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Android voice skill sprint

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Adding voice launch, speech recognition and text to speech to Android and Google Glass. See also http://delphi.org/2014/07/android-voice/

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Android voice skill sprint

  1. 1. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES  EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Add  Voice  to  All   Your  Android  Apps   Jim  McKeeth   Lead  World  Wide  Developer  Evangelist  &  Engineer   jim.mckeeth@embarcadero.com   @JimMcKeeth   10th  of  July,  2014   Download  a  free  trial  –  NOW!   hLp://embt.co/trialdownloads    
  2. 2. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Agenda   •  Voice  Launching  Google  Glass  Apps   –  Standard  Triggers   –  Unlisted  Triggers   •  AddiUonal  Prompts  on  Google  Glass   •  Voice  RecogniUon  on  Android   •  Text-­‐To-­‐Speech  on  Android  
  3. 3. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Voice  Launching  Google  Glass  Apps   •  Add  a  Voice  Trigger  XML  file:   –  Choose  a  Standard  Voice  command  hLp://embt.co/glass-­‐voice-­‐triggers     –  Deploy  to  resxml  folder.   •  Modify  the  Android  Manifest  Template:   –  Add  an  Intent  Filter   •  <action  android:name="com.google.android.glass.action.VOICE_TRIGGER"/>   –  Add  Meta  Data  for  Filter   •  <meta-­‐data  android:name="com.google.android.glass.VoiceTrigger”                android:resource="@xml/my_voice_trigger"  />  
  4. 4. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Custom  Glass  Voice  Trigger   •  Change  XML  to  from  Command  to  Keyword.   •  Use  arbitrary  text  for  voice  trigger.   •  Use  the  Development  permission:   –  <uses-­‐permission    android:name="com.google.android.glass.permission.DEVELOPMENT"/>   –  Added  to  android  manifest  template   •  Not  allowed  for  distribuUon   –  Usable  for  in-­‐house  use  
  5. 5. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   AddiConal  Prompts  on  Google  Glass   •  Collect  addiUonal  Voice  recogniUon  input  when  app  is   launched.   –  Add  an  Input  Prompt  to  the  Voice  Trigger  XML   <?xml  version="1.0"  encoding="UTF-­‐8"?>   <trigger  command="TAKE_A_NOTE">          <input  prompt="What  shall  I  say?"  />   </trigger>   •  In  FormCreate  get  speech  guesses  from  Intent  Extras   –  SharedActivity.getIntent.getExtras.   getStringArrayList(TJRecognizerIntent.JavaClass.EXTRA_RESULTS);  
  6. 6. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Voice  RecogniCon  on  Android   •  Prompts  user  for  voice  input   •  Returns  up  to  5  “guesses”   •  Works  offline  too     –  (only  returns  1  guess)   •  Reusable  component  for   download.  
  7. 7. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Text-­‐To-­‐Speech  on  Android   •  Converts  Text  to  spoken   word.   •  Reusable  component  based   on  Jeff  Overcash’s   translaUon.   •  Example  of  handling  Java   Listener  events.  
  8. 8. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   DEMONSTRATION   Add  Voice  to  All  Your  Android  Apps  
  9. 9. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Android  Voice  Summary   •  Using  Voice  to  Launch  on  Google  Glass   •  Google  Glass  Prompts  for  Voice  Input   •  Voice  RecogniUon  on  Android   •  Text-­‐To-­‐Speech  on  Android  
  10. 10. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Android  JNI  Resources   •  Samples   –  C:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio14.0SamplesObject  PascalMobile  SamplesGoogle  Glass   •  DocWiki   –  hLp://docwiki.embarcadero.com/CodeExamples/XE6/en/FMX.Mobile.GoogleGlass_Sample_(Delphi)   •  Glass  Launch  Commands   –  hLp://embt.co/glass-­‐voice-­‐triggers     •  Blog  Post   –  Slides  &  New  Samples   –  hLp://delphi.org/2014/07/android-­‐voice/  (Later  today)   Download  a  free  trial  –  NOW!   hNp://embt.co/trialdownloads    
  11. 11. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Next  Time….   •  Use  the  Database  Explorer  with  FireDAC   –  Make  your  database  applicaUon  development  even  more   producUve  with  help  form  the  Database  Explorer  and  FireDAC.   •  Tuesday  the  15th  of  July   –  6AM  San  Francisco  /  9AM  New  York  /  2PM  London  /  3PM  Milan   –  11AM  San  Francisco  /  2PM  New  York  /  7PM  London  /  8PM  Milan   –  5PM  San  Francisco  /  Wed  9AM  Tokyo  /  Wed  10AM  Sydney   Download  your  free  trial  now!  -­‐  hLp://embt.co/trialdownloads    
  12. 12. EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES  EMBARCADERO  TECHNOLOGIES   Q  &  A     Download  your  free  trial  now!     hLp://embt.co/trialdownloads     @EmbarcaderoTech