organizational behavior business negotiation organizational change strategic management jon r. wallace u.s. government leadership ethics strategic planning u.s. constitution transformational leadership education and training management values organizational culture education vision stragegic planning employee engagement diversity introduction u.s. president organizational development uofm ohio state charismatic leadership authentic leadership path-goal theory hofstede schein competing values framework organizational health; gary hamel; psychology; beh pisa dr. john medina howard gardner sir ken robinson higher education practical cognition emotion perception negotiations international business and trade groups multiple parties debate relationships negotation morals power communication social networks integrative negotiation distributive bargaining strategic processes environmental issues formulating strategies organizational structure organization design transactional leadership emplowerment organizational behavior. communication & networking environmental scanning harvard business review decision making mission conflict management teamwork teams self tuckman's stages of group development organization behavior group dynamics performance management organization employees performance employee motivation motivation self monitoring tolerance job satisfaction socialization & perception pepsico race age gender dr. carol sawyer research and analysis literature review writing research u.s. congress bureaucracy u.s. bureaucracy u.s. public policy united states congress organizational design; org development; change gallup public surveys politics public opinion rights federalism government u.s.constitution civil liberties civil rights organizaional learning organizational design
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