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  2. 2. YOGURT WITH MIXED FRUITS INGREDIENTS :I.5 cups skimmed milk 1/3 cup powdered milk 1.5 tablespoons of plain yogurt Fresh fruit (green apple and grapes)
  3. 3. METHODS:•
  4. 4. 5) When the milk has reached the right temperature, the plain yogurt is whisked into the milky mixture. 6) Then the water is emptied out from the thermos. 7) These milk and yogurt mixture are poured into the thermos and also the lid is screwed on tightly. 8) This thermos is wrapped with two or three hand bath towels to keep it warm and leave it overnight or 7 hours. 9) After 7 hours, the yogurt is stored in the refrigerator. 10) To serve it, this already yogurt is mixed with slices of grapes and green apple.
  5. 5. CREAMY MANGO SMOOTHIES INGREDIENTS:- 2 cups of mango sorbet 2 containers of plain yogurt 1 and ½ cups of skimmed milk
  6. 6. METHODS:1) 2 mangoes are peeled and chopped into pieces. 2) These mangoes are stored in a refrigerator until it freezes at least 4 hours to make a mango sorbet. 3) The mango sorbet, 2 containers of plain yogurt and 1 and ½ cups of skimmed milk are placed in a blander machine. 4) All the ingredients are blended on a high speed until smooth. 5) Then, poured this creamy mango smoothies into a glass.
  7. 7. MANGO LASSI INGREDIENTS:- 1 Cup of plain yogurt 1 Cup of fresh milk 2 Tablespoons of mango syrup 1 cup of ice cubes
  8. 8. METHODS:1) 1 cup of plain yogurt and 1 cup of fresh milk are mixed together in a clean jug. 2) 2 tablespoons of mango syrup is added in the mixture of ingredients. 3) All the ingredients are stirred properly. 4) Then, poured this mango lassi into a glass that contain ice cubes.