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Project english ii...............!


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Project english ii...............!

  1. 1. CREATING CONSCIENCEJUSTIFICATIONThe topic that I chose makes me, think, imagine, dream in a full world of hope and a lot of illusion.When I decided to study tourism, I wanted to travel around the world as a bird getting out of itscage, and little by little I saw that this isn´t than easy, this isn´t real because we live in a planetthat we are destroying to in this moment time with technology, pollution, garbage, noise, andviolence . That affects the tourism among othersThen I started to study to change a Little this reality, from my position as student.Now I want to show you that everybody can do it
  2. 2. OBJECTIVESSPECIFICS To create conscience in the students To show the magic world in the that we lived To leave an education To share a bit of my thoughtsGENERALS To talk a little about the reality To explain how we can do itMETHODOLOGYA) I ´m going to research about some negative impacts the affect the human live I ´m going to present a video , made by me I ´m going to show how we can contribute to improve this situationB) In the second advance I talked about negative impacts and how they affect the tourismC) In the final presentation I ´m going to present in a video with images the impacts andoptions and how we can improve thisD) The format that I ´m going to use , is a video / imagesBIBLIOGRAPHYhttp://www.monografias.com/trabajos81/reflexiones-turismo-medio-ambiente/reflexiones-turismo-medio-ambiente2.shtmlhttp://las5rs.jimdo.com/2-2-consecuencias-del-impacto-ambiental/
  3. 3. THEENVIRONMENTALIMPACTS &TOURISMfactorsaffectingtourismHow does affecttourism?Howcan wehelp?THENEXTCLASSCLIMATE CHANGE The alteration ofrains The hurricanes Defrosting of thepoles the airplanescan´t fly lose of tourismlandscapes lose of heritagemonumentsDEFORESTATION the landscapeelements areremoved ended up with thetourist zones lose of tourismlandscapesEXTINCTION OF SPECIES elimination ofspecies Colombia’sbiodiversity attracttourism the tourist wouldnot know thebiodiversity would be the lakeof convenient tourism wouldaffect the countryVISUAL POLLUTION &NOISE Reflected in thepeople when theysuffer from strees, headaches,sleep disorders,loss of ear, loss ofattention ,psychophysical,accidents at work, aggressiveness,among others The posters,buildings andtowers, amongothers, causedistortedlandscapes arechanging theirappearance andunpleasantly. would be ainconvenient forthe heach oftourists to traveland how they seethe landscape
  4. 4. THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS & TOURISM1. CLIMATE CHANGEthe global warming Not only is involves an increase in the temperatures of the planet, but a seriesof changes that are a consequence of this, as the alteration of the cycles of rains, the developmentof phenomena as “the”” or child “the girl”, or the intensification of the number and the force of thehurricanes, and others the global warming is already a serious problem. His consequences affectthe organisms of planet2. DEFORESTATIONThe deforestation is the result of the felling tree in a certain area, with the ends of commercialexplotation of the wood or to create new fields of culture or pastoreo continued the deforestation therains move away, one attracts the powder and the diseases, and elements of the landscape areeliminatedLOSS OF BIODIVERSITY3. EXTINCTION OF SPECIESOne of the most serious problems is the loss of biodiversity, already be in an area especially or thewhole planet. When a species becomes extinct it is forever and brings I obtain the elimination of hisspecies and this one always harms us, for small, unknown or insignificant that could seem4. POLLUTION BY NOISE AND VISUALThe consequences of the acoustic pollution meet reflected in the persons when they suffer fromstress, headaches, sleep disorders, loss of ear, loss of attention, psychophysical, accidents at work,aggressiveness, between othersHOW AFFECTS THE ENVIRONMENT TO THE TOURISM?The tourism is constructed thanks to the existence of a few natural, cultural attractions and ofanother type, providing that these are in good condition of conservation. The World Organization ofTourism (OMT) has recognized an awareness of the tourist as environmental aspects. This factorgoes beyond the diversification motivation, is a valuation included inside the big trends of thecurrent world. Not only there is a set of specific tourisms of environmental base, but any touristactivity has to consider his environmental aspectIt affects the image of any country as for his natural resources, his form of life and his attractions,already for the tourist it does not go to be of degree to travel to any destination
  5. 5. CREATING CONSCIENCEMade By: Jenny Adriana AlapeTHEENVIRONMENTALIMPACTS &TOURISMfactors affectingtourismHow does affecttourism?How can we help!CLIMATE CHANGE The alteration ofrains The hurricanes Defrosting of thepoles the airplanes can´t fly lose of tourism landscapes lose of heritage monuments Not waste electricity that is notused. not wasting food not use the car oftenrecycle all used not buy imported not wasting water Do not do excessiveconsumption, consume whatwe need vegetation careDEFORESTATION the landscapeelements areremoved ended up with thetourist zones lose of tourism landscapes  recycle paper plant a tree in your garden orpark any sensitize people living aroundEXTINCTION OF SPECIES elimination ofspecies Colombia’sbiodiversity attracttourism the tourist would not knowthe biodiversity would be the lake ofconvenient tourism would affect thecountry The best way to help is to notbuy species of birds oranimals in danger ofextinction. supporting organizations thatsupport conservationVISUAL POLLUTION &NOISE Reflected in thepeople when theysuffer from strees ,headaches, sleepdisorders, loss ofear, loss of attention, psychophysical,accidents at work ,aggressiveness,among others The posters,buildings and towers,among others, causedistorted landscapesare changing theirappearance andunpleasantly. would be a inconvenient forthe heach of tourists totravel and how they see thelandscape Don´t be noisy at homepracticing behaviors:screaming, footwork,slamming doors, use ofappliances during periods ofrest. Lower the volume on yourstereo, radio, television, videogames, ensuring that only isheard at home. Do not use the car horn,except in situations ofimminent danger. Do not allow pets to impair theright of the people to rest andtranquility. Request to lower the music inpublic places when consideredhigh.

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