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2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

  1. 1. This Digipack was constructed as a marketing tool, The techniques and materials used by those who are involved in the promotion of goods and services for the audience. These are one of the ways to promote the image of the artist and also to market it. One way this pack effectively markets to the targeted to the audience is mainly through the picture and the text. I have chosen the picture that is a medium shot of the artist where you can clearly see who the artist as the audience can identify the artist on the Digipack. While deciding on what picture should be on the Digipack, I used few other pictures of the artist but I ended up with liking this picture because of the picture has this clearity and is taken behind this beautiful view and also the artist posing and looking away from the camera lense is unique. I thought this would really catch the audiences eye however this is unconventional cause normally the pictures on the Digipack front cover the artist is looking at the camera so there is a direct eye contact between the audience and the artist.
  2. 2. COSTUME: The artist has been wearing the costume in the Digipack and the advert which shows a clear link between the two products these are one of the tactics of marketing as it catches he audiences eye. Moreover there is representation in the Digipack and the Advert, if you can see the costume being very casual theres not much effort made on the costumes. This was done so that it can be used to represent the indierock genre which is very simply casual unlike other genres like R&B, HIP HOP where theres too much bling worn. LOCATION: As you can see from above that all the pictures were taken from the same location (near London Eye). This location does represent some of the most established Indie Rock bands like THE SCRIPT. TYPOGRAPHY: If you look at Indie Rock Digipacks or Adverts the typography is very simple there is no exaggeration shown on how they portray it.
  3. 3. CD front cover Magazine advert The CD front cover and the magazine advert are both the same. It was the CD front cover that was later used to create the magazine advert. Its common that the advert will be similar to the CD cover if the artist is releasing a single or an album. Alot of music genre use the same front cover to construct the advert as their intentions to promote the single/album.
  4. 4. like how I mentioned in my research&planning that my artist will be more likely to be promoted and sell under record label called DOMINO. The video can appear on any music music channels even though it’s a Indie Rock music video cause I think the video has got this different feel to it, so it might not look genre specific even though it is. I would probably see my magazine advert on VIBE and Q magazines, cause of the contents and the link other indie rock artist and bands.