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Interlibrary Loan: Tips, Tricks, & So Much More

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CMLE Annual Meeting 2009

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Interlibrary Loan: Tips, Tricks, & So Much More

  1. 1. Interlibrary Loan:Tips, Tricks, and So MuchMoreSamantha TerBeest, Central MinnesotaLibraries Exchange (CMLE)
  2. 2. Reminders…• Check borrowing record– www.cmle.org• Barcode & password?• Return paperwork• Media items = GRRL• Minitexregion =Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, &South Dakota– WorldCat (ELM resource)
  3. 3. Introducing…• CMLE Lead ILL Assistant– Laurie Borchard• She will be contacting you about requests• Contact her about requests• Email: cmle@stcloudstate.edu• Facts:– Senior @ SCSU– Major: Information Media– Minor: English– Aspiring LIBRARIAN!
  4. 4. Who Did I Request this Item For?• Add a patron’s name to Where wasinformation on this book found? field.• Appears on paperwork as the Sourcefield.• A patron’s name will not appear onthe paperwork if put elsewhere.
  5. 5. Who Did I Request this Item For?Patron’s name goes here.John DoeJohn DoeDo not put patron’sname here
  6. 6. Placing a Renewal via the Web• CMLE Website– Gray interlibrary loan box• Your Borrowing Record– Borrowing record• Press the number next to LoansClick the numbernot the word.
  7. 7. Placing a Renewal via the Web• Check the items you’d like to renew• Press Renew All or Renew Selected in theblue ribbonCheck the one you want to renew.Click Renew Selected or Renew All.
  8. 8. Placing a Renewal via the Web• Things to remember:– It is not up to CMLE to renew an item; it isup to the lending library.– Check your account periodically to see ifitem is renewed.• Renewal-Accepted = the due date will havechanged• Renewal-Rejected = please return the itemon its due date
  9. 9. Checking an Item’s Renewal Status• Log into your borrowing account viaCMLE website• Click the number beside the phrase:ILL Active RequestsClick the number not the words.
  10. 10. Checking an Item’s Renewal Status• The next page will tell you the statusof an itemChange in StatusNew Due Date
  11. 11. The End• The handout also includes information on:– New to ILL?– Bag Delivery– Searching for Library Materials?– Overdue Items– I Want to Cancel this Request– Cancelled vs. Unfilled