Practical framework for measuring social media

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  • Factor in budget
    Compare to competitors
    Build a dialogue with audience: “we heard you” – engagement process

  • Participants in Standards
    Institute for Public Relations (IPR),
    International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications (AMEC)
    Council of PR Firms (CPRF)
    Digital Analytics Association (DAA)
    Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
    Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
    International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)
    Chartered Institute of PR (CIPR)
    Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse (FIBEP)
    Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications Management
    Society for New Communications Research (SNCR)
    Client participants include research and communication leaders from Dell, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, SAS, Southwest Airlines and Thomson Reuters, as well as many major communications agencies.

    Standards define and determine WHAT needs to be measured
    Best practices illustrate HOW to best meet the objectives of the standard
  • Activity—m. Content creation such as blogs, videos, tweets, press releases, speeches, and so on
    Attention – Is undefined in the dictionary for PR research, but these are vanity metrics, including simple measures like followers and fans, to more complex and proprietary ones, such as indexes and popularity lists.
    Awareness—m/outtake. Measurement of how much people are aware of an object by providing hints, examples, or descriptions;
    Attitude—m/outtake/outcome. A predisposition to act or behave toward some object; a motivating factor in public relations; composed of three dimensions: affective (emotional evaluation), cognitive (knowledge evaluation), and connotative (behavioral evaluation)
    Attitude Change—m/outtake/outcome. The change or shift in direction of a target audience during and after a campaign; see also: advocacy, opinion
    Advocacy—m/engagement. The advocating or supporting of an object that is a planned outcome of a campaign; change or engagement driven by an agenda
  • A measure of a company’s profitability,

    equal to a fiscal year’s income divided by equity and long-term debt; and, ROI measures how effectively the organization is using its resources to generate a financial profit.
  • 2 conversions

    Funnel from tagged URLs to online form
    Tracking of source of conversion
    Call center also asks
    Identification number assigned
    All services used are attributed

    21 shares, 1 comment, no conversions

    Adobe Digital Index interviewed social media analytics experts and analyzed 1.7
    billion visits to the websites of more than 225 U.S. companies in the media, retail, and travel industries.

    First-click attribution more accurately captures the impact of social media, increasing its value by up to
    94 percent.

    Analyzed using Adobe’s Omniture Site Catalyst
    Adobe Digital Index Report, “Why marketers aren’t giving social the credit it deserves”
  • by Laurent Brouat
    CH2M HILL is a global leader in full-service engineering, construction, and operations. With 25K employees
    Englewood, Colo.

    1) 98% of hires in the US are directly sourced 2) 95% of all hires outside of the US are also the result of direct recruitment activities 3) they reduced significantly the cost and time to hire 4) it is one of the only construction company to be among the 100 best companies to work for
  • Channel Success
    By Michael Procopio,
    Peter Spielvogel,
    Natascha Thomson

    Rule 29: Track ROI Selectively
    I don’t believe you can measure the ROI of every action in social media. You can measure specific actions.
    If you initiate almost any social media project, your manager will probably ask you: “What’s the ROI (Return on Investment)?” Common responses in social media circles include:
    “What is the ROI of the telephone or email?”
    “If we take ROI to mean Return on Influence…”
    “ROI is easy, of course you can show it.”
    First, ROI is a financial measure typically expressed as a percentage.
    Example: I bought 10 apples for $10 and I sold them for $50. ($50*10 apples)-($10*10)=$400. $400/($10*10 apples) = 4. To get to a percentage = 4*100 = 400% ROI.
    For many social media initiatives, both the return and costs are fuzzy. This makes things difficult from a tracking standpoint. I don’t believe you can measure the ROI of every action in social media. But you can measure certain specific actions.
    I * once measured a 2500% ROI for a lead generation activity with social media. The campaign team was promoting a webinar. Forty-eight hours before the webinar they asked the product manager to:
    Write a blog post about the webinar
    Put a short post on LinkedIn with a link to the blog post
    Tweet the link to the blog post
    The return was 100 “leads”, that is, 100 people signed up for the webinar. Assume a digital lead costs an average of $40, which would make the return $4,000. In this case, the product manager’s burdened cost was $150 for the one hour he spent on the project.
    When I told co-workers the results, they immediately challenged them:
    You didn’t take into account that he’s been building up his blog following over three years
    You didn’t calculate this out for a full year
    You didn’t include all the costs of maintaining the blog
    Writing a blog post is part of his job
    This is why I only track ROI selectively. Like many other things, the full picture may take more time to calculate than it is worth. But if you bound the problem, it becomes manageable.
    The key to obtaining a credible ROI is determining the source of online clicks. For the above example we used a web tracking tool that let us create the links we used in the blog. Then all other activities pointed to the blog. Hence, we could easily report on how many readers clicked the link in the blog to register for the webinar. And how many completed the registration form.
    To know which channels are working best for you, create a separate tracking link for each social channel. If you don’t have a web reporting tool already set up on your web site, you can approximate by using a URL shortening service such as which will provide statistics on clicks per individual URL. Unfortunately, it only tracks that a person got to a specific page, not whether they completed the form on it. But, you might be able to track this separately.
    You also need to design work flow into your campaign to help you track the results as people move through the sales process. One presentation I saw showed how a video was constructed with the goal of getting the viewer to request a demo. The link from the video went to a specific landing page where the viewer could request an in person demo. By tracking those leads through the sales process, the team showed an $8M dollar pipeline increase; they will eventually be able to show the revenue once the sales close.
    * Michael
  • Assigning a dollar amount to the Goal requires some research with sales, and perhaps some work to determine correlation between sales and actions.
    Evaluate how often the visitors who complete the Goal become customers.
  • Practical framework for measuring social media

    1. 1. Mastering PR Measurement Kami Watson Huyse, APR @kamichat
    2. 2. Kami Huyse Founder 713.568.5750 @kamichat #VocusWebinar
    3. 3. Purpose of Measurement Diagnose Prioritize Evaluate • Diagnose: Determine what works and what doesn’t • Prioritize: Build into planning, make decisions • Evaluate: Demonstrate ROI, Business Value Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    4. 4. Measurement Standards Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards – Traditional Media Measurement – Digital and Social Media Measurement – Return on Investment (ROI) – Communications Lifecycle – Internal Communication (coming soon) Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    5. 5. Standards define and determine needs to be measured, backed by research Best practices illustrate to best meet the objectives of the standard, backed by experience and repetition Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    6. 6. Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    7. 7. 3 Strategic Questions • Problem or Challenge: Is it a growth, competitive, leadership or perception challenge or opportunity? • Communication Solution: What is the proposed solution? • Benchmark: What information exists that can be compared? Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    8. 8. 3 Questions in Action Challenge Growth: Increase Event Registration Solution Outreach to influencers to increase registrations Metric/KPI Registration % compared to last year, # of people registered with influencer code Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    9. 9. 5-A Measurement Touchpoints You need Activity To get Attention Which brings Awareness Which changes Attitudes Which leads to Actions
    10. 10. Activity Is all about what YOU do:
    11. 11. Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    12. 12. Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    13. 13. Beyond YouTube Views Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    14. 14. Sample Activity Report
    15. 15. Attention Is all about Reach or Opportunities to See Attention KPIs are… • Fans and Follows • Visits and Traffic • Potential Reach • Demographics • Vanity Metrics
    16. 16. Attention Metrics Year Tweets People Tweeting Reach Reach pp Reach pA 2012 720 116 644,712 5,558 23,878 2013 1584 754 1,056,825 1,402 22,017 2014 2205 153 1,037,481 6,781 30,514 Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    17. 17. Awareness Is all about engagement (with you)… Awareness KPIs Are… • Conversation Rate • Amplification Rate • Applause Rate • Referrals • % engaged • Return Visits
    18. 18. Engagement Metrics Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    19. 19. Hunt Alternatives Op-Eds
    20. 20. Digital Echo Effect We took a look at Swanee’s most recent op-eds in the Boston Globe. The majority of Globe readers shared her article through Facebook. Again showing the power of Facebook for sharing more substantive works. January 2, 2013 February 11, 2013 Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    21. 21. Attitudes and Advocacy It’s all about their conversation (about you)… Attitude and Advocacy KPIs Are… • Sentiment of Conversation • Share of Voice • Purchase Intent • Customer Satisfaction • Net Promoter Score
    22. 22. Smartphones Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    23. 23. British Academy Film Awards
    24. 24. Purchase Intent Benchmark We asked… “How likely are you to purchase a product or service that you “Like” on Facebook” We used… Similar questions for other actions like Commenting, Sharing and the relevant engagements for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    25. 25. Average Top 3 Bottom 3 Facebook Like 6.2 36% 19% Comment 6.0 34% 20% Share 6.2 37% 19% Twitter Favorite 6.9 47% 12% Reply 6.8 46% 13% Retweet 7.0 49% 13% LinkedIn Like 6.7 46% 16% Comment 6.8 47% 16% Instagram Like 7.1 51% 12% Comment 7.1 52% 12% Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    26. 26. Actions It’s all about what they actually do (rather than say)… Action KPIs Are • Return on Investment • Customer Lifetime Value • Process Savings • Emerging Innovations Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    27. 27. The Path to ROI Set up a funnel to conversion Use the Free URL builder Check referrals Where they heard about you Compare real life to digital measures and report revenue by type of acquisition Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    28. 28. &utm_source=hkblog&utm_medium=bitly&utm_cont ent=6-18-14-shesheblog&utm_campaign=hkblog
    29. 29. Channel Revenue Tracking Channel Visits YTD Visits Revenue YTD Revenue $/Visit Facebook 3,390 9,236 $ 2,433.00 $ 4,025.00 $ 0.72 Blog 357 1,282 $ 56.00 $ 56.00 $ 0.16 Twitter 41 250 $ 8.00 $ 8.00 $ 0.20 Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    30. 30. Source: Adobe Digital Index
    31. 31. Clinical Trials Problem: Too Few people signing up for clinical trials Objective: Build reputation And clinical trial base to sustainable levels, at least double Anas Younes, MD: Lymphoma MD Anderson Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    32. 32. Business Results Small but motivated following of patients and other medical professionals - 913 followers, 3,000 fans/LIKES • 18 months quadrupled patients in clinical trials • “Go-to” resource for info about lymphoma, thought leadership Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    33. 33. Talent Acquisition LinkedIn • Unqualified Resumes • Recruiter Fees Link Humans by Laurent Brouat • Expatriate Costs
    34. 34. Compare Cost Campaign: •Online Campaign Only •Influencer Outreach Results: •Cost per impression - Television: $1 - Social Media: $.22 •ROI $2.6 million in revenue - How did you hear? - Why did you visit? - Revenue per visitor
    35. 35. Cost Per Lead • Webinar Activities: – Write a blog post about the webinar – Put a short post on LinkedIn with a link to the blog post – Tweet the link to the blog post • Cost: $150 (Salaried employee) • Return: 100 leads • Avg. cost of a digital lead $40 x 100 = • $4,000 SAVED! Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    36. 36. Calculate Customer Value Newsletter Sign Up $50 per sign up $5 per sign up Avg. Subscribers 1000 10,000 Avg. Close Rate 10% 1% Avg. Transaction Amount $500 $100 Total Income $50,000 $10,000 Cost to Acquire $5,000 $500 Total Gain $45,000 $9,500 Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    37. 37. Listening Tools Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    38. 38. Engagement Measurement Tools Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    39. 39. Vanity and Influence Tools 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation Proprietary Frameworks KRED SAY And more… SCORE SEE
    40. 40. Analysis Tools DIY: Multi-Channel Attribution Spreadsheet Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    41. 41. Tool Links • Listening: • Engagement: • Influence: • Data Mining: • Analytics: • Analysis: Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar
    42. 42. Questions? @kamichat 713-568-5750 Kami Huyse | @kamichat | #VocusWebinar