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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Business and Personal Brands

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Using social media to build business and personal brands. Includes social media strategy, social media customer service, PR 2.0, thought leadership through social media (blogging, webinars), social media marketing, and customer loyalty and evangelism.

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7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Business and Personal Brands

  1. 7 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Stunning Business and Personal Brands
  2. I Will Tell You The Truth Today’s Truth
  3. We’re In This Together
  4. Why Social Media is Smart Business
  5. Social media is Mass Media
  6. The World According to Social media China India United States Indonesia
  7. It’s Not Just Kids
  8. Social Media Gives Consumers Power
  9. Customers Want To Interact 93% of Americans believe a company should have a social media presence 85% believe a company should be active with customers in social media 56% feel a stronger connection with companies they interact with in social media Cone research of 1000+ americans. September, 2008
  10. A New Way to Market The New Way: The Old Use Human Way: Use Engagement to Targeting to Drive Convince Preference and Loyalty
  11. 7 Ways To Use Social media
  12. 1. Reputation Management
  13. Pay Attention 1,311,407 views & counting
  14. REact Fast In just a few days, Domino’s reputation was damaged. The perception of its quality among consumers went from positive to negative since Monday, according to the research firm YouGov.
  15. REact At The Flashpoint Fired and Arrested. Store Shut Down and Sanitized.
  16. Social Media Makes Bad news Good News
  17. Opportunity To Win Back Trust an absolute horrible stay. staff was consistently rude saying “NO” was a constant occurrence concierge’s directions sent us all in the wrong directions building needs major touchup staff really needs some training
  18. Easy Listening
  19. Set Up RSS Listening Post
  20. Key Ingredients search.twitter.com blogsearch.google.com backtype.com boardreader.com
  21. Alerts tweetbeep.com google.com/alerts
  22. Advanced Listening
  23. Good Reports techrigy.com
  24. Most Functionality radian6.com
  25. Easiest To Use scoutlabs.com
  26. 2. Customer Service
  27. The New Help LinE
  28. Exceed Expectations
  29. Customer Service IN Public
  30. Twitter And Blogs
  31. 3. PUblic Relations
  32. Who Is The Media?
  33. 120,000 New blogs Per Day
  34. The Bad News “Serious” journalism will die Media will be dominated by personalities, opinions Coverage will be cursory, instant, and increasingly salacious
  35. Access To Media You Never Had Before Democratization of Reporting Every Customer is A Potential Journalist
  36. Using Social Media For Sources
  37. Access To Media
  38. Delivered Right to Your INbox helpareporter.com
  39. Media Directory muckrack.com
  40. The New Press Release pitchengine.com
  41. 4. Customer Acquisition
  42. Social Media Campaigns thegreatschlep.com
  43. Kill features And Benefits
  44. What’s the One Thing That Makes Your Company Interesting?
  45. Tips for Social Media Campaigns 1. Have a Beginning and an End 2. Promote Online and Offline 3. Be Smart About Search 4. Have a Strong Offer 5. Make Participation Easy 6. Make it Easy to Tweet
  46. Integrated Campaigns
  47. Offer-Based Campaigns
  48. Contests Made Easy contestmachine.com
  49. 5. Customer Loyalty
  50. Create Brand Communities
  51. Co-Ownership Preferred
  52. Engage Your Customers 1. Communicate 2. Tie Outposts Together 3. Contests 4. Call to Action 5. Exclusive Content 6. Research/Survey 7. Combine Online/Offline
  53. Activate, Don’t Collect
  54. 6. Thought Leadership
  55. Everyone Has Expertise. What’s Yours?
  56. Atomize And Distribute Content
  57. Blog convinceandconvert.com
  58. Effective Search Optimization
  59. Search Term Research google.com/insights google.com/trends wordtracker.com
  60. Build Keyword Density
  61. Search Results Monitoring authoritylabs.com
  62. Video Blogs winelibrary.tv vimeo.com viddler.com youtube.com 12seconds.tv
  63. EBooks kristensraw.com
  64. Podcasts eagle1037.fm/Flagstaff-Podcasts
  65. Webinars offmadisonave.com/webinars
  66. Linkedin Answers linkedin.com/answers
  67. Yahoo! Answers answers.yahoo.com
  68. Google Knol knol.google.com
  69. Slideshare slideshare.net
  70. Yelp, etc. yelp.com
  71. 7. Networking
  72. Today Is A Dying Breed There Is No Local
  73. Connect With More and Different People
  74. Understand Your Spheres Social Media Phoenix PR Music Flagstaff Food & Wine
  75. Pick Your Horses
  76. The New Big 3
  77. Think Vertical 226 Groups with “Arizona” in Name
  78. Create Good Profiles 1. REal Name 2. Real Photo (Smile) 3. Interesting, But Not Too Interesting 4. Be Keyword Smart 5. LInk To Your Content
  79. Get Active
  80. Social Networking Tips 1. Add Value 2. Share (8x1) 3. Be Personal 4. Ask 5. Don’t Try To “Game” The System
  81. 6 Dangerous Fallacies
  82. It’s Inexpensive It’s Fast It’s Viral You Can’t Measure It’s Optional It’s hard
  83. Slides at Slideshare.net/jaybaer JASON BAER Convince and Convert www.convinceandconvert.com/feed @jaybaer