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Respiratory System hadouts

handouts for nursing course in ana-physio

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Respiratory System hadouts

  1. 1. COLLEGE OF NURSING – ARAULLO UNIVERSITY Cabanatuan City ANATOMY PHYSIOLOGY HANDOUTS RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Oxygen – essential for most of the chemical reaction in the body Carbon dioxide – major waste material produced from the different metabolism of the human body Structures of the Respiratory System: Mucous Membrane lines the respiratory tract vascular and moist inhaled air will be warmed by the mucous membrane in the conchae (superior, middle and inferior) ciliated columnar epithelium lines the nasal cavity and the pharynx Nasal Cavity and Related Structures: the olfactory area of the mucosa of the nose is located on the superior posterior part of the nasal cavity and superior conchae paranasal sinuses – the frontal, ethmoid, maxillary, and sphenoid sinuses; air spaces of the skull bone that open into the nose; gives resonance to voice and lightness of the bon