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SoLoMo Business Evolution

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SoLoMo Business Evolution

  1. 1. SoLoMo – Business Evolution Cuartero, John Brian D.
  2. 2. Social • Social media websites are there to connect with our friends. • There are friends that are possible customers for marketing. • Almost everyone has an account to atleast one social media website.
  3. 3. Local • There is always a market within your reach. • Things are made local by the social media and almost everyone can see.
  4. 4. Mobile • It is known that there is a boom in the smart phone industry. • Applications are always included whenever you use a smart phone.
  5. 5. Social Media is the life of many. • There are apps for many social media websites that are installed in smart phones. • We also know that people can’t seem to take away their attention from their phones.
  6. 6. The effect on e-commerce • It will make e-commerce easier since everyone has access to a smart phone or the internet. • This will also help the boom of the e-commerce. • E-commerce will then be present in almost every type of business.
  7. 7. The trend in 2 years • Still increase in the number of smart phone users. • Everyone will have access to the internet via their smart phones. • This will help increase sales because the market is in the palm of the consumers.
  8. 8. E-commerce dominates the market • Every business would have to use e-commerce to stay relevant. • The use of e-commerce will continuously improve because of the competition.