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27 Yrs.Exp-EPC-Intl Exp Caspian Sea Projects.Pdf

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27 Yrs.Exp-EPC-Intl Exp Caspian Sea Projects.Pdf

  1. 1. My International Experienced Multi Billian Projects Lion JAYAKKUMAR PROJECT MANAGER / Fabrication Management – (On shore & Offshore) Platform Fabrication , topsides, platform, module, fabrication, upstream, offshore installation / Barge - ETC.
  2. 2. JAYAKUMAR’S - Fabrication Management - Project - ZHAMBYL SUBMERSIBILE DRILLING RIG (Department Assembly & Complexion works of Zhambyl Drilling Barge Rig) Caspian Construction Yard- Republic of Kazakhstan JAYAKUMAR’S – BEST DOCTORATE AWARD - HSE
  3. 3. Jayakumar maintenance of Fabrication Workshop Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Crude Oil Inlet Manifold 004 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of DSS Pipe Welding Jayakumar ‘s Fabrication of Vessels and Skids- Management works Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Gas lift Manifold DSS Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Skid Packages 019 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Chemical Inject Skids 002 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Crude Oil Inlet Manifold 002 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Crude Oil Inlet Manifold 001 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Crude Oil Inlet Manifold 003 Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Fabrication of ASME Vessels Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Automatic Flex Cut
  4. 4. Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Group Seapartor Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Group Separator Lifting Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Group Separator Transportation Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Water Bath Heaters Vessel Fabrication - Jayakumar’s maintenance of Fabrication / Specialist Photo Gallery - Fabrication Specialist Welding / Piping and Pipelines Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Automatic Flex Cut Machines Jayakumar’s Maintenance of DSS Pipe Welding Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Duplex SS piping at Oman Workshop
  5. 5. Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication Welding Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Duplex Stainless Steel Welding Jayakumar’s Maintenance of Duplex Stainless Steel Welding 2 Jayakumar’S - Tank Farm [Oil / Gas & Water Storage Tanks] Jayakumar’s -Tank Construction -1 Jayakumar’s Tank Construction-2 Jayakumar’s Tank Construction-3 Jayakumar’sTank Construction - 4 Jayakumar’s Tank Construction -5 Jayakumar’s Tank Construction -6
  6. 6. Jayakumar’s maintenance of Fabrication Workshop Management Jayakumar’s – maint of Automatic Flex Cut Machines Jayakumar’s maint of CNC Machine Jayakumar’s maint of CNC Machines Jayakumar’s Maint of , Elga Mill Jayakumar’s maint of Machining lathe Jayakumar’s maint of Workshop 1 Jayakumar’s maint of Workshop 2 Jayakumar’s maint of Workshop and Aluminium Billet Jayakumar’s maint of Workshop and Piping Fabrication
  7. 7.  Bachelors in Engineering, MBA & PMC / EPC Professional Certificate-with Projects Construction Management, FIDIC Conditions of Contracts-International Projects – MEP / EPC / EPCM / FEED / A-Z-Oil & Gas, LNG-CNG / Power / Energy / Water / HSQE, EX-PAT Professional looking for a new challenge.  Looking for Oil & Gas-LNG/CNG / Energy / Power / Infrastructure -HYDROCARBON, PETROCHEMICAL AND ENERGY INDUSTRIES, cryogenic and low temperature service, including LNG, CNG, ethane, ethylene, propylene, LPG and ammonia. Small Scale LNG / CNG / PNG-Project-Commence Work / Scope of works (Construction and installation of natural gas pipelines,) EPC Oil & Gas-LNG / CNG Specialist : EPC-LNG / CNG Specialist with an engineering contractor / consultant organization. Full involvement and contribution in design, engineering, P&IDs reviews, HAZOP and safety reviews.LNG PLANTS CONSTRUCTION & OPERARTION: LNG, LPG and CNG / Cryogenics projects- Design and engineering of re-gasification plants, Building and development of LNG storage facilities, Cryogenic Projects Insulation, Power Plants,(Power Generation) Atmospheric Storage, LNG-Trains-4, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Pressurized Storage, Flair, BOG, Nitrogen, LNG Press Tank, LNG ATM Tank, Loading Arm Blow down, LP Tank Flair, Recirculation Line, LNG Loading Facility, LNG ATM Pump, LNG Press Pump, Bio Side Injection, Caustic Soda Injection Mixer, Fire Water Tank / Chemical Cleaning / Fire Water Pumps / Rain Water Pump/ Raw Water Well Pumps, Fire Water Jockey Pump, Drain Pit, Form Unit, Raw Water, Pipe Racks, Potable Water Tank, Fuel Gas Heater, CPI Separator and Retention Pond, Fabrication Construction Projects/ Compressor Station / Gas House Plant Facility. Gas Extraction and Production, infrastructure projects including distribution of utilities such as LNG/CNG through pipeline networks, CNG filling stations, Land surfacing, Civil Earth Works, Piling, Highway roads, >Supply Commercial Operation./ LNG supply contracts, LNG sales contracts and LNG terminal capacity positions, WWTP / STP / Waste water treatment / Sewerage treatment / Water Expert , Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) power plants, New Gas Turbine Generator (GTG), Heat Recovery Steam Generator, HD Truck Fuel System, Automovice, Etc  Excellent Knowledge of any Business / Marketing / develop New Products > Pharma / Foods / Surgical /Water /EPC-Oil & Gas /Cements / Steels / Iron etc.  Industry : EPC-Construction / Engineering / Cement / Metals / Steel-Iron / Oil & Gas-LNG / Energy / Power Plants/ Petrochemical / Chemical / Infrastructure, Marine / Shipbuilding / HSQE / Pipelines / Water Treatment / Onshore / Offshore-Vessel’s,/ Fabrication/ Hydropower Projects, Business, International Commercial Arbitrator.  Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree., Masters Degree., “Doctorate”/ Phd., D.M.E., PMT., CMT., NEBOSH-IGC., IOSH., OSHA., International Commercial Arbitration.  Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Arabic-Basic, Russian-Basic, Functional Area: Expert & Expatriate-Top Management Skills > Mechanical Industrial Engineering with Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation,(Residential / Mixed Use projects) - EPC-Project Management, Construction Management, Engineering Management, Installation, Erection, Fabrication Management, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning Management, Processing Management, Production Technology & Manufacturing Management , Maintenance Management, HSE Management, Quality / Assurance Management, Environment Management, Operation Management, Profit Center Management, Manpower Management, Strategic Management, Revenue Management, Staff Management, Business & Product Development Management, HR-Admin Management, Plants Management, (Power Plants) Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Talent Management, Supply Chain Management, Contract & Sub-Contract Management, Venders Management, Claims Management, Asset Management, Gas Lift Strategy, Techno-Commercial Management, Infrastructure, Material Management, Materials and corrosion engineering, Ware house Management, Procurement Management, Risk Management, Hook-Up Commissioning Management, Facilities Management, Site Management, Shutdown Management, Execution Management, Information Management, Quality Control Management-( Pipeline construction, Plant construction and Equipment erection). Managing full project cycles from conception to engineering, construction, to testing and commissioning, with a view on budget and scheduling. Power Generation, Forensic (Delay) Analyst, technical FEED proposal with International Standard.(Project Director,, project execution, project management, project control, project planning, project handling, project coordination, etc)  Role : Senior Project Manager / Top Management > Management of Corporate & Projects / Site Management CAREER PROFILE : Multi contract environment and lump sum contracts - FIDIC (Silver, yellow and red Books)-Seasoned and versatile professional with 27 years of experience work on a major mixed-use development (FIDIC Condition of Contracts & International Commercial Arbitration) contributing to the effective operation and profitability of successful construction. Confident and innovative project management with proven ability to oversee complex and diverse Industrial-- EPC-Oil & Gas –LNG, Cryogenic LNG Tanks / Gas-Erection / Commissioning- Production/ Water / Energy / Power / Petrochemical / Infrastructure, Marine /Shipbuilding / Onshore / Offshore to join & Maintain as a Arbitration Standard Contract & Claims, Evaluation, QA/QC, Business Development, Commercial, International projects. Power Plants, ( Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Coal, Solar Power, Trains, Energy, including LNG, ethane, ethylene, propylene, LPG and ammonia, Water Systems, MEP-Infrastructure, Marine, Shipbuilding, Onshore / Offshore, Techno-Commercial, Educational, high density housing, correctional, healthcare, Building Service & Maintenance, Hotel and hospitality projects. Articulate and collaborative communicator and leader with talent for developing trusting and productive relationships with owners, Survey, colleagues, and sub-contractors, managing large scale substation and OHTL projects, Oil / gas exploration and production, Chemical Cleaning related to Plant Shutdown, Maintenance and Pre commissioning works like Scrapping, Air Blowing, Steam Blowing, Chemical Cleaning, and Nitrogen Blanketing etc. My Basic Qualifications and Experience :  A Bachelor’s Degree, Technical Diploma, and Technical Board Vocational / Industrial, training With Mechanical Engineering EPC / MEP/ OIM-Construction Projects management, Civil (Electro-mechanical works), Electrical, Structural, Control & Instrumentation, Process, HSQE, Hydro-Power & Multi Specialty discipline with works major mixed-use development..  Total 27 years of relevant Industry experience, with management role and experience managing a profit centre, handling big projects under tight schedule, Overseas EPC-Onshore / Offshore Construction & Engineering / Structural, Fabrication, Facilities, Environment / Water, Waste, Manufacture & Production Technology.  15 Years of Project Management / Construction Management experience Construction and Completion industry as a Senior Management Position of Oil and Gas-LNG / Energy / Power / Infrastructure, Marine / Shipbuilding / HSQE/ Onshore / Offshore-International Commercial Arbitrator).  Recognized “Certificate in EPC Project Management ”- PMAC / AGPC-Canada, Health & Safety International qualification e.g, IOSH (U.K), NEBOSH-IGC (U.K), OSHA-USA with 5 Years in as a Top management position like Project Manager & Chief Executive Officer, individual demonstrates critical competencies in four broad (Profit Centre Head)-Projects Management. Managing the contracts function for project from inception through completion. Functional scope includes development of the project contracts strategy, administration of the prime contract, subcontract administration, and change orders.
  8. 8. My Higher Qualifications and Experience : I have a MBA-Master's degree in business administration (Project Management), and Post Graduation Diploma in Maintenance Management, equivalent business experience and 30+ years of progressively responsible experience for a major company / division of a large Business development. My International Experience :- *14 years Experience in an foreign / Overseas Countries. ( 9 Years in Gulf Experience). My Computer skills :-*Excellent computer skills including MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Project management programs/ Project presentation, Video conference. My 27 Yrs Exp. Multi Specialty Skills :  Bottom line responsibility for the financial and technical success of a projects.  Responsibility for all phases of project engineering planning and execution on large-sized projects.  Having the experience in organizing, coordinating, monitoring and managing multi-discipline project management, engineering and procurement teams, Construction Project Management-Supervise and Monitor efficiency and performance/Good Team leader and Technical Experience and Skill has been in the Mechanical / Electrical / Chemical / Instrumentation / MEP- and Civil.. and controlling project in accordance with the established policies, procedures, systems, and requirements Etc.  Responsible for planning, organizing Proven problem solving skills and ability to analyze project related documents.  Achieving scheduled performance, cost, quality and HSE requirements to the best of the teams ability from award to acceptance/ * Being the main point of contact for the client and negotiating all contract changes.  Fabrication Management in managing / manufacturing of offshore equipments such as Hydraulics / Cranes & other related offshore equipment.  Onshore based with offshore visits to the platform, Floating System, Handrails, Walking Passages, Hook up- Commissioning, Terminals etc Worked & Experinced from Best Oil & Gas Energy / Power generation top International leading Companies:  Cairn Energy, (UK – India )  Eni Saipem, ( Agip KCO ), Caspian Sea Yard,Kazakasthan  Shell (SPDC), Nigeria  PDO, (Oman)  Qatar General Petroleum Corporation (QGPC) - Qatar  OMV (Yemen) Block S2 Exploration, (Austria) – Sana’a, Yemen  Keppel Kazakhstan, (Singapore), Aktau.  DAEWOO Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co, (Korea)  “KAUST” - ARAMCO Saudi Arabia,  Dalmia / ECL. Groups.(India)