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Marketing strategies autumn 2018 course intro slides

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Slides from the course introduction on 2018-08-27 of the course Marketing Strategies FEGC02 at Karlstad Business School at Karlstad University.

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Marketing strategies autumn 2018 course intro slides

  1. 1. Marketing Strategies (15 ECTS – Autumn 2018) Photo by Thomsonmart licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  2. 2. Central C:s of the Course Competitors Customers Communication
  3. 3. Learning outcomes • in-depth knowledge in central areas of marketing strategy, such as consumer behaviour, competitive strategy, and marketing communications • able to identify and analyse strategic situations in businesses
  4. 4. Teaching style Linking theory and practice Analysing a real world company Developing your personal skills Report writing Presentations and discussions Feedback all the way!
  5. 5. Examinations Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Total Individual test 15 15 15 45 Project report 10 10 10 30 Final report 15 Self + peer assessm. 5 Thesis 5
  6. 6. Restart 10.30
  7. 7. Course homepage kau.se/canvas
  8. 8. The ideal team member (Peer + self asses.) happy_sad_face_smiley by Alan O'Rourke shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license
  9. 9. The ideal team member (criteria) 1. Do your part 2. Share your ideas 3. Work toward agreement (consensus) 4. Keep a positive attitude 5. Competent Complete the tasks assigned to you. Be willing to put in the time necessary to complete your team assignment. Ask if there is anything you can do. Pull your own weight and do your share of the assignments. Express your opinions. Respond to other group members' ideas. Ask other group members for their ideas. Be open to other ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Be willing to work together. Work as a team (not solely on an individual basis). Maintain a sense of humor. Be courteous. Give feedback in the form of constructive criticism. Understands strategic management. Has knowledge of strategic management tools, models and techniques. Understands the company's industry. Has good writing skills.
  10. 10. Evaluation 5 = always performed in this way 4 = very often performed in this way 3 = often performed in this way 2 = occasionally performed in this way 1 = rarely performed in this way 0 = never satisfied this criteria
  11. 11. Evaluation Team member Do your part (0-5) Share ideas (0-5) Work toward agreement (0-5) Keep a positive attitude (0-5) Competency (0-5) Yourself Team member 1 Team member 2 Team member n
  12. 12. Course Evaluation Written evaluation at the end of the course! Contact students during the course!
  13. 13. Marketing Party Highly recommended! (but up to you of course)
  14. 14. Until Wednesday 29/8 Desk research about company (Competitors, Customers,Communication, and more) Read Chapter 1, 2, 3? Watch video Do quizzes
  15. 15. Once more welcome to our course! Picture and logo subject to copyright contact jorg.pareigis@kau.se