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Online real estate management system

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Online real estate management system

  1. 1. Online Real Estate Management System Prepared by: Jasmin Odeh Changing the way we connect With People
  2. 2. What Is The Real Estate An umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology construction of real world . Our system is supplying an information about lessees from computerized system. Also The Automation system is very important information for the company for searching about the lessees in the other hand can the consumers dealing with the website.
  3. 3. Online Market Understanding customer need.Understand buying cycleTo know what are our compotators
  4. 4. The problem that we face We have many problems:- First we have face problem to transfer the manual system to automatic system. Second we want to develop the system and make it a power and give details of financial operation. Third we have a problem in communication between offices (Data base)and the website. Finally we need a lot of servers to connect with web it’s expensive.
  5. 5. System Vision Our vision :- How to attractive more consumers so we will build a database to deal with requirements, functionality as well as occupancy to more facilities we will make a website to cover anything that customer wanted or unclear Also it help him to search for any real estate at lower price and lower Tax.
  6. 6. System Objectives  Each Real estate can know information about the consumers before signing the lease to know if there is any unpaid money or if it using the property is bad.  Each Real estate is linked with website and share information in the distributed data base.  Each Real estate can query about Tenant to know the unpaid batches or the time of the renewal contract.
  7. 7. Information Gathering and system Analysis We visit more than 3 company and we make interview with them
  8. 8. Gantt chart A Gantt chart :is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project.
  9. 9. Program Evaluation and Review Technique. PERT chart
  10. 10. Functional and nonfunctional requirements Functional Requirement:  Enter website and log in  Log off  Reservation  View Appointment  View customer real estate  Manage Account  Manage city  Manage customer real Estate
  11. 11. Functional and nonfunctional requirements cont. Non-functional Requirement:  Usability : Every consumers can use this Web site easily.  Security : The consumer enter this Web not only by password , it’s by making security to our web site and network server.  Performance: The customer can enter quickly , easy without any effort as an organized way and our web site will be more reliable .
  12. 12. Object oriented analysis and design (unified process) We will use (OOAD) is a systematic approach to solving business problems. It is divided into four phases:
  13. 13. Event Table
  14. 14. Use case Diagram For clerk Login Manage Real Estate Type <<include>> Manage Real Estate Info <<include>> Manage Payment <<include>> View / Update Appointment <<include>>Manage Real Estate Image <<include>> Manage City <<include>> Manage Customer <<include>> Manage Customer Real Estate Clerk <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>><<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<include>>
  15. 15. Login View Real Estate Type <<include>> View Real Estat Info <<include>> view Payment <<include>> add / Update Appoinment <<include>>View Real Estate Image <<include>> Manage Account <<include>> Customer <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>> <<communicate>><<communicate>> View Customer Real Estate <<communicate>><<communicate>> <<include>> Use case Diagram For Customer
  16. 16. Start Clerk page Select Add Customer Add Control Check No User_info Yes Data storeLogic layerAdministrator panel Activity Diagram For Add new customer
  17. 17. Class Diagram For search Real Estate info.
  18. 18. Develop Sequence Diagram
  19. 19. Sequence Diagram for Update city : Clerk : logInForm : mainPage : CityPage : searchCityPage : CityManager : City : searchCityResult : updateCity Page : confirmationMessage Display Enter Password Verify Display Select City Display Select Search Display Display Enter CityPage Submit Retrieve City Retrieve Select City ID Retrieve City Data Retrieve Data Dsiplay Change City Details Submit Save Details Create New Obj Display
  20. 20. Data Base for Add real estate information
  21. 21. Computerized system Login Application
  22. 22. Computerized system Login Application
  23. 23. Structural Testing (White-Box Testing) The purpose of this type of testing is to test that the internal building was done successfully. It would be better if we could cover all possible combinations of parameters, variables, and paths in the call, but this is almost always impossible, since we have an enormous number of test cases Testing