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Information Overload

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Information Overload

  1. 1. information overload Jason Eiseman Librarian for Emerging Technologies Yale Law School
  2. 2. it’s not information overload it’s filter failure photo: jeremybrooks on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeremybrooks/2294396074/
  3. 3. “One of the diseases of this age, is the multitude of Books, that doth so overcharge the worlde, that it is not able to disgest the abundance of idle matter that is every day hatched and brought into the world, that are as divers in their formes, as their Authors be in their faces.” Barnabe Rich - 1610
  4. 4. “We have reason to fear that the multitude of books which grows every day in a prodigious fashion will make the following centuries fall into a state as barbarous as that of the centuries that followed the fall of the Roman Empire. Unless we try to prevent this danger by separating those books which we must throw out or leave in oblivion from those which one should save and within the latter between what is useful and what is not.” Adrien Baillet - 1685
  5. 5. attention problem
  6. 6. continuous partial attention
  7. 7. continuous partial attention vs. multitasking
  8. 8. attention economy
  9. 9. attention economy game created by professor ulises mejias at SUNY Oswego at http://blog.ulisesmejias.com/2008/02/22/attention-economy-the-game/
  10. 10. your attention is a valuable resource
  11. 11. your attention is a finite resource
  12. 12. you can’t pay attention to everyone/everything so stop trying
  13. 13. return on investment (roi)
  14. 14. who, what, where, when, why (and how) of information sources
  15. 15. who?
  16. 16. coworkers professional colleagues colleagues I know colleagues I don’t know friends (real or online)
  17. 17. what?
  18. 18. industry news tutorials case studies product updates sales information
  19. 19. where?
  20. 20. professional journals listservs blogs news sites social media
  21. 21. when?
  22. 22. real time daily weekly monthly
  23. 23. why?
  24. 24. interesting critical to your job support the organization’s mission
  25. 25. how
  26. 26. choose your home, where you’ll live
  27. 27. email google reader twitter
  28. 28. continuous process
  29. 29. make information come to you
  30. 30. filtering information
  31. 31. scanning vs. reading
  32. 32. choose a system
  33. 33. store for later
  34. 34. tools
  35. 35. desktop search
  36. 36. email
  37. 37. saving to the cloud
  38. 38. RSSrss icon pillow on etsy at http://www.etsy.com/listing/25954942/rss-icon-pillow
  39. 39. google reader
  40. 40. twitter & other social networks
  41. 41. discovery tools and aggregators
  42. 42. further reading
  43. 43. questions? jasoneiseman@gmail.com @jeiseman http://slideshare.net/jeiseman