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How to Mobilize Supporters to Fundraise for You

The success of your fundraising campaign hinges on effective methods of sharing. Without actively telling your supporters to go to your campaign page and take an action, your campaign will not generate the traffic, donations, or fundraising that you need to be successful.

You’re in luck. GoFundMe Charity provides you with the tools to help you be successful in getting the word out, including inviting team members, social sharing, email customization, and a mobile-friendly platform for sharing on-the-go. In this webinar, you'll learn tactics to spread the word and mobilize your supporters to not only make a donation, but to fundraise for you!

What you’ll learn:
Best practices for recruiting fundraisers for your campaign;
How to invite team members directly from your GoFundMe Charity campaign;
How to share on social media to reach new audiences and expand your fundraiser base;
How to communicate with and support your fundraisers during the campaign.

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How to Mobilize Supporters to Fundraise for You

  1. 1. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 How to Mobilize Supporters to Fundraise for You
  2. 2. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Introductions We’re excited to meet you! Julia Campbell Nonprofit Author, Consultant & Speaker Julia Campbell has run digital marketing consulting business for over a decade, focused exclusively on mission-driven organizations. A mom of 2 and a former US Peace Corps Volunteer, she is the author of Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits and How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community for your Nonprofit in 90 Days. Her award-winning nonprofit blog is www.jcsocialmarketing.com/blog Juliet DeAmicis Operations Specialist, GoFundMe Charity Juliet DeAmicis is an operations specialist for the GoFundMe Charity team. Her passion is supporting customers to ensure they have a smooth experience fundraising online. . When she’s not in the office helping organizations use the GoFundMe Charity platform to its fullest extent, she’s usually found in a pillow-laden bed, with a good book and piping hot cup of tea.
  3. 3. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Agenda ● Crowdfunding intro ● How to set up your campaign page for maximum success ● How to invite team members via email, social media, and the Campaign Manager ● How to communicate with and support your fundraisers ● Help and resources Agenda
  4. 4. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 ● Specifically designed for charities to raise money ● More features ● Access donor data ● No subscriptions or commitments ● $5B Raised & 100M+ Donors ● One of the oldest and most trusted online fundraising platforms ● Control your brand charity.gofundme.com
  5. 5. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a specific cause or project by asking a large number of people to donate money, often in small amounts, and usually during a relatively short period of time. Crowdfunding is done online, often with social networks, which make it easy for supporters to share a cause or project with their networks. Organizations, businesses, and individuals alike can use crowdfunding for any type of project, for example: charitable cause; creative project; business startup; school tuition; or personal expenses. Source: What is crowdfunding? | Knowledge Base CROWDFUNDING
  6. 6. Social fundraising by the numbers DATA INSIGHTS of NPOs agree that social media shares are effective for brand awareness. 95% donations shared on social media by donors result in a new donation. 1:5 increase in donation dollars that came directly from social links since 2012. 81% of nonprofits cite insufficient knowledge as their reason for not prioritizing social fundraising. 49%
  7. 7. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 IMPORTANCE OF SHARING Sharing Sharing placement throughout page layout and user flows is proven to increase sharing of story, page URL and donations. Mobile A fully responsive experience, heavily tested on all screen sizes. 60% Of our visitors are from a mobile device. 2.1xIncrease in donors sharing their donation on social media Optimization By leveraging the massive amount of user data collected by GoFundMe, GoFundMe Charity’s campaign page and flows are best-in-class and optimized for donation conversion, sharing and user experience. Branding Upload your charity’s logo, custom colors, and personalized content on all campaigns you create
  8. 8. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 GoFundMe Charity use cases Leverage GoFundMe Charity’s platform to add the power of social fundraising and modernize traditional fundraising efforts. It’s all self-service! OVERVIEW Donation pages & buttons Registration & ticketed events Tournaments Galas & dinners Runs, walks & rides Team fundraising DIY & peer-to-peer
  9. 9. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Customizable Charity Profiles Simple direct-to-charity donations Supporters can create campaigns for your charity in minutes Customizable branding to fit your organization
  10. 10. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 How to set up your campaign page for maximum success
  11. 11. THREE MAIN PHASES OF THE CAMPAIGN Set up Set up your campaign and campaign page for maximum success. Invite Invite team members via email, social media, and the Campaign Manager. Manage and mobilize Manage and mobilize your team through regular communication. @JuliaCSocial @GoFundMeCharity
  12. 12. QUICK START CHECKLIST 1. Start by claiming your nonprofit. 2. If you cannot find your organization, follow these steps to get it added to the GoFundMe Charity platform. 3. Choose your preferred payment processor to process donation withdrawals. 4. Create and customize your first campaign page. 5. Add teams to supercharge peer to peer fundraising (optional). 6. Incorporate registration and ticketing for events (optional). 7. Enable your favorite software integrations (optional). 8. Spread the word about your cause by promoting your fundraiser. 9. Manage your fundraising teams with specially designed tools in your Campaign Manager. 10. Use the Report Center to collect and analyze important data. @JuliaCSocial @GoFundMeCharity
  13. 13. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Get Started for free! charity.gofundme.com
  14. 14. CLAIM YOUR CHARITY @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY Go to: https://charity.gofundme.co m/charities/register Claim your charity by filling out the form and clicking Sign Up. Note: It’s best if you use your charity staff email on this form because it will speed up the verification process.
  15. 15. YOU CAN START RIGHT AWAY! Once you’ve claimed your charity, the GoFundMe team will officially verify your involvement with the nonprofit. This process usually takes 24-48 hours. You’ll receive an email for verifying your account with a pin. Use that pin for full access. But don’t wait! You can start fundraising right away! @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  16. 16. 3 CRITICAL PIECES OF YOUR GOFUNDME CHARITY CAMPAIGN 1. Compelling campaign title 2. Campaign goal 3. Campaign story @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  17. 17. TELL YOUR STORY In the Tell Your Story section, clearly spell out how the funds will be used. What is the impact? What makes this campaign urgent, timely, and relevant? For example, Goodwill Detroit says in their campaign: “We kindly ask that you join us in supporting our hourly and front line workforce who are dramatically impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic. Your gift will help provide immediate financial support so they can purchase essential resources to maintain a healthy and safe life during these uncertain times.” https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/goodwilldetroit-needs- you @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  19. 19. NONPROFIT CAMPAIGN EXAMPLES The Arts Council of Indianapolis is organizing a fundraiser to help local arts & cultural workers who are experiencing a sudden and severe loss of wages during the COVID-19 public health crisis. https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/indianapolis-artist-relief-fund The South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund is a direct response to the damage caused by projects, exhibitions, and events being cancelled or postponed. https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/artsfund Covenant Community Care is a faith based charitable non-profit Community Health Center, serving the people of Metro Detroit, that seeks out, heals, and strengthens over 20,000 people every year through services like medical, dental, OB-care, behavioral health, and vision. https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/sustain-our-efforts-during-covid- 19 @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  20. 20. DESIGN ELEMENTS FOR THE CAMPAIGN In the Design section, you can customize the visual look of the campaign. 1. Choose theme colors. 2. Choose a header logo, which can be your logo or a logo of a business partner/match donor. 3. Link your logo back to any website URL you choose. 4. Customize the Facebook share image and text so that it is easy to share and looks great on social media feeds. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  23. 23. BUTTON MANAGEMENT Change the order of the buttons as they are displayed on your campaign page. Default setting is Start a fundraiser on top with the Donate button smaller. You can edit the “Start a fundraiser” button to say “Join our team” or something else. You can change this in campaign settings. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  24. 24. TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS Choose eye-catching, colorful photos that clearly show the impact of your mission. Add a video! GoFundMe Charity campaigns with videos raise more than campaigns without a video. Click here to read more about campaign video dos and don’ts. We recommend that charities do NOT hide the total amount raised. This is a public campaign and you want to create excitement and momentum! @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  26. 26. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 How invite team members via email, social media, and the Campaign Manager
  27. 27. SPREADING THE WORD Go multi-channel! Reach your supporters where they are. Put a banner on your website announcing the campaign. Send out a series of emails about the campaign. Use your social media channels to ramp up participation. You can use free graphic design tools like Canva.com to create social media graphics. Use the Social Amp features provided within the GoFundMe platform. Aim to turn your donors into fundraisers. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  28. 28. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 Integrate campaign data with your business tools ● Easily import donor info and stats ● Use segmentation to personalize messaging Integrations PRODUCT OVERVIEW
  29. 29. HOW TO USE EMAIL TO MOBILIZE SUPPORTERS The Email Manager allows nonprofits to customize the emails that are sent from GofundMe Charity when your supporters take specific actions on the site. Some of the emails you can customize: Donation Receipt: All donors get a tax deductible receipt and you can add your contact information Thank you email: A personalized thank you note to donors. Join the team: Edit this to provide strategic tips for fundraisers, to get them excited and motivated and thank them, to give them your contact information for help. Emails to encourage your fundraisers to continue with the campaign if they haven’t set a goal or haven’t raised any money (these emails automatically go out one week after someone creates a campaign for you). @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  33. 33. HOW TO SEND INVITES TO FUNDRASIERS If you’re contacting your network via social media or email, simply send them your direct campaign link and ask them to click the Join the Team button. This will prompt them to create their own campaigns which will be directly linked to yours. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  34. 34. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO MOBILIZE SUPPORTERS Encourage your supporters to share on your behalf. This enables your message and campaign to go even further across social networks. Vary your social media content across the platforms that you use. What works on Instagram may not necessarily work on LinkedIn, etc. Photo and video are the leading forms of content on social media in terms of engagement. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  35. 35. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO MOBILIZE SUPPORTERS In your social media content, always include the direct URL to your campaign with a clear and concise call to donate, or to start a fundraiser. Don’t just ask for money in each update. Give updates on your progress, share stories, provide data on the problem. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  38. 38. TIPS FOR USING THE CAMPAIGN UPDATE TOOL Using the Campaign Update tool at strategic times during your campaign (such as halfway or close-to goal) helps generate excitement and a sense of urgency in your donors. Use photos to convey impact. Snap a live video of your work in the field (where possible). Send it out to everyone that donated to demonstrate impact. Announce stretch goals. Thank people for donating, and ask them to consider starting their own fundraiser! @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  39. 39. NONPROFIT EXAMPLES: CAMPAIGN UPDATE Here are some examples of ways that nonprofits have used the Campaign Update tool to provide progress updates and critical information to their supporters: NYC Makes PPE: Making and Donating PPE to Healthcare Workers Feed Hero Nurses Fighting Covid-19 Be a Masked Hero: Send Masks to Medical Staff Now! @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  40. 40. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 How to communicate with and support your fundraisers during the campaign
  41. 41. ACTIVITY FEED The Activity Feed displays donations in chronological order and fundraising milestones (e.g Campaign created, 50% to goal, etc). Beside the Activity Feed, you have 1-2 additional tabs that display all Fundraisers (individuals fundraising on your campaign) and/or Teams (groups of individuals fundraising on your campaign, if you have Multiple Teams enabled). @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  42. 42. THREE WAYS TO DRIVE DONATIONS 1) Your nonprofit drives people to make one-time donations on the campaign page. 2) Individuals can raise money for you by asking their friends and family. They are called Fundraisers. 3) Multiple fundraisers can join together as a Team. Multi-team campaigns are great for: Allowing families, relay teams, or tables in a gala to fundraise together. Promoting peer-to-peer fundraising with a customized landing page. Chapters of an organization under an umbrella page. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  43. 43. TOOLS FOR MANAGING YOUR FUNDRAISERS If you click on a Fundraiser, a menu will appear that allows you to take additional actions for this individual. From this view, you can see basic information about this individual’s campaign including the Owner’s name, Dollars raised, Goal and Date of campaign creation Click the Message Fundraiser button to populate a text box. Enter a message to this individual and send an email directly to him/her. Directly message fundraisers when they first join your campaign, if they have not raised any money yet or when they’re approaching their goal. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  44. 44. TOOLS FOR MANAGING YOUR TEAMS Toggle to the Teams tab (this is available if you have Multiple Teams enabled from your Campaign Editor). If you click on a Team, a menu will appear that allows you to take additional actions for this team. Similar to the Fundraisers window, the Team window displays tools to communicate and manage your campaign’s teams. If you have multiple team members, you have the ability to message all fundraisers within that team by clicking the Message Entire Team button. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  45. 45. KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR FUNDRAISERS Communicate with your Fundraisers and Teams through the GoFundMe platform. Give them strategic tips to raise more money and get more engagement with their campaign. Get them exited and motivated! Thank them for their generosity. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  46. 46. KEEP IN CONTACT WITH YOUR FUNDRAISERS Provide updates on the total campaign and progress. Give them tools and content like graphics, photos, videos to share with their network. Be accessible for those who need help with their campaign. Who can they call and email? @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  47. 47. CELEBRATE YOUR FUNDRAISERS Your fundraisers have put themselves out there and done one of the hardest things there is to do – raise money! Make sure your fundraisers know how much you appreciate them and all of their efforts, even if they didn’t reach their goal. A personal phone call, email, or tag on social media can go a long way to make them feel special. @JULIACSOCIAL @GOFUNDMECHARITY
  48. 48. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 1. Create your campaign with your key call to action in mind. 2. Share the campaign link with everyone in your network. 3. Post relevant updates to build momentum. 4. Use your campaign results to glean actionable insights. Key takeaways for a successful crowdfunding campaign RECAP
  49. 49. Confidential and Proprietary GoFundMe Charity, Inc., April 2020 ● GoFundMe Charity Help Center ● GoFundMe Charity on YouTube ● GoFundMe Charity blog ● Julia Campbell’s website Resources Stuck? We’re ready for all questions | nposupport@gofundme.com