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Medyo final patho slide orientation

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Medyo final patho slide orientation

  1. 1. By: Abel, Joriz Kevin Abergas, Unica May
  2. 2.  Cause remains unknown  Factors that contribute to development, progression and chronicity :  Genetic Susceptibility ▪ HLA-DRB1: shared epitope is specific binding site of arhritogens ▪ PTPN22: activation and control of inflammatory cells  Environmental arthritogens ▪ Microbial agents ▪ Citrullinated proteins  Autoimmunity ▪ Rheumatoid factors
  3. 3. Genetic susceptibility Arthritogens Activation of CD4+ helperT cells Release of cytokines INF-γ & IL-17 Stimulation of synoviocytes and macrphages Production of pro-inflammatory molecules: IL-1, 6, 23,TNF, PGE2, NO,GF, GM-CSF,TGF-β Increase production of cartilage matrix metalloproteinases Stimulation of osteoclastogenesis and osteoclast activity Synoviocytes up- regulate vascular cell- adhesion molecule Edematous, hyperplastic, sticky synovium Pannus formation and resorption of the adjacent bone PATHOGENESIS
  4. 4.  Inflammatory infiltrate composed of lymphoid aggregates  Increased vascularity  Accumulation of neutrophils  Pannus formation
  5. 5.  Manifestations:  Mild general aching and stiffness  Inflammation may be apparent first in the wrists and fingers  Joints appear red and swollen and often very sensitive to touch as well as painful  Joint stiffness  “burned out”  Systemic signs are marked during exacerbations and inclued fatique, anorexia, mild fever, lymphadenopathy and genralized aching
  6. 6.  Complications:  Effects on the Skin ▪ Rheumatoid Nodules  Eye Complications ▪ Inflammation of the episclera ▪ Scleritis ▪ Sjogren's syndrome
  7. 7.  Effects on Heart and BloodVessels  Pericardial Effusion  Pericarditis  Myocarditis  Diseases of the Blood and Blood-Forming Cells  Anemia  Felty's syndrome
  8. 8.  Lung Problems  Emotional Effects  Susceptibility to Infection