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A presentation on accident insurance

Accidents are very normal these days, It can happen because of your mistake or by others,but you should be prepared to handle for what come afterwards. True Insurance’s Accident Insurance gives you cover in those situations.
More Details: http://www.trueinsurance.com.au/accident-insurance/

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A presentation on accident insurance

  1. 1. Accident Insurance A Presentation on TRUE INSURANCE
  2. 2. Accident Insurance A Personal
  3. 3. Insurance is money management method, by which the Insurance Companies offers you compensation in the required times, in the exchange of the small amount of money (premium), you pay to them monthly/yearly. What is Insurance?
  4. 4. Accident Insurance is one of the popular Insurance Policy and sometimes works as a part of Life Insurance. It provides ideal protection against disability and death. What is Accident Insurance?
  5. 5. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.
  6. 6. Just because, you are off the track and not doing anything that can cause your meeting with an Accident, doesn’t mean you are safe.
  7. 7. You never know, what is coming to you.
  8. 8. Accident Insurance is a contract/agreement between the Insurance provider Company and Policy holder. In which, The Insurance Company agrees to pay a monthly income to the policy holder, when he/she is not able to go to work. In Explained terms-
  9. 9. •How you are going to manage the expenses of the Hospital? •How can you maintain you lifestyle in this situation? •What is next step to do now? And You are worried about-
  10. 10. With the protection of Accident Insurance Policy, you don’t have to worry about all these things. The Accident Cover financially supports you in those tough times
  11. 11. You and your family is secured financially with Accident Insurance Policy.
  12. 12. This Policy assure you to be at rest and take complete treatment, and you and your family have the financial protection by this insurance plan.
  13. 13. Get Insurance Get SECURED