Preksha Meditation

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Preksha meditation

  1. 1. Preksha Meditation An Overview – Kamlesh Jain
  2. 2. Introduction to Preksha Meditation What we face … Problems of current life … Stress etc. What we do … Temporary solutions … holidays, drugs, some thing else What we need … Peace of Mind … Balanced life How to achieve that … Meditation … balancing act What is Preksha Meditation … rich tradition with scientific principles
  3. 3. Objectives To live in the moment of divine bliss realizing boundless energy To pacify negative emotions and attain peace Reduce physical stress and strengthen the immune system To improve physical, mental and emotional health Purification of consciousness to know the ultimate truth Attitudinal change, behavioral modification and integrated development of personality Transforming and transmuting the nature and behavior towards non-violent way of living
  4. 4. Basic Components Kayotsarg (relaxation) Antaryatra (internal trip ) Shvas Preksha (perception of breathing) Sharir Preksha (perception of physical body) Chaitanya Kendra Preksha (perception of psychic centers ) Leshya Dhyan (perception of psychic colour) Anupreksha (contemplation ) Chanting of Mantras (mantra meditation)
  5. 5. Pre-requisites Mindfulness (Bhavakriya) Act - Do not "Re-act" (PratikriyaVirati) Amity (Mitrata) Diet (Aahar) Silence (Maun)
  6. 6. Supporting Elements Yogasana Pranayama
  7. 7. Benefits and outcome Physical  Strengthens immune system  Sustains optimal health  Removes tension  Revitalizes body cells Mental  Increases memory, concentration and decision power  Develops patience and tolerance power  Enhances will power and builds self-confidence Emotional  Transformation of negative emotions into positive  Removal of psychological distortions Behavioral  Increases working efficiency, creativity, detachment and good qualities
  8. 8. Q&AThank You…