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All You Need To Know About Pinterest

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So much internets, so little time!

All you need to know about the oh-so-trendy photo-sharing social network, Pinterest to sell it to your clients in 28 slides.

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All You Need To Know About Pinterest

  1. All You Need To Know About Brought to you by Singapore
  2. What is Pinterest?Pinterest is a pin-board style photo sharing network. Discover photos you love or are inspired by Organize them into thematic pinboards Share them easily with your friends
  3. Why Pinterest?It is currently the third most popular social network in the US and the 6th most popular inSingapore (Alexa Rankings). Sta$s$cs  accurate  as  of    9  April  2012
  4. Pinteresting Facts 2012  Pinterest  Sta$s$cs-­‐  US Source:  Modea  [Tech  Crunch,  ComScore,  Shareholic  Blog]
  5. Pinterest for Personal use
  6. Personal Pinboard
  7. How to start pinningPinterest is still a closed community therefore users will have to request for an invitefrom existing users in order to join.
  8. Logging into PinterestPinterest is integrated with Facebook & Twitter, therefore users are able to utilize theshared login to sign in. Users are also able to share Pinterest activities on their Facebook timeline.
  9. Pinterest on MobileUsers are also able to access Pinterest via mobile through an iPhone app or theirmobile-optimized website.
  10. How to Pin thingsSearch for photo inspirations via your Home Page dashboard 4 Most popular lists 1 Keyword Search 5 Manual Upload 3 Themed Categories 2 Re-pin from users you follow
  11. How to Add a Pin • via user submitted images. • via direct URL. • via PinIt bookmarklet – a plugin that’s added to users’ browsers when they sign up for Pinterest. • PinIt button – works like a Facebook share button A Pin
  12. Pinterest and your brand
  13. Pinterest for Brands
  14. Brand Pinboard
  15. Using Pinterest as a brandUser Generated ContentEnabling and involving users in your community to contribute their own pins. Note: Administrative access can only be given manually via email
  16. Using Pinterest as a brandFeature visual contentProduct catalogs or infographics & data charts
  17. Using Pinterest as a brandAdd a pin-it Button to your websiteIntegrate pinterest to your website for greater reach and allow visitors to share visualcontent through a Pinterest Share button
  18. Using Pinterest as a brandGift IdeasAdd price-tags to your product listings and link them to your e-commerce portal to trackROI
  19. Using Pinterest as a brandHosting ContestsAsk users to create a pinboard to demonstrate what they love about your brand, productsor services
  20. Using Pinterest as a brandVideosUpload interactive content in the form of brand videos to Pinterest - integration withYoutube allows users to watch the videos on Pinterest however present categorization isprimitive
  21. Why does Pinterest matter? As a Traffic Driver1 Pinterest is more effective than driving traffic than compared to other social media sites Links2 Using the ‘Pin It’ button will allow your pins to link back to the source (your website) and encounter more of your content with just one click. Leads3 Pinterest will soon start contributing to lead generation Social Sharing Pinterest connects with Facebook enabling users to automatically post pins4 onto their Facebook feed for others to see (greater reach)
  22. Tracking Influence on PinterestPinreach uses a Klout-score model to track influence & reach of Pinterest users
  23. Case Studies Kotex Sending brand influencers custom goodie bags with things they love on Pinterest
  24. Case Studies Peugeot Created a series of boards with missing pins for a treasure hunt
  25. Case Studies Fashion Fast Forward Singapore 45 participants – contest ran for 2 weeks
  26. Case Studies GSD&M (US Digital Agency) Created thematic Pinterest Boards in anticipation of SXSW
  27. Pinterest & Terms of ServiceBecause Pinterest’s social network is based on a photo-sharing model, concerns havebeen raised with regards to usage of copyright of images without permission.Pinterest Terms of Service prohibits such behavior and addresses the issue through acombination of an ‘opt out’ model for sites who do not want their products feature onPinterest, as well as encouraging crediting of image sources.
  28. Credits CNN.com, Pinterest.com,Mashable.com, PSFK.com, Digitalbuzzblog.com, Hubspot.com, Etsy.com, Pinreach.com, Adage.com Brought to you by JOSIE KHNGSocial Media Specialist | @omgitsjosie | pinterest.com/omgitsjosie| josie.khng@tribalddb.com.sg