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http://www.omninet.bizhttp://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKER Stock & Order ManagementOMNITRACKER Stock & Order Manage-     ...
OMNITRACKER Stock & Order ManagementTechnical features at a glance                                   Furthermore, the foll...
expandable & transparent                                                                      The planning and execution o...
Hereby, orders can be grouped according            minimal and maximal stock level or costto suppliers and splitted depend...
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OMNITRACKER CMDB Stock & Order Management

The OMNITRACKER Stock and Order Management application integrates seamlessly into the CMDS that comes as a standard part of the OMNITRACKER IT Service Management application. By adding the Stock and Order Management application, the full lifecycle of all configuration items can be handled in one single tool. It provides a web shop to clients for recording their purchase requisitions and allows to track the whole order and delivery lifecycle at one single tool. It also offers a transparent view onto the current status of the operational orders and centralized access to all relevant data and information for persons involved in the process.
The Stock and Order Management supports the following processes: Purchase Requisition, the Approval Process, Offer Management, Order Management, Invoicing, Integrated Article- and Stock-Management.
Of course it is possible for all our clients to make any change they want to the Stock and Order Management Center or to add additional tailor made processes. The OMNITRACKER platform also provides existing interfaces to ERP systems or the ability to integrate to any external system using our open API and webservice.

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OMNITRACKER CMDB Stock & Order Management

  1. 1. http://www.omninet.bizhttp://www.omnitracker.bizOMNITRACKER Stock & Order ManagementOMNITRACKER Stock & Order Manage- Your Benefitsment With OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management, the fol-A smooth, economic and customer-friendly ordering system lowing benefits are at your disposal:requires a flexible IT-system. With OMNITRACKER Stock &Order Management you get a modular software for repre- View and execute order enquiriessenting the whole ordering process. A structured overview of Create and execute offersstock, enquiries and current orders supplements the solution. Tracking of ordersTypical tasks like the creation of offers, administration of arti- Central and easy article administrationcles, approval of order enquiries, execution, shipment and Overview of the current stock of articlesfollow-up of orders can be executed efficiently. The proc-esses of article redemption and charging supplement the Management of article redemption and article exchange (Return Material Process)software. Automatic payment process (Invoicing)OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management integrates all Web shopessential processes in one application only. The easy inte- Transparency through approval and release proceduresgration of all other OMNITRACKER-based applications is Integration with OMNITRACKER IT Service Managementsupported. Thanks to its scalability and flexible process integration, OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management enables the in- troduction in many different companies — from the Service Department of a medium-sized company to international large-scale enterprises. The processes of OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management 1
  2. 2. OMNITRACKER Stock & Order ManagementTechnical features at a glance Furthermore, the following supporting processes are avail- able: General Master data administration to manage companies, loca- Holistically view tions, cost centers and persons Allocated access to all relevant data and information Article data base Integration with OMNITRACKER IT Service Manage- Reporting ment Planning and administration Beside Stock & Order Management processes, OMNI- TRACKER also enables the implementation of other proc- Structured administration of enquiries, orders and esses and their integration with OMNITRACKER Stock & articles Order Management, such as, amongst others, IT Service Approval process for the determination of material Management, Project Management, Sales Management or requirements Task Management. Article data base for the administration of all compo- nents and their relations and dependencies to each other A. Master Data Administration Execution and observation Stock & Order Management is based on the master data ad- Register enquiries via Webshop ministration of OMNITRACKER. OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management supports a comprehensive administra- Create offers tion of all data which are registered structured to companies, Auctions via Web countries, locations, cost centers and persons and adminis- Execute, verify and approve orders trated together with their connections. Interfaces to master Connection of related orders data in predefined systems are supported alternatively offline Follow-up and observation of orders or online via web services. Process-supported article redemption and article ex- change B. Requirement and Approval Process Charging of executed deliveries The requirement for goods and articles has to be approved Interface and display beforehand in many cases. The authorization concept of Predefined reports which are flexibly and individually OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management makes sure adaptable that only needed article are ordered. Display of dependencies After the applicant has chosen an article, the approver has to Transparent view of all processes check if the article is needed and approve the order. When ordering several articles, this process has to be done for every position. The order confirmation is sent together with the approval of the article to the applicant. Afterwards, the or- der of the article can be executed.Integration in OMNITRACKER In order to minimize the administration effort when ordering articles free of approval, the approval process can beOMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management integrates the evaded.following processes: Requirement and approval process Offer management Article and stock management Order management Return Material Process Invoicing 2
  3. 3. expandable & transparent The planning and execution of auctions offer suppliers the possibility of submitting an offer for biddings also via the Web. After the bidding is closed, the suppliers are informed whether they received the award for an article or not. The process offer management is supported via the auto- matic creation of offers from article lists and the administra- tion of several offer versions. With the Reporting Tools Crys- tal Reports integrated in OMNITRACKER, documents can be generated which are ready to send. The transfer of data to the accounting department is possible via interfaces. D. Article and Stock Management OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management contains an ar- ticle administration for managing the complete stock of arti- cles. Every article is registered, defined and described. For this, amongst others, technical information, handbooks, details of the supplier (cash discounts, sales discounts, terms of pay- ments etc.) or also graphics can be deposited. Customers can choose articles from this basket of goods and assemble their order. The stock management starts with the delivery of articles and The approval process of the OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management their registration in the data base. In doing so, the number of articles on stock is established.C. Offer Management Therefore, it can immediately detected in an order, whether the required article is on stock or not. If all ordered articlesOMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management not only sup- are on stock, they are allocated to their respective orderports the creation of orders, but also auctions. number. Then they are charged off the stock and automati- cally generated. The delivery note and invoice are generated automatically. E. Article Data Base The target is the easy administration and follow-up of specific articles and the complete transparency of the current stock of articles. The article data base of OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Management is updated automatically. Details and History in- form at any time, e.g. about the number of articles on stock, the state of an article or of executed changes and mainte- nance. Supplies and stocking can be managed optimal via the notifi- The web shop for online auctions of the OMNITRACKER cation of minimal and maximal stock level. Stock & Order Management F. Order ManagementThe aim of offer management is to create an individual offerfor the customer. For this, suppliers create their offer based After the demand for an article has been detected and a re-on customer and article master data. Therefore, all required lated offer has been made, the actual order process begins.information for the execution of an offer are available for the Within this process, orders are registered, verified and ap-responsible employee at any time. Customers check the offer proved. The approval leads to the order and shipment of theand decide whether to accept it or not. article. Ordered articles are charged off the stock and shipped. 3
  4. 4. Hereby, orders can be grouped according minimal and maximal stock level or costto suppliers and splitted depending on the centers related to orders can be generated.article availability.OMNITRACKER Stock & Order Manage- Via the OMNITRACKER Web interface, the The Companyment also supports the creation of order whole order process from offer to the ship- Our primary goal is to satisfyconfirmations and delivery notes. ment of the article can be traced back. The our clients by offering high- transparent view of objects is ensured. quality products and servicesG. Return Material Process as well as first-class service. In addition, we consistently imple- ment the needs and desires ofThe redemption of goods and the ex- Conclusion our clients with regard to pro-change of articles is essential for a smooth duct content, quality and deadli-operation procedure. This process is also The implementation of OMNITRACKER ne. The service that we providecovered with the OMNITRACKER Stock & Stock & Order Management forms the ba- to our clients does not endOrder Management. sis for a successful execution of complex when the contract is signed: it is only the beginning. order procedures.Damaged or old goods have to be ex- Our solution grows with its targets. That OMNINET Software Solutionschanged or repaired as soon as possible. means a step-by-step expansion by exist- OMNINET GmbHFor this, the article is either sent directly to ing solutions, e.g. OMNITRACKER IT Ser- D-90542 Eckentalthe manufacturer with the request of re- vice Management Center or OMNI- Email: sales@omninet.demoving the error or is removed by the re- TRACKER Project Management Center as Web: http://www.omninet.desponsible Support member locally. well as the implementation and migration of OMNINET Austria GmbH other business processes on the OMNI- A-1010 WienH. Invoicing TRACKER platform are guaranteed. Email: sales@omninet.at Web: http://www.omninet.atOMNITRACKER Stock & Order Manage- Additional Information OMNINET Technologies NV/SAment supplies the invoicing of orders. B-1130 BrusselsWithin the respective invoice position, it Should you require further information Email: sales@omninet.be Web: http://www.omninet.becan be specified whether the accumulation about the product OMNITRACKER and itscosts are charged to the service provider solutions or if you like a presentation of the OMNINET Nederlandand/or the cost center. product, please do not hesitate to contact NL-2517 JK Den Haag Email: sales@omninet.nl us. Web: http://www.omninet.nlThe prozess Invoicing manages OMNINET Russia Invoices RUS-Moscow 121099 Email: sales@omninet.ru Reminders Web: http://www.omninet.ru Credit Notes OMNINET GmbH (Schweiz) CH-3072 Ostermundigenand enables the electronic shipment. The Email: sales@omninet.chintegration of digital signatures is possible. Web: http://www.omninet.chThe access to price lists and article data is All Hardware and Software names usedalso integrated in this solution. Here, inter- are trademarks or registered brands of thefaces to cooperationg (ERP-) systems are respective manufactureralso supported. © OMNINET GmbH Subject to change without noticeI. Reporting Document replaces all previous descripti- onsWith Management Reports, required infor-mation can be displayed at a glance and up-to-date. Therefore, e.g. an overview of thecurrent stock of goods with marking the 4 EN_PF_OMNITRACKER_Stock_and_Order_Management_1.0