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O'Reilly Webcast: Tapworthy iPhone App Design

Slides from live O'Reilly webcast on Sept 14, 2010. Video:

Tapworthy apps cope with small screens and fleeting user attention to make every pixel count, every tap rewarding. Learn to: capture the elusive ingredients of irresistible mobile interfaces; craft comfortable ergonomics for fingers and thumbs; dodge the usability gotchas of handheld devices; and turn tiny-touchscreen constraints to your advantage. Along the way, you'll get behind-the-scenes glimpses into the design process of popular apps including Facebook, Twitterrific, USA Today, Things, and others.

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O'Reilly Webcast: Tapworthy iPhone App Design

  1. Josh Clark @globalmoxie www.globalmoxie.com Webcast hashtag: #tapworthy
  2. “Is It Worth It?”
  3. What Makes Your App Mobile?
  4. I’m micro-tasking. I’m local. I’m bored.
  5. I’m Micro-Tasking photo: envisionpublicidad at ickr
  6. I’m Local photo: quasimondo at ickr
  7. Shopper Babelshot SoundCurtain
  8. I’m Bored photo: thomashawk at ickr
  9. Think Big, Build Small
  10. Tapworthy apps... • Focus on mobile context • Optimize for micro-tasking • Use sensors to enhance local context • Create opportunities for exploration • Complex ≠ complicated • Do one thing and do it well
  11. You’re Designing a Physical Device
  12. 44
  13. 44
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  16. 88 88
  17. Be a Scroll Skeptic
  18. Edit, Edit, Edit
  19. Text
  20. Finger-Friendly Design • Use the thumb’s hot zone. • Design to a 44-point rhythm. • Be generous with space. • Content at top, controls at bottom. • Avoid scrolling where practical. • Put secondary controls behind hidden doors.
  21. Thanks! @globalmoxie www.globalmoxie.com
  22. O’Reilly online course Tapworthy iPhone Design Starts October 20, 2010 Eight-week online course http://training.oreilly.com
  23. 40% off (50% off ebook) Discount code 4CAST www.oreilly.com