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Air Travel Is Broken!

We need a new "system" for air travel that is convenient and doesn't waste our time. When it comes to air travel today, no one enjoys it. Why can't we reinvent air travel so that it serves the travelers intent. Time and convenience is our intent and there is a better way.

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Air Travel Is Broken!

  1. 1. Is Air Travel Broken ?
  2. 2. “ When it comes to air travel today, everyone has a horror story ”.
  3. 3. Air travel has become a BIG time suck with delays and flight cancellations, degrading the traveling experience system-wide.
  4. 4. What Does This Cost Us? over 150 million hours of passenger time, or $4.2 billion , was lost in 2008 as a result of delays and cancellations.
  5. 5. The Cost Is Not the Price! While airline pricing has become competitive we pay more in loss productivity and abysmal experiences.
  6. 6. When people use “air travel”, what is their intent ?
  7. 7. Their intent is to get from point A to point B as convenient as possible.
  8. 8. Convenient Means: suitable or agreeable to the needs or purpose; well-suited with respect to ease of use.
  9. 9. Air Travel is NOT convenient rather inconvenient .
  10. 10. What About Private Aviation ?
  11. 11. Private vs. Commercial Cheap Expensive Inconvenient Convenient Always in line No waiting in line Lots of delays No delays 500 Airports 5,000 Airports
  12. 12. But Private Aviation is also Broken.
  13. 13. Billions in assets sit idle waiting to be used.
  14. 14. The economy has forced cost cutting and private aviation has been hit hard.
  15. 15. General (private) aviation operations were off 33% from 2008 to 2009.
  16. 16. Is it the economy or the business model of private aviation?
  17. 17. Most business travelers think private aviation is out of their reach because of cost.
  18. 18. Why Does Private Aviation Cost So Much?
  19. 19. Because the cost is based on a plane being used by one or a few people rather than the many .
  20. 20. Because the cost is based mostly on one way usage. Point A to B and returning empty .
  21. 21. Private operators don’t sell seats rather they sell this thing called “legs”.
  22. 22. “ Legs” are flights from point A to B and the leg from B back to A is usually empty.
  23. 23. What if they sold seats rather than “legs”?
  24. 24. If an eight passenger jet cost $7,000 from point A to B and back that would equate to $875 per seat .
  25. 25. The same commercial flight could cost between $350 - $570 per seat .
  26. 26. The difference between private and commercial aviation is time & convenience .
  27. 27. Time and convenience represent economic value.
  28. 28. A traveler’s value is centric to the cost of time and the convenience of the experience .
  29. 29. For private aviation to expand the market it has to change the business model.
  30. 30. Empty seats are under utilized assets.
  31. 31. More people would use private if the price of use were lower!
  32. 32. To “ optimize ” you have to reach the market with a new proposition .
  33. 33. How can private aviation reach a bigger market ?
  34. 34. Have you heard about social media ?.
  35. 35. Social technology has accelerated the Power of Reach both online and offline.
  36. 36. Do you think business traveler’s would “share” a seat with “friends”?
  37. 37. Most business travelers know other business travelers .
  38. 38. Business travelers usually travel similar route’s.
  39. 39. <ul><li>Fulfilling people’s intent </li></ul><ul><li>To find better ways to travel would be considered “social”. </li></ul>
  40. 40. Private Aviation…. needs to build a new marketplace for travelers.
  41. 41. Together or Separately ? One private aviation operator cannot make the “systemic” changes needed.
  42. 42. Collective Effort A new private aviation “system” needs everyone’s help.
  43. 43. It Can Be Done! Will private aviation innovate and expand usage?
  44. 44. Join the Conversation Create The Change www.planeconversations.com Come create a better marketplace for travelers.