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Team taylor new business owner training winter 2012

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Team taylor new business owner training winter 2012

  3. 3. SETTING YOUR PACE GETTING STARTED FAST First Fun Fact: We’re going to earn your Business Owners investment back Second that earn the iPad We’re going to get you to are 70% more Level 2 likely to succeed! Third We’re going to earn that iPad
  4. 4. GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST Build Your List and Fun Fact: include name, email Your List Is The Number and phone number One Business Building Memory Jogger Tool in Network Facebook Marketing LinkedIn Christmas Card List
  5. 5. FIRST PROMOTION & PAY RAISE GETTING THERE FAST Who are the top five people in your network Fun Fact: that would buy mud from you? You are more likely to get a positive response Write them down if you ask people for Provide sponsor with names help Use provided language Start Dialing for Dollars and get on the phone
  6. 6. YOUR COMMUNITY & YOUR SUCCESS Identify Five People in Fun Fact: Your Community You People that find a Want to Partner With partner in the beginning Schedule Brunch or Drinks are 70 % more likely to within the 1st week of Biz succeed Share Sign
  7. 7. FOUR THINGS YOU NEED TO MASTER TO SUCCEED Fun Fact: Prospecting If you want a bigger Inviting paycheck you need to Presenting, how to sell more product, build present this business your team and teach Closing them to do the same
  8. 8. Why Why are you doing this? Your WHY should: -make you cry -keep you enthusiastic -help you discipline your disappointments ACTION ITEM: Write your WHY “Anything is possible -- is your reason WHY big enough!”
  9. 9. SET YOUR HOURS OF OPERATION When When will you find time for this? 15 hours per week Income-producing activity We make $ sharing product & business Consistent, income-producing activity is key - over time you will see results! ACTION ITEM: Set your Hours, making sure to include team training calls.
  10. 10. BUILDING YOUR LIST Who Who will you share this with? Do not pre-judge! Everyone can plug in: 3 C’s ACTION ITEM: Download the Memory Jogger in Pulse, and Create Your List of 400 names today!
  11. 11. CUP OF COFFEE
  12. 12. What What will you say to them? Positioning of Calls/Invites to Prospects Create your Business Story Use Invitation Language Turn your list “upside down” & Connect with the most well connected, successful people first! Think like a CEO! ACTION ITEM: Download your business story outline on Pulse and work on it with your sponsor. Download the invitation language on our team site. Start calling people!
  13. 13. Fun Fact: Life becomes Where Where can you invite them? rewarding and fun the 3-way call moment you get Big Business Launch* uncomfortable. Get Weekly meeting comfortable with the 1-on-1 uncomfortable Opportunity/Orientation Call ACTION ITEM: Schedule your Big Business Launch within the next 10-14 days. *Training for your launch is on team site.
  14. 14. How How will you do all of this? Stay plugged in! SET GOALS: MINIMUM of two new consultants who sponsor 2 every month 4 preferred customers RECRUIT AS MANY AS YOU CAN EVERY MONTH! BIG PICTURE= 8 STRONG LEADERS!
  15. 15. MONTHLY MINIMUMS TO MAKE THE MONEY MUST Maintain Every Month… $100 Sales Volume (SV) – commissionable -$100 CRP- Personal Product, Pulse $600 PSL1V to be an Executive Consultant 1)SV on kits of those you recruit 2)PREFERRED customers (retail doesn’t count!) 3)Your personal team sales volume (their CRP, and retail customers!)
  16. 16. Big Picture Mindset:3-5 Year Business Plan
  18. 18. 1)Practice Makes Perfect 2)Personal Development 3)Professional Development

Notas do Editor

  • Today we are going to go over the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, and HOW of your Rodan + Fields business Throughout this training you will receive ACTION ITEMS…this is like homework…so write it down, complete them, and submit them to your sponsor…this will allow them to help you where you need it
  • Pace / How to get off to a quick StartGetting off to a fast start is so much more fun than a slow start. In fact, It’s way more fun to go fast!You have to coach pace, the faster you go and the faster you teach your team to go the better. As a sponsor, you are responsible for teaching paceAs your confidence increases so do the odds of success in the business. Be excited and show a hunger for the business.  First we are going to earn your investment back, we want to get you profitable as quick as possibleSecond, get you to Level 2Third, earn your iPadProven if you can get people to Level 2 quickly, they will stick and become successful, plus the iPad is a tangible gift that they earned. People that earn the iPad are 70% more likely to be successful 
  • First Build Your List. Your list should include names, phone numbers and emails. You also want to friend them on facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Your list will continually evolve and is something that we touch daily in this business. The bigger your list the better. We get paid to talk and this list is where we pull names from daily to talk to.
  • Second, We are going to earn your first promotion to EC and secure your first pay raise.I want you to think about five people that you know that if you had to you could sell mud to. Who are they? Write them down on a sheet of paper and give me their names:Tomorrow you are going to call each on of them and say the following: Hi Sara, I just started a business and am coming to you as somebody that I trust and need your support. Our products are 100% guaranteed and all clinically proven. I need you to be one of my first customers and one of my first supporters. Give me five minutes to walk you through a few questions (walk them thru the solution tool) so I can make sure I’m providing you with the product that will meet your needs. Then we are going to place an order! The product will be sent directly to you and I will check in after you’ve started using the product to see how you are liking it. There is no risk to you since all of our products are guaranteed, you can use them for 60 days and return your empty bottles for a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.I appreciate your support and thought of you immediately because of our relationship and because you have influence in your network.
  • Top five people in your community that you want to partner with. Who are they right there in your communitySchedule a brunch, wine and cheese after work … within first week of businessLaunch the business with their dream team in a small informal setting, inform why excited, you’ve chosen these five to partner with first.
  • Tell me the one thing on this list that you are good at or already good at? Great! It will serve you well in this business. You handle that and keep working on enhancing your technique.Next, tell me what you are horrible at? Great! That is what I will help you with. I’m here for you …I’m here to present the business for you. Get the people to me. Or I will close them for you. As your sponsor, I will do your heavy lifting for you until you are comfortable doing it.Everything we do in this business is duplicates
  • Before you start calling you need to know a few things about our products - which get more press coverage than any skincare company and all direct sales companies combined.Here’s the great news- this is a “earn as you learn” business, and you don’t have to be a skincare expert in order to achieve success!If you aren’t sure what products are right for you or your customers? Go to your .com site, and hop on your “solution tool” or “Perskinality”…there you’ll answer a few questions about your skin, and the doctors write you a prescription for your skin….add the items to your cart., and check out-simple as that!Have a more detailed question? We have a nurse connection….you can contact them at rfconnection@rodanandfields.comAll product ingredients are detailed on your site.More product training can be found on PULSEWhen your customer is ready to purchase, we close all customers on our preferred customer program…this allows them to get 10% off, free shipping, and all sorts of additional perks. For you, you get paid 2 ways, make a much higher commission, and ongoing residual income. The products are shipped every 60 days, but the great thing is- it’s a flexible replenishment order. They can change their order or cancel anytime. Use the “assumptive close” and tell them that’s how you are going to start them…it helps them and you…and your customers love it@ Let’s get started!We don’t even talk about retail sales, as it doesn’t benefit you or them!
  • Before we get into the logistics. Let’s talk about why you are doing this. Your WHY … I want you to think about your reason- is it to pay off debt, buy your dream home, or save for your kids college funds?Your why should be big enough to make you cry.As with any business, there are ups and downs…so this should keep you on track….and help you to remember to discipline your disappointments, and remind you not to deviate from your mission.Here’s action Item #1- Write your WHY…be specific…hang it up where you’ll see it everyday….and send it to your sponsor so they can help you achieve it!
  • Next, you’ve got to treat this as a business to get paid like a business.Many people work this business part time alongside their full time job- so it’s important to be organized and set your hours of operation.To be successful, you’lll want to set aside 10-15 hours per week of income producing activity…what does that mean? We only get paid to do 2 things in this business- get people on the product, and find people to join your business. So- cleaning your office or having leisurely conversations with your team doesn’t produce income!Action Item: Set your hours- which should include time to prospect, do business presentations by phone or in person, do business launch events, attend team meetings (local, phone)…..ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR HOURS SET, send your schedule to your sponsor.
  • Now that you’re set up, who are you going to talk to about this?EVERYONE WITH SKIN!Don’t pre-judge anyone- you never know what someone’s hopes. Dreams, and financial situations are. In fact, it’s usually the busiest, most well connected, successful people that get this right away and run!Your job is to share this with EVERYONE….because they can all plug in as one of 3 C’s (consultant, customer, connector)There is a memory jogger in pulse reminding you who to add in your list.You can get to pulse by logging in to your website, and go to Business Development Library.
  • As you’re reaching out, remember- your job is to pour a cup of rodan + Fields a day…you’re like a waitress pouring coffee… Your goal is to reach 3-5 new people a day.
  • So, what are you going to say to them --- you are going to share your story. Why are you doing this – what did you see in this opportunity. Use the prospecting language – if you don’t have the prospecting language you can find it on PULSE and most teams have variations of it that can be helpful.Get your hands on it, memorize it and make it your own. ACTION ITEM – download your business story outline on PULSE and write your story, memorize the prospecting language and start calling people.
  • Go To The Mall and Get Out Of Your Comfort ZoneWhat will you say to them?Positioning of Calls/Invites to ProspectsCreate your Business StoryUse Invitation LanguageLifestyle market at the mall. Everywhere you go that first week talk to a stranger. Not about R+F but just talk to them…..start a conversation. It will get easier over time then they can talk to strangers about R+F. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.Let’s talk about inviting … So, what are you going to say to them --- you are going to share your story. Why are you doing this – what did you see in this opportunity. Use the prospecting language – if you don’t have the prospecting language get your hands on it, memorize it and make it your own.Use the tools our business provide to keep people moving. Your job is to help them determine if this is the right fit for them. We do that by leading them and guiding them to the next step. Inviting to one of our options is always the next step.
  • Building wide is important but building deep is where you find the money. Duplication is key. The strong leaders in this business understand that leveraging your team and helping them find success is extremely important. The power of leverage --- it’s the difference between working 100 hours a week yourself or working 10 hours yourself and teaching your team to do the same and you get the benefit of their work as well as yours.
  • It’s important that you know the skills, you understand this is a business- you must be committed…and stay connected…this will take time.This is a 3-5 year business- it’s not “Get rich quick”..it’s called net WORK marketing for a reason.As you do this, those beginning phases take time (SNOWBALL UP HILL) --- Many see huge financial rewards after the first year or two laying the foundation.Never give up- remember your why- do whatever it takes- be relentless.You can do anything for a short period of time to produce long term rewards, and financial freedom for your family!
  • Upline, Downline, Crossline --- what are all these lines and what do they mean. At the end of the day, you are a business owner and so is your upline. We are not therapists or miracle workers. If you want this, go and get it – it is yours for the taking. Your upline can’t do it for you – you have to do it for yourself. Your upline can lead you and guide you but you have to do the work. The beautiful thing about this business is that it truly is yours for the taking regardless of what your leaders are doing --- fortunately for us, we are part of the fastest growing team in Rodan + Fields but that doesn’t mean we are all perfect – so find the people that you can relate to and stay close to them.
  • Practice makes perfect.The more you practice, the more confident you’ll get….the more confident you get, the more people start to want to join you! Commit to personal and professional development.Work on YOU…and work on being a student of our profession.30 minutes a day of professional development material will change your business, and change your life!