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Attribution modeling - Universal Analytics

How to use analytics to make smarter decisions? Attribution Modeling, Universal Analytics

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Attribution modeling - Universal Analytics

  1. 1. How to use analytics to make smarter decisions? Attribution Modeling, Universal Analytics Nicoleta Iordache November, 2013 Ringier Online Digital Advertising done right.
  2. 2. "To guarantee success, spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it."
  3. 3. About attribution modeling Attribution model = the rule that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. Multi-Channel Funnels (Video) Helps you to share ROI across multiple campaigns…
  4. 4. 3 types of attribution problems…  Multi-Channel Attribution, Online to Store (MCA-OS) Understand the offline impact (revenue/brand value/phone calls/etc) driven by online marketing and advertising.  Multi-Channel Attribution, Across Multiple Screens (MCA-AMS) Covers the challenge of attributing accurate impact of our marketing and advertising efforts across multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, TV).  Almost imposible scenario  Multi-Channel Attribution, Across Digital Channels (MCA-ADC) Covers the challenge of attributing credit to all digital marketing channels (Social, Display, YouTube, Referral, Email, Search, others) that contributed to a particular conversion (or multiple conversions).
  5. 5. Multi-Channel Attribution, Across Digital Channels
  6. 6. Last click, First click, Linear Models  Last Interaction attribution model, the last touchpoint would receive 100% of the credit for the sale. Google Analytics uses in most reports, click” attribution model Use: Hard selling campaigns, short campaigns the “last-  First Interaction model attributes 100% of the conversion value to the first channel with which the customer interacted. Use: Applied to campaigns intended to create initial awareness (branding campaings)  Linear model gives equal credit to each channel interaction on the way to conversion. Use: To campaigns that require contact with a prospect over a longer sales cycle (expensive purchases: auto, real estate)
  7. 7. Posision besed, Time decay Models  Position based (custom) – ex. 40% to first, 20% to second, 40% to last Use: Campaigns with most value at the intro and final steps.  Time decay – the closest step to conversion gets more credit Use: Champaigns with consideration cycles. short
  8. 8. Conversions  Multi-channel funnel  Overview Set leght of lookback window ( no day prior to a conversion) Asses all traffic or only Adwords traffic  Multi-Channel Funnel Overview Report gives you a quick, visual indication of how channels interact leading to conversions
  9. 9. Conversions  Multi-channel funnels  Path length  If a significant percent of your conversions have a greater than one path length, you may have an attribution problem.
  10. 10. Convertions  Multi-Channels funnels  Top Conversion Paths
  11. 11. Conversions  Goals  Overview
  12. 12. Convertion  Attribution  Model comparation Tool Select models to compare against
  13. 13. Universal Analytics  Tracking focus on people not pages (visitors based platform)  It introduces the user ID, which allows to measure user interactions from multiple devices, like desktop, tablet, mobile under the same user account and better understand the user behavior. You can define your own customer ID, using for example the customer ID of a user that has an account on the website, or the customer number from a CRM system.  Ability to track across different sources  It is possible to import data from external sources like e-mail marketing, social media, advertising, even from sources like POS systems, call centers or CRM systems.  UA tacking may speed up the internet by up to 5% = more ads served (especially mobile)
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